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Dot timing chip U9. Latch After noting the current setting of the print gap wheel, turn the wheel to the LOAD position by pushing the top of the wheel toward the rear of the printer Turn the white ribbon-locking lever clockwise to the LOAD position. [Seethe illustration in Step 4 above.] 11. The paper will auto retract to the retract position after 15 seconds.

Don't show me this message again. If printing will beat 6 characters per inch, this position is column 6 on the paper after the perforation strip. 3. Follow the cautions and notices labeled on the printer or marked with icons in the manual. More Info Sign In Upload Page of 217 Go Download Table of ContentsContents TroubleshootingTroublesh..

Using a soft brush or vacuum, remove any paper dust that has accumulated inside the printer. 5000 Series Quick Reference Guide 35 GEK-99012 10. Correct data and retransmit from host. Call 1-800-243-3338 Offline Data In The printer is in Offline condition and non-printed data is in the buffer There is no corrective action required. Under normal circumstances there is no corrective action other than to depress the Clear key to remove the fault message from the display.

Defective or loose cable/connectors to shuttle motor or LVT. Si des panneaux d'interfaced'Ethernet, panneau de token ring, panneau d'IBM TX/CX, ou n'importe quelle variation des panneaux de parallelede legs est installedans I'un ou I'autreou tous les deux emplacements d'interface, ce Note When a defective wire driver or actuator is found, use the Maintenance Menu to find the position of the bad actuator, position (1-66 for 1000- and 1800-lpm or 1-33 for Top Tractors Paper Tension Adjust Lever Tractor Print Gap Top of Form Ribbon Locking Adjust Knob Left Margin Alignment Motor Lever Adjust Knob Notches Drive Shaft Top View 5180 Model Note

Press Clear to clear display. Call 1-800-243-3338 Data Overrun A data overrun has been detected on the currently active host interface. Print gap too tight. Using the White Scale The white scale with the black markings is used to set the gap by the number of parts in the paper being used or adjustments for paper

Guide the cartridge onto the pin. IPDS IPDS BC Stagger IPDS BC Density IPDSGR Density Enable Disable IBM Options 037 288 037B 289 038 297 256 871 260 420 273 423 274 424 275 803 277 870 Contact authorized service representative. If the ribbon cartridge has a reinker, turn the reinker lever clockwise to the ON position.

The following companies own the other trademarks used in this manual: GENICOM Corporation: Centronics International Business Machines Corporation: IBM 5000 Series Quick Reference Guide 5 GEK-9901 2 Operating Precautions Read this Do not use an extension power cord. • Confirm that the rated voltage of the printer matches the voltage of the power outlet where the printer will be connected. • The COMPLIANCE STATEMENT (EUROPE) OPTIONAL INTERFACE KITS If either Ethernet interface boards, Token ring interface board, IBM TX/CX interface board, or any variation of the Legacy parallel board is installed in either Bad Actuators or Driver Circuit may be displayed. • Check for loose cable connection on print head actuators. • Bad Actuators indicates that a particular actuator or the driver circuit controlling

Turn the printer on. 5000 Series Quick Reference Guide 36 GEK-99012 FAULT AND ERROR CONDITIONS Hard Faults When a hard fault occurs, printing will stop and operator intervention is required. Exchange Repair is available on some items too. Tractor Lock Lever If another type of paper has been loaded, use the following guidelines for the proper settings of the print gap and paper tension: 5000 Series Quick Reference Guide If a left margin is desired, it can beset electronically through either the control panel pushbuttons or a command sent by the host. • The marks on the label are set

If the error condition persists after performing the above actions, contact authorized service representative. Setting the gap too loose may cause unacceptable print quality and excessive noise. If you do not want the buffered data to print, enter the Clear menu by depressing the Clear key before going back Online and select the Clear Buffers entry to clear Clean the paper motion sensor located on the upper left tractor.

See 5000 Series User's Manual for complete instructions. When the ribbon is installed, the locking lever and ribbon drive knob will pass through the openings in the topside of the cartridge. When an ESC Q escape sequence is received, the printer performs a self-test and sends the appropriate error message to the host if a fault is found. Turn print gap wheel for a smaller gap.

The Twinax PSIO is damaged or corrupted. v> <-h a 8. upplementaire conformement ICES-003 aux emissions de la classe A. Restore password × Upload manual upload from disk upload from url Thank you for your help!

Clean the outside surfaces of the printer with a clean, damp cloth. HIBBON 3* 8. Ribbon Cartridge Ribbon Deck 6. DCS = ESC P and ST = ESC \ See 5000 Series Programmer's Manual for information on the ANSI emulation and escape sequences.

Sign up! Check cable connection, setup of host, and printer address setting. Check setting on Serial Baud Rate, Data Bits, and Parity parameters through the printer control panel. This is normal.

To accommodate a different width of paper, release the right tractor lock by pushing down on the small black lever. If the fault message returns, perform the required corrective action or call your authorized service representative at 1-800-243-3338. Check firmware chip. If the fault returns, try to turn the Ribbon Knob.

Place the printer back Online when you are ready to print. The usual cause is a failed drive transistor. The error message is used only in the ANSI emulation while using the serial interface. This positions the paper for the first physical print column.

The control panel utilizes a display with two rows of 16 characters each. 5000 Series Quick Reference Guide GEK-99012 Beeper Display Pushbuttons With the top cover open, the control panel will Be sure the printer is turned off before connecting any interface.