fehler vom server error processing calendar data 210 Lindon Utah

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fehler vom server error processing calendar data 210 Lindon, Utah

Fix problem encoding folder names with non-English characters. Support categories when importing email to EWS. result will be zero if no errors). Ich hoffe einer von euch hat diese doch eigentlich lächerlichen Probleme lösen können.

Her mail database is still active, but her person document does not exist in the Domino Directory. Fixed problem with extraction of HTML from GW internet mail, due to bad formatting. Automatically "subscribe" to IMAP folders if we get an error about not being subscribed. Modification to make license key checking more reliable.

Also various properties to set organizer. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at any time. Fix a problem exporting contact entries. Learn how to take advantage of it ...

Also, look at "STATUS" field for "NOTBUSY" to indicate show as free time. Change default timeout to 300 seconds. Thunderbird Address Book (.mab): Fixed conversion failure due to large size of .mab file. SearchDataCenter In VMware vs.

Time zone fix for GW IMAP. If message date filter is used, use a restriction instead of looking at each message. IMAP: Fix to detect logon failure with Gmail. When an error message appears in the master log, include the process number so that we know what log file it corresponds to.

Eudora: When creating messages, adjust time by 1 hour in DST to compensate for invalid Eudora handling of date/time. Thunderbird/Netscape: Fix code that converts output folder names from UTF-8 to Western European. For FV licenses, allow up to 5 simultaneous conversions. If user selects "EWS" make default auth method to be NTLM (otherwise BASIC).

Fixed character translation of exported tasks. Transend Migrator 11.2 (released October 8, 2013)General: Added capability to download .vcs (calendar/task) and .csv (contacts) from Zimbra server, prior to doing .vcs or Outlook csv source conversions. Outlook CSV: Update to handle .csv files without a terminating CR/LF. visible.

For text parts of imported, embedded messages, leave as UTF8 so that they will display correctly in Notepad. IMAP: "/flagged" handling changed to mean "high priority" instead of "flag message". All Rights Reserved. Microsoft tweaks Windows PowerShell DSC in Windows Server 2016 Microsoft refined PowerShell Desired State Configuration in Windows Server 2016 to make server configurations less of a chore for...

When sending AUTHENTICATE PLAIN base64 data, do not insert CR/LF. Customers mostly care whether the ... Changed default Notes database to server, not local file. Allow /CF, /CAF switches to take priority over default values for cal, contacts.

Fixed address translation table import to handle commas embedded in quotes. Allow "Warnings" to appear in status column of migration report, if there are warnings and no errors. Meant for .pst sources to create multiple ouput .pst files, one for each folder. Search400 iSeries tutorials Search400.com's tutorials provide in-depth information on the iSeries.

Use Priority header to get priority. Added Office 365 and Rackspace as target systems for email, address book, calendar and tasks. Exchange Web Services: Allow /CAN to specify name of "Notes" folder. GroupWise: Fixed problem with decoding MIME GW messages.

Bloomberg XML: Fix problem reading UTF-8 encoded xml files. More changes to try and fix Gmail label creation error. Fix for crash on too big contact note data. Added ability to write to Exchange archive via MAPI.

MBOX: Do not output <> in distribution list, if there is no email address. Allow graphic outputs (jpeg/tif/pdf) to honor /D205 switch - output file is named for unique ID if present (set in source system). When creating folders, if top level is "root" override any /GN value. GroupWise XML Archive: Fixed a problem where /DEDUP could cause an infinite loop.

Fix crash due to large contact fields. In den Apple Discussions gibt es einen Thread mit mehreren Vorschlägen. Klick mal auf das kleine Dreieck neben dem Globus: wenn Du bereits Netzwerkbenutzer angelegt hast, kannst Du Dich unter /LDAPv3/ anmelden. Read X-PMFLAGS header to pull out read/unread flag, reply, forwarded.

Updated to process breakout events for standard .ics format (not Mirapoint) Read task priority correctly. Increased size of IMAPSEARCH buffer to 500k.