error xp0004 invalid static type Amelia Court House Virginia

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error xp0004 invalid static type Amelia Court House, Virginia

We appreciate your feedback. CR347074 3.0 Changes to the database definition are not reflected in PreparedStatement calls or in the data service after updating the metadata. Element-level and data-driven security apply only to read and navigate functions. CR366431 3.2 Business Objects and Crystal Reports Table Browser displays the same column name multiple times.

CR345482 3.0 Hyperion Interactive Reporting System is not supported. declare revalidation ... Platform All. Platform All.

Metadata, security, and cache management facilities are provided through the Oracle Data Services Integrator Console. Description The Informix native driver does not support standard JDBC syntax for specifying TIMESTAMP values. This includes both user-defined list types and built-in list types such as xs:IDREFS, xs:ENTITIES, and xs:NMTOKENS.Casting to or from xs:QName is not supported.xs:NOTATION and the fully ordered subtypes of duration, xdt:yearMonthDuration Platform All using Informix database systems.

Therefore, the Eclipse XSD Editor on Microsoft Windows will not flag an error when you specify a schema file name using incorrect case. Workaround Create JAX-RPC handlers to handle encoded messages. Date, if the item is added or changed after the general availability release of the product. In this case, the element is always created even when the column value is NULL.

CR288384 The Data Lineage feature in AquaLogic Data Services Platform administration console requires the X11 graphical environment in Linux and UNIX environments. Some artifacts of the original name remain in the product, path, and other artifacts. XQST0106 An annotation has been declared twice in a variable or function declaration. CR351305 Microsoft Visual Studio displays an error when referencing data service libraries containing functions that return item().

CR202963 When using BEA Oracle JDBC driver with a TIMESTAMP values, stored procedures are truncated. This happens because LOWER(NULL) is NULL in SQL. Platform Solaris and HP/UX. Workaround If a function's arity is changed, reapply security policies to that function.

Platform All. Workaround Reverse the fetch order of timestamp with time zone and LONG_RAW when using Oracle. Attempting to deploy a dataspace with a name longer than 64 characters causes a 'Name not valid' message to appear in the ALDSP Console. Workaround Set the PreparedStatement cache size to 0 when the database table definitions are changed.

This is true even if the schema tree expands beyond the currently displayed view. Platform All. Description When attempting to get a connection using the ALDSP 2.5 JDBC driver (ldjdbc.jar) with an ALDSP 3.0 application, an IncompatibleClassChangeError exception can occur similar to the following: Exception Can an ATCo refuse to give service to an aircraft based on moral grounds?

declare copy-namespaces ... This creates a conflict and, depending on the order of the classes, can result unexpected errors. CR265950 End-point name changes do not take effect for operations in document style Web services. In the \.settings\org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs file of the upgraded Java project, change the value of the following properties from 1.6 to 1.5: org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.codegen.targetPlatform=1.5 org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.compliance=1.5 org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.source=1.5 CR343934 3.0 3.2 Starting to service administration requests

Workaround Metadata synchronization using Oracle's native JDBC driver (Oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver) did not exhibit this problem. AquaLogic Data Services Platform places single quotes around queries being pushed to the database, effectively reducing the maximum identifier length by two characters (28 in the case of Sybase). replace node /@a with XUTY0012 In a rename expression, the target nodes must be an element, attribute or processing instruction. Platform Microsoft Windows, Netscape 8.1 Description When using Netscape 8.1, clicking the Data Lineage tab in the Metadata Browser may not display the data lineage graph nor

Workaround None. The functions are, however, available for use within data service XQuery bodies. import module namespace invalid="uri"; 1 XQST0049 A global variable was declared more than once. Workaround None.

For example, casting from an xs:decimal to an xs:double will transform the decimal value into a double value.Following are some of the transformation rules.Casting a value from a string or untypedAtomic oerr ORA 19224 19224, 00000, "XPTY0004 - XQuery static type mismatch: expected - %s got - %s " // *Cause: The expression could not be used because it's static If the Automatic Query option is checked, then clear this option. As a result, a client using the ALDSP 2.5 streaming API cannot be deployed inside an ALDSP 3.0 dataspace.

Workaround Modify the imported data service file to identify the correct data type for the cursor. Platform All. Description When upgrading an ALDSP 2.5 project that includes multibyte characters to ALDSP 3.0, the following error may appear in the log view: 'Some characters cannot be mapped' Similarly, when opening CR329108 Projects are not listed when added during new server configuration.

SOAP 1.2 encoding is not supported. You add the project while creating the server. This can result in incorrect prepared statements being used from the cache when database table or column definitions have changed between prepared statement calls. Detailed description of the problem and workarounds, where applicable.

Description The RequestConfig.OUTPUT_FILENAME capability has been removed from ALDSP 3.0. Platform All. declare context item ... Attempting to deploy a dataspace with a name longer than 64 characters causes a 'Name not valid' message to appear in the ALDSP Console.

Workaround Install ALDSP 3.2 in a new BEA_HOME directory. Therefore, you cannot display a graphical view of the data lineage.