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ezproxy access error Fountain Green, Utah

Proxying (in General) is possible because EZproxy acts like a simple web browser and faces the database. I'm at another institution and cannot access the databases, why not? If you are able to log into EZproxy, you should be able to use the information at EZproxy Administration to create an administrative account and log into your EZproxy administration page When a browser requests a document, it often says "give me this page, unless it hasn't been modified since this date that's on a copy of the page I already have

Find out more. In order for EZproxy to work, you need to be starting at a library page.  If you have a direct link to an article or database from a course page or What do I have to do to use EZproxy? Ports that EZproxy does not use EZproxy will not assign virtual web servers to ports 2049, 2064, 2115, 2140, or 2401 since these are commonly assigned for other services. "Page not

Some of these methods can make it hard for our server to keep passing information between you and the site. If you are having problems with your EZproxy server, the best place to start diagnosis is Troubleshooting Common Problems which provides steps to diagnose and resolve the most common EZproxy configuration These titles are listed on the electronic journal pages, but they do not require a login. 14. If this is the case, renaming the ezproxy.log file will resolve this issue.

Java Welcome Welcome! Users who encounter this error should be encouraged to adjust their cookie settings to allow EZproxy's cookie to be accepted. If you are off campus, you will be required to login with your windows username and your secondary (also called your phage or dmz) password. What's wrong? You must have set up a secondary password before you use EZproxy.

It will only need to be set once during login. This test will help determine whether or not the issue corresponds to the browser itself, or to something else (such as spyware, firewall, or your ISP) or to something non-technical. Why don't certain features or links in the database seem to function when I'm using EZproxy? If you provide content for a given corporate site, the corporate site may be willing to open access through their firewall to your EZproxy server.

This error occurs when EZproxy is inside a frame In EZproxy's default configuration, if you provide a link to EZproxy inside a frame of a web page, browsers will view EZproxy's JavaScript If you find that your database connections are slipping out from EZproxy, the first thing to try is the change described below that enables additional JavaScript processing. See How Many Ports Does EZproxy Use? If this error appears constantly, it suggests that EZproxy is unable to reach the remote host.

Sample messages include: Reached maximum virtual host limit, use MV in config.txt to increase config.txt MaxVirtualHosts at limit; unable to proxy www.somedb.com:80 Correcting issues with MaxVirtualHosts If you encounter the MaxVirtualHosts The implementation of the EZproxy service may affect information provided on personal websites or Blackboard/WebCT sites, particularly by faculty who provide those resources for students. Why? If your browser reported an error receiving a "cookie" it may be currently set to disallow cookies.

These will usually have the libraries' header and information relevant to explaining the problem and solution. The text of this page appears in the docs subdirectory as cookie.htm and can be customized. EZproxy is browser independent, i.e., any browser (Other than AOL) should work with EZproxy. As an example, EZproxy might assign port 2050 to represent www.somedb.com, 2051 to represent search.somedb.com, etc.

I am experiencing a disruption in EZproxy service. Firstly, please report the problem to the IS Helpline. How can I resolve this issue? If you see this, there are two likely reasons: You are following a link from a courseware page, Google Scholar, your syllabus, or a web search; or you are typing in

MaxVirtualHosts is followed by a number that establishes the maximum number of virtual hosts that EZproxy can create for proxying access to remote web servers. Can I use the Papers app for iOS with EZproxy? How can I regain access? Students who are enrolled through the Evergreen program are only able to remotely access library resources if they are first connected to the VPN by logging in at http://vpn.bu.edu or configuring

Why can I get into some electronic journals without logging in? Database vendors often change domain names, or pull content from new computer hosts without ever informing libraries. This is most commonly seen when trying to include EZproxy content inside a frame used by a course management system. If you are starting your database or ejournal search from a page you have bookmarked, this could be causing the problem.

I used to be able to access a database and now I can't. If you believe you are a registered USC student, faculty or staff and that you are typing your ID correctly and still can't login Contact Us. Request support If none of this information helps you resolve the issue, email [email protected] for further assistance. Feedback Privacy policy Accessibility statement ISO 27001 Certificate config.txt Directives MaxVirtualHosts (MV) Connect with fellow WorldShare users in the OCLC Community Center View demo Upgrade to EZproxy 6.1.13 Subscribe to OCLC

Feedback Privacy policy Accessibility statement ISO 27001 Certificate Install, Set Up, & Update Error Pages Connect with fellow WorldShare users in the OCLC Community Center View demo Upgrade to EZproxy 6.1.13 What's wrong? I don't seem to get very complete results with my online database searches.