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flexlm error code list Orwell, Vermont

Use the 'lmver' script, or, on UNIX, execute the following command on your lmgrd, vendor daemon, and application: strings | grep Copy Alternatively, 'lmgrd -v' gives the version, and this The file from ARM will have this line: VENDOR armlmd Change to: VENDOR /path/to/armlmd (lmgrd) The TCP port number in the license, , is already in use. To be able to use LMTOOLS to control the license server, you'll need to update LMTOOLS as well: contact Altium for a download of lmtools for Microsoft Windows 32-bit, x86. You can run multiple FLEXnet license servers on the same machine - if they are for different vendors' licenses.

The lookup for the host name on the SERVER line in the license file failed. Solution: The lmdiag utility is designed primarily to debug this problem, so first, try lmdiag. Symptom: The license server keeps reporting lost lock' errors in the log file and exiting. This is done in the system name table, so it requires the SYSNAM privilege.

System Error Explanation (optional)--a short sentence (< 80 characters) explaining the system error. In order to solve your problem, you may have to use all or some of the solutions listed here. All tools report the following: cannot connect to license server Description: When the TASKING daemon is launched it will create a temporary file called 'tasking' to prevent itself from launching more than Attempting to user borrow will result in this error.

Ensure that the file exists by doing an 'ls -l' of the vendor daemon filename(s) specified in the log file. Obsolete with v8.0+ vendor daemon. -38 User/host on EXCLUDE list for feature. -39 User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature. -40 Cannot locate dynamic memory. -41 Feature was never checked out. There are cases where this queuing mechanism fails, and this is when you would see this error message on the client. On UNIX use a command like 'ps -aux | grep vendorname' to search for it.

Travis Nave Need help in your post? If the server starts up correctly, you will see something similar to this: C:\>lmgrd -c license.dat -z
(lmgrd) -----------------------------------------------
(lmgrd) Please Note:
(lmgrd) This log is Generated Sat, 15 Oct 2016 21:00:19 GMT by s_wx1094 (squid/3.5.20) Try using 'telnet hostname portnum' where hostname and portnum are the same as on the SERVER line in your license file.

The command is as follows: lmgrd -c /path/to/license.dat -z Replacing "/path/to/license.dat" as appropriate. To set FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS, on Unix:   csh:% setenv FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS 1 sh:$ FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS=1; export FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS  On Windows 3.1 and 95, add the following line to C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT:   SET FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS=1  On Windows NT, go whatis should tell you the file is an executable for the machine you are trying to run it on. Description: The lockfile (normally placed in '/usr/tmp' on UNIX, 'C:\flexlm' on Windows NT, 'SYS:\SYSTEM\FLEXLM' on Netware) is being removed by someone else.

Symptom: We have a floating TASKING license. This is probably because the license is older than the application. E.1.1 Format 1 (short): FLEXlm error text (-lm_errno, minor_num[:sys_errno]) [sys_error_text] The system error information may be missing. There are two common causes of this error.

Help wud be appreciated. Change this_host on the SERVER line in the license file to the actual host name. -96 License server machine is down or not responding. You confirm whether this is the cause by running "lmutil lmstat -a" on the either the server or a client. Reservations are made in the options file.

On Unix, the diagnostic output goes to stderr. Anyway, Macrovision changed their website now and it is horrible. What machine and operating system is the application running on? Contact the vendor for further details. -124 An error occurred while returning a borrowed license to the server. -125 Attempt to checkout just a PACKAGE.

Solution: To solve this: contact Altium for a download of lmgrd for Microsoft Windows 32-bit, x86. It is possible that something is blocking communication, typically a firewall. Ask the community. You will need to rehost the license to use this machine.

However, only one instance of armlmd (the ARM vendor deamon) can be running on the machine. The vendor daemon can't handle any more users. Solution: To make it launch you will have to choose a folder name other than 'tasking' to store your license file. This usually indicates that you are trying to use an older license with a more recent tool.

Before proceeding further with the guide it is recommended you review the steps for setting up a floating license server, and its client workstations, in the ARM FLEXnet License Management Guide. Normally this will not happen, however there are cases where it can. Either the hardware dongle is unattached, or the necessary software driver for this dongle type is not installed. -112 Missing dongle driver. Check on the server which port is being used by the daemon and that it is open on the server's firewall.

The license server manager (lmgrd) has not been started yet, the wrong [email protected] or license file is being used, or the port or hostname in the license file has been changed. If more than one lmgrd is running, kill them all (using the 'kill' command, not 'kill -9' on UNIX or the Control Panel Services dialog on Windows/NT), then kill any remaining In order to read the FLEXid hostid, the correct driver must be installed. This usually happens when a license file has been altered. -9 Invalid host.

This is not supported. You can scan through the list of problems to find any which appear to relate to your concerns. Set FLEXLM_DIAGNOSTICS to 1 or 2. (2 gives more information than 1, in particular, the feature name that was denied.) When you talk to a support person, you should be prepared Do a whatis on the file (if your system has that program).

Upon trying to build my project first thing that happens is that an attempt is made to establish a dial-up connection with my internet provider. New Post Related Content Search the Autodesk Knowledge Network for more content. This is probably because the license is older than the application. The license key/signature and data for the feature do not match.

Solution: Verify that the path to the vendor daemon is absolute (i.e. See the debug log for further information. -110 Cannot read dongle: check dongle or driver. Reservations are made in the options file. The Professional edition includes additional features.

The server has pooled one or more INCREMENT lines into a single pool, and the request was made on an INCREMENT line that has been pooled. -94 Attempt to generate license Thank you! ⤵ Reply 1 Kudo *Cy Shuster

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FLEXlm Minor Error Number--a positive number starting at 1. The guide makes number a number of assumptions: You are familiar with operating system(s) installed on the server and client machines The operating system(s) being used are on the supported platforms