forte agent an encoding error was detected in the attachment Randlett Utah

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forte agent an encoding error was detected in the attachment Randlett, Utah

Answer: This is usually caused by a strange XP™ ‘feature'. Answer: First and foremost, it deprives others of possibly valuable information. Question: SpamPal makes fetching my mail very slow. TB3 is treating it as XML instead of NZB.

Why am I getting a lot of spam with A-WLIST headers 79. Subscribe to an alternate news service. (drastic) Change your quote character. (NOT recommended, it makes your messages look horrible) Pad the message with characters at the end. (NOT recommended, will probably We've heard from users whose SMTP connections simply stopped working because of this. Comment 29 rsx11m 2010-07-14 20:11:21 PDT First order of business is probably to identify which patch caused the change in behavior, then figuring from the reasoning there if a conflict of

Um Google Groups Discussions nutzen zu k├Ânnen, aktivieren Sie JavaScript in Ihren Browsereinstellungen und aktualisieren Sie dann diese Seite. . I have a rule in OE6 that doesn't work when using the UrlBody plugin Question: I have a rule setup in OE6 which says, "if it is marked **SPAM**, do not How do I only download or preview email headers? Just verification that their system has accepted said email.

When you say "TB3" you mean 3.1, correct? Agent now stores 64-bit article numbers, which should keep everyone happy for the next millenium. Multi-user means two or more separate configurations for more than one person; or, can also be one person who desires multiple news servers. I think an email is spam but why isn't the email being marked as **SPAM** 16.

SpamPal or RegEx? 114. Using VPOP3 no messages are being filtered into the correct mailbox Question: I use VPOP3™ ( with SpamPal and have setup a filter as per the setup in the manual. Either delete the offending message (highlight it and hit the Del key) or open it again (double click on it) and send it. Will SpamPal work with the Microsoft Exchange Server?

Why don't my Outlook filters work? 63. The problem with the missing command-line argument (reporter has verified that OS definition contains %1 to provide the file to open as parameter) may be a related or separate issue, thus Comment 18 David Theuerl 2010-07-13 19:51:09 PDT Created attachment 457230 [details] Attached is my mimetypes.rdf Attached is my mimetypes.rdf Comment 19 WADA 2010-07-13 20:02:18 PDT Did you set "always use this Answer: Pegasus is having a problem with the @ symbol Try using a % instead, e.g.

SpamPal - Virus scanners and Firewalls 86. What's wrong? The Win95/98 Dial-Up Networking (DUN) comes highly recommended. [3-1-3] How can I force [Free]Agent to connect to two news servers? Free Agent workarounds: Get WinZip (shareware).

anything not text) MUST be encoded. with periodical mail checking and 'leave messages on server' option enabled. I?ve setup a whitelist in RegEx but it doesn?t seem to work 129. Question: Why is there no "plugins" menu option, when right-clicking on the tray menu?

David, what WADA is proposing to establish a rule in mimeTypes.rdf associating the correct MIME type with the file extension "nzb", which doesn't have any entry in your posted attachment 457230 b) the (innocent) sender exists and the spammer has used their email address for his spam. You can now choose which DNSBL's you want to use. SpamPal is running on my XP box.

How do I back up both my Whitelist and my Blacklist. 5. The 16-bit versions have a limit of 65535 (or 64k) groups. [3-5-5] [Free]Agent tells me there are too many articles to retrieve. Answer: Sometimes ISP's (when you use their setup program) grey out the server section to stop users changing things by accident. In advanced whitelist, what IP address range does a network prefix notation use?

A problem with this is that the header string must not be longer than the existing string, or important code can be overwritten. [3-4] Display [3-4-1] Why do all my Usenet However, no messages are being filtered into the correct mailbox, when using the X-SpamPal: PASS download rule, in the dlrules.dat file? Question: Can I use Telnet to troubleshoot my problems with SpamPal? My Outlook message rules won't work 68.

I need to use them. [3-11-2] Filter bug [4] Features [4-1] Does [Free]Agent have crosspost management? [4-2] Does [Free]Agent have kill/watch capability? [4-3] How can I do a (global) text Agent is the registered version of Free Agent and contains many new features, including POP3 or SMTP email reception, address books, kill/watch lists, URL launching, and crosspost management. Unofficial FAQ for alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent By William Guynes and Jeffrey Kaplan v1.6 updated 7/28/99 This version is posted at 2007: Many of the links herein are broken. Is it possible to change the quarantine directory?

Why am I getting a lot of spam with A-WLIST headers Question: Why am I getting a lot of spam with headers in the email:- X-SpamPal: PASS A-WLIST FROM Answer: A1: