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excite error ws-02 East Ryegate, Vermont

API Cloud APP Cloud PaaS Support Deploy WSO2 middleware on various PaaS and IaaS environments. Surely a Comcast customer can bring this to the attention of the Comcast postmaster? · actions · 2007-Dec-6 12:25 pm · NormanS

NormanS to rody_44 MVM 2007-Dec-6 12:33 pm to rody_44Interesting. The next period is calculated using the following formula. Endpoint configuration allows you to define the errors to put the Endpoint into Timeout and Suspension modes.

If there is only one service endpoint and the message failure is not tolerable, failovers are possible with a single endpoint. So errors are handled in three ways: Put the Endpoint into SUSPENDED state Put the Endpoint into TIMEOUT state Ignore and stay in ACTIVE state If the specific error does not It can specify what are the message properties used for sending the message. WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus Endpoint has the configurations to specify its behavior on error conditions, which might occur between WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus and the actual service Endpoint.

If the next three messages are sent using this endpoint, and encounters then the an error, the endpoint will be put to SUSPENDED state. Address Endpoint WSDL Endpoint Default Endpoint Load Balancing Endpoint Fail-Over Endpoint Out of the above mentioned lot, the most widely used Endpoints are Address and WSDL Endpoints. If you want to customize the error message that is sent back to the client, you can use the makefault mediator as demonstrated in Sample 5: Creating SOAP Fault Messages and But not in real life.

The following address(es) failed: [email protected] SMTP error from remote mailer after RCPT TO:: host xmxpita.excite.com []: 554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using dynablock.excite.com; Your message could not be delivered If one message succedd the endpoint will be marked as Active. Thank you. the bouncers for "not letting the mail go through," and blacklisting domain hosts for sometimes very spurious reasons,...

The example was of an authorized Comcast user (probably a compromised customer computer) through a web mail submission agent (as contrasted with a desktop SMTP message submission agent, such as MS Sample 4 uses the log mediator as follows to log the actual error message:        (866) 334 - 3932 | 24/7 Personal Support (888) 428 - 2752 | Sales CLIENT LOGIN Knowledge Base Popular Articles Recent Articles Home » Knowledgebase » E-Mail » Email Blacklists Overview If one of the messages succeeds before putting the endpoint into SUSPENDED state, endpoint will be marked as ACTIVE.

If error 101503 occurs, the endpoint will be in the ACTIVE state. Taffet" <> Subject: Excite.com appears to be blocking Rootsweb Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 23:07:24 -0400 (EDT) Hi all, The following bounce is the second one I have received with the Events Events Find out what’s taking place online, or at a city near you Events Calendar Conferences Workshops Webinars Partner Events Resources Resources Overview Deep When the first endpoint is SUSPENDED it will send the requests using the second endpoint.

TIMEOUT In this state Endpoint can forward messages bound to a maximum number of continues failures. After this process, 3 requests can fail for one of these errors before moving the endpoint in to the SUSPENDED state. If a particular error is not defined for Timeout or Suspended states, the error will be ignored. Please be sure to read the F.A.Q.!

while talking to xmxpita.excite.com.: >>> DATA <<< 554 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using dynablock.excite.com; Your message could not be delivered due to complaints we received regarding the IP address I am attempting to mail them now, at the address they give for email admins to contact them - does anyone have an Excite address I could test with, though? For example, incoming message may be a SOAP 1.1 message over HTTP. Adobe Flash Player update (windows) [Security] by chachazz388.

Sample Fail-Over configuration

60000 101504, 101505, 101500 3 1 1000 2 64000
The last step of a message processing inside WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus is to send the message out to a service provider. With WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, the entire process gets enhanced by performing various tasks like message transformation, routing, transport switching, before sending the message to the service provider. Write [email protected] (in reply to MAIL FROM command)Reporting-MTA: dns; Arrival-Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 15:57:53 -0400 (EDT)Removal steps:http://calcompserv.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2007/3/15/2807860.htmlSBCGlobalhost sbcmx2.prodigy.net[] said: 5505.7.1 Access denied (in reply to MAIL FROM command)VerizonThe

Evaluate Confluence today. So a Load Balance or Fail-Over Endpoint is a logical grouping of Leaf Endpoints. It is not a per message setting. Comcast dynamic IP addresses are usually recognized by the, '.hsd1.*.comcast.net' string in the rDNS name.But this appears to be a proprietary Excite list, not one of the publicly queryable DNSBLs I

Then it will send the message using that particular endpoint. Thread Tools 12 Jan 2005, 01:01 PM #1 carverrn Intergalactic Postmaster Join Date: Jan 2002 Location: Chicago, IL Posts: 5,606 Representative of: Runbox.com Excite.com blocking Runbox? If the message succeeds, then WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus will mark the endpoint as active. The main reason behind it is that all these endpoints are having the same functionality and it is natural to view them as a single unit.

In this case even though the WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus endpoint exposed to the client is a SOAP 1.1 over HTTP, the actual endpoint is a SOAP 1.2 over JMS. and the blacklisted domain host, for having to deal with a) being blacklisted (at times without even being contacted or given an opportunity to resolve the root cause), and getting un-blacklisted See http://blackholes.excite.com/ Error: WS-02 Last-Attempt-Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 20:25:37 -0600 --j3K2PUlw026116.1113963960/lists2.rootsweb.com Content-Type: text/rfc822-headers Received: (from ) by lists2.rootsweb.com (8.12.10/8.12.8) id j3K2PUlv026116; Tue, 19 Apr 2005 20:25:30 -0600 Resent-Date: Tue, 19 Article has been viewed 24,094 times.

In this configuration, we assume that these errors are rare and if they happen once in a while it is OK to retry again. I have mailed them now, then. This is perfectly acceptible behaviour and no cause for alarm. · actions · 2007-Dec-6 9:45 pm · [email protected]

Bonesmp5 to musikgeek Anon 2007-Dec-9 1:07 pm to musikgeekmorning, not sure where to progressionFactor Integer 1 The endpoint will try to send the messages after the initialDuration.

Bay Area (California) customers: 'c-67-188-xx-xxx.hsd1.ca.comcast.net'.Your email will not always take the same SMTP route out of the Comcast IP network. ACTIVE When WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus boots up, Endpoints are in the Active state and ready to send messages. These errors may be very rare. A reminder: if you haven't been here in a while, we changed forums, but preserved all posts and users!

The term, "dynablock", in a DNSBL error usually implies an IP address is in a block of dynamic IP addresses. Email Help Needed! For a WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, transient failures includes communication failures between service providers and WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, data base operation failures and so on. Messages can fail or lost due to various reasons in a real TCP network.

I advised the Customer to contact Comcast because only Comcast can convince the ISPs to remove the servers from the blacklist. I also have a customer who's office is in the same area as I am who also has bounced email. next duration = Max(initialDuration x progressionFactor ^ retry count, maximumDuration) maximumDuration miliseconds Long.MAX_VALUE Upper bound of retry duration Sample Configuration

60000 For example connection may time out, or connection may be closed by the actual service.

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