esri attribute conversion error Beebe Plain Vermont

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esri attribute conversion error Beebe Plain, Vermont

SE_INSTANCE_NOT_AVAILABLE (-121) No ArcSDE instance is running on the specified server. in MS Excel and uploading changes back into the GDB. SE_TABLE_REGISTERED_OUTSIDE_SCHEMA (-420) The nonspatial table is already registered outside of the current schema. SE_EXIT_BAD_COMMAND_CODE 9 Error in the client/server dialog.

This error occurs when you attempt to upgrade after an earlier attempt failed and the VERSION table was not deleted or when you try to create a new geodatabase on a SE_INVALID_COLUMN_DEF (-56) An invalid column definition was specified. Send Feedback Contact Support USA +1-888-377-4575 Name Email URL Please rate your online support experience with Esri's Support website.* Poor Below Satisified Satisfied Above Satisfied Excellent What issues are you having You should also check the DBMS log files for information.

SE_TASKS_EXCEEDED (-7) The number of allowed server tasks was exceeded and no more logins to the ArcSDE server are allowed until a task completes. I have a DATE field in a web-editing application and it's throwing out some interesting results. Open table X in excel. I have the Postgres client files installed.

E.g. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed SE_INVALID_QUERYFROM_OBJECT (-388) SE_QUERYFROM object is not initialized SE_INVALID_XMLCONSTRAINT_OBJECT (-389) SE_XMLCONSTRAINT object is not initialized SE_INVALID_ATTRIBUTECONSTRAINT_OBJECT (-390) SE_ATTRIBUTECONSTRAINT object is not initialized. SE_SCL_SYNTAX_ERROR (-217) Shape comparison language statement could not be interpreted by the SCL compiler.

Sum of neighbours How do I answer why I want to join a smaller company given I have worked at larger ones? SE_CORRIDOR_OUT_OF_BOUNDS (-81) The specified source shape and corridor distance would result in a corridor with coordinates that exceed the valid coordinate range. arcgis-desktop shapefile arcsde sql-server arccatalog share|improve this question edited Aug 6 '15 at 22:34 asked Aug 6 '15 at 14:56 user216392 1056 Is there a way to expand the If necessary, create new fields of the desired type and calculate values into them" share|improve this answer answered Oct 15 '13 at 18:34 Barbarossa 3,696834 add a comment| up vote 0

SE_INVALID_QUERYCOLUMN_OBJECT (-379) SE_QUERYCOLUMN object not initialized. The maximum allowed is the lesser of MAX_DISTINCT (SERVER_CONFIG) and the max_distinct argument in SE_table_calculate_stats. SE_NOT_A_SELECT_STATEMENT (-112) Returned when trying to describe a prepared SQL statement that was not a query. So what is the problem?

SE_INT32_OVERFLOW (-410) The specified value is too large for a 32-bit integer. SE_TOPO_ERROR (-54) At least one of the shapes processed by the function violated one of the topological integrity rules. SE_WRONG_COLUMN_TYPE (-114) Returned when trying to set or get the value of a column in a stream using the wrong column type. In 10.3, Alter Field was expanded to allow altering field type; however, it still only works when the table doesn't have any records.

SE_INVALID_PARTNUM (-135) The specified shape part number does not exist. SE_COLUMN_NOT_BOUND (-90) A column was specified for an insert/update operation but was not bound (by calling SE_stream_bind_input_column), or the value was not set at the time of execution. SE_EXIT_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE 1 Returned when an invalid instance, node, database, or user name is used. (For instance, if it contained spaces or was not enclosed in quotes when it should have been.) SE_INVALID_ENTITY_TYPE (-29) A shape entity type is invalid or not allowed for the operation or function.

SE_INVALID_FILE_PATH (-269) The file path either does not exist, is too long (>512 characters), or contains invalid characters. Is the NHS wrong about passwords? Check the error log. Post navigation ← Discounted Training for OzriParticipants FAQ: Is the SQL Server Native client automatically installed at ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 &10.2? → 3 thoughts on “Converting Excel files: The new Excel

For example, SE_stream_fetch was called before executing the stream with SE_stream_execute. SE_INVALID_REVOKE_SELECT (-441) INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE access must be revoked first. SE_ROW_LOCK_ENABLED (-223) The row lock is already enabled. If your table lacks an ObjectID field, you won't be able to perform the following operations: Select the features in the layer on the map.

SE_INVALID_SPATIAL_COLUMN (-129) The specified column contained NOT NULL values during SE_layer_create. You can call the extended error code immediately after this code is returned to inquire about the specific database error code. Here is one approach to doing this though: Add a new field with a temporary name and the correct data type Use Calculate Field or cursors (with casting, if needed) Delete SE_INVALID_RASTER_COL_NAME (-443) An invalid raster column name was specified.

SE_READ_ONLY_SHAPE (-157) Attempted to modify or free a read-only shape from a shape table. The MAXTIMEDIFF parameter is set in the SERVER_CONFIG table (SDE_SERVER_CONFIG in SQL Server and PostgreSQL). SE_INVALID_LAYER_KEYWORD (-87) The specified layer configuration keyword does not exist in the DBTUNE table (sde_dbtune in SQL Server and PostgreSQL). You can use the Make Query Table tool, which allows you to make the table using an OLE DB connection and to specify a column to use for the ObjectID or

Alternatively you can use domain and subtype descriptions to convert into excel. Reply ↓ Dagmar P Post authorAugust 20, 2013 at 3:59 pm Thank you for your comment. SE_EXIT_SUCCESS 0 Connection successfully exited. Start an edit session and edit the attributes.

SE_SDETRACELOC_NOT_SET (-182) The SDETRACELOC environment variable is not set. SE_INVALID_NOT_NULL (-26) The specified column has a NOT NULL constraint. SE_OBJECT_NOEXIST (-1015) The object being referenced does not exist. SE_QUERYINFO_NOT_PREPARED (-260) The SE_QUERYINFO object has not been prepared for a query.

share|improve this answer answered Oct 23 '13 at 8:46 Mark Verschuur 449417 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote Before anything else, one must try to understand why ArcGIS imports SE_UNSUPPORTED_DC_DRIVER (-497) Because Oracle 11g was not supported with ArcSDE 9.2, you must use an Oracle 10g client to make a direct connection to an ArcSDE 9.2 geodatabase stored in an SE_INVALID_INDEX_MASK (-374) Invalid (rebuild) index mask SE_INVALID_PRECISION (-375) Coordinate reference/layer precision is not valid for the requested operation. SE_UNSUPPORTED_ON_VIEW (-251) The operation is not supported with views.

SE_PASSWORD_TIMEOUT (-99) The timestamp of the password received was sent more than MAXTIMEDIFF seconds earlier. Log in as the ArcSDE administrator and use the sdemon administration tool to determine the status of the I/O manager. SE_LOCK_CONFLICT (-49) The lock request was not granted because the request conflicted with another user's lock. SE_SUCCESS_WITH_WARNINGS (-1019) The operation succeeded with warning messages written to a log file.

SE_XML_COLUMN_NORMAL_MODE (-426) The XML column is in normal I/O mode. SE_NO_SPATIAL_MASKS (-130) SE_stream_get_spatial_masks was called on a query stream with no spatial masks. SE_INVALID_SERVERINFO_OBJECT (-358) SERVERINFO object not initialized SE_USER_GROUP_CONFLICT (-359) Ambiguity exists between a user name and group name when working with permissions. share|improve this answer answered Sep 16 '15 at 18:47 Paul 8,86611736 Thank you for the input, I'll try this out for sure –Struggling Sep 16 '15 at 19:04 1

SE_NULL_VALUE (-1004) Returned by the SE_stream_get_ functions when the given column has a NULL value in the current row. SE_INVALID_STREAM_TYPE (-128) A stream function is called that is not applicable to the given stream.