execio error unable to Dugway Utah

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execio error unable to Dugway, Utah

EXECIO error while trying to GET or PUT a record. If so, then LEAVE.bobh-----Original Message-----From: TSO REXX Discussion List [mailto:TSO-***@VM.MARIST.EDU] On BehalfOf Schwartz, AlanSent: Monday, May 12, 2008 4:10 PMTo: TSO-***@VM.MARIST.EDUSubject: Seemingly Basic EXECIO ProblemI'm running a small EXEC in batch FINIS" do i = 1 to systsprt.0 say systsprt.i end "EXECIO * DISKR SYSPRINT (STEM sysprint. Autre chose, ton "EXECIO 0 DISKR DCOLIN (FINIS" /* CLOSE FICHIERS */ est en trop, tu as déjà un FINIS dans ton EXECIO * DISKR Répondre avec citation 0 0

I've attempted to use EXECIO's (FINIS to close the file and (OPEN to open the file, but all to no avail. Et les spaces qui se terminaient en colonne 54 se terminent maintenant en colonne 60 Il y a juste la colonne volume ( de 65 à 70 qui elle n'a pas Les 'I' traitent les zéro non significatifs, et "T" impose l'affichage d'un chiffre. EXECIO *), depending on the number of records on that file, your EXECIO will overshoot your allocated storage because of the number of entries in the stem variable.

To read a few records from systables using mrf (32k rows) with dsntiaul may be purely an overkill. I'd been testing with the default and, when itstarted failing, went to 32M then 64M. I want to be able to allocate/code the SYSIN, SYSTSIN, SYSPUNCH, SYSPRINT and SYSRECnn DDs in the JCL, yet have the REXX program execute DSNTIAUL after stripping comments from the SYSIN, It may look likeaPITA, but it works.

Can you post the code so we can see what you are doing?There might be a better way to do it. Unable to obtain storage.EXECIO DISKR2 RC = 20READ COUNTER J IS 11 Dataset Audit Facility (DAF)FLD1.1 = 1 35 +++ IF SUBSTR(FLD1,1,1) = ' 'Error running DAFJOB3A, line 35: Machine storage I then commented them out of the job and allocated them in the REXX program, only to find that then they don't appear in the job output. Instead of coding SYSPUNCH DD SYSOUT=* code SYSPUNCH DD DISP=(,PASS),DSN=&&sysunch in your jcl.

SC327000. Registered Office: The Mound, Edinburgh EH1 1YZ. Exemple : Code : Sélectionner tout - Visualiser dans une fenêtre à part 1234567891011121314 DO I = 1 TO DS.0 DSNAM.I = SUBSTR(DS.I,1,44) SPACE.I = SUBSTR(DS.I,46,9) CREAT.I = SUBSTR(DS.I,54,8) VOLUM.I = It is imperative to do this if you are doing I/O to more than one file in your REXXON/REXXOFF block - see TEC503366 which shows how to determine if a member

Here is the WAC (World According to Conley) code that does> this:>>> "EXECIO 0 DISKR FILE (OPEN)"> rec# = 80000 /* find number that works 4 u */> eof = 0> This e-mail (including any attachments) is private and confidential and may contain privileged material. At the end of the loop, check STEM.0 to see ifit's smaller than the batch size. FINIS" j=inputrec.0 /* read through the dataset line by line */ /* insert job into application specified or default */ do i = 1 to j parse upper var inputrec.i jobname

Ellis Systems Programmer Deere & CompanyLike • Show 0 Likes0 Actions MIKHAILO @ null on Feb 4, 2013 9:43 PMMark CorrectCorrect AnswerSorry I meant to say change your EXECIO statement to Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility The request cannot be fulfilled by the server För att kunna använda diskussioner i System Programmer Response: If the error recurs and the program is not in error, look at the messages in the job log for more information. Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN.

You can also do what you want with bpxwdyn. Venkat Roy Mathur RE: Executing DSNTIAUL from REXX November 9, 2015 12:35 PM (in response to Venkat Srinivasan) I finally got it working...kind of. FINIS" do i = 1 to syspunch.0 say syspunch.i end */ "EXECIO * DISKR SYSREC00 (STEM sysrec00. Venkat Venkat Srinivasan RE: Executing DSNTIAUL from REXX November 6, 2015 10:21 AM (in response to Roy Mathur) To read all allocated DDNAMEs, you scan TIOT, get the DDNAME and do

Bank of Scotland plc. Dans ce cas, toujours, comme indiqué par bernard59139 et par ailleurs dans un post précédent, c'est une boucle sur EXECIO 1 DISKR qu'il faut faire. Registered in Scotland no. It may look like aPITA, but it works.

I am assuming you are coding for learning / fun. Thank you.----------------------------------------------------------------------For TSO-REXX subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions,send email to ***@VM.MARIST.EDU with the message: INFO TSO-REXX Schwartz, Alan 2008-05-12 21:35:24 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I can GUARANTEE it could be Will need to change RUNLIB and SSID (find ????). /* REXX */ /*--------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* */ /* sample executed of DSNTIAUL */ /* */ /*--------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /* */ "FREE F(SYSIN,SYSTSPRT,SYSPRINT,SYSPUNCH,SYSREC00)" Telephone calls may be monitored or recorded.

FINIS" do i = 1 to sysprint.0 say sysprint.i end "EXECIO * DISKR SYSPUNCH (STEM syspunch. Our passion is service. Registered Office: Barnett Way, Gloucester GL4 3RL. Forum Actions Marquer les forums comme lus Bugs & Suggestions Réseau social Groupes Liste des utilisateurs FAQ forum Voir l'équipe du site Blogs Agenda Règles Blogs Projets Recherche avancée Index du

Sorry for the confusion. EXECIO 1) and use a PULL statement to process one record rather than reading everying into the stem variable.Example:Select allDo Forever EXECIO 1 diskr JESMSGLG If rc /= 0 then leave Unable to obtain storage. It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theoriesto suit facts.- Sir Arthur Conan DoyleNOTICE TO RECIPIENT: If

Et dans le rexx, limite l'utilisation des tableaux (stem varibles indicées). Use a large enough number of records for > efficiency that doesn't also blow out storage.>> Regards,> Tom Conley----------------------------------------------------------------------For TSO-REXX subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions,send email to ***@VM.MARIST.EDU with It may look like> > a> > PITA, but it works. Also, is the >>do forever until(eof) << just a style thing?Is it different from >>do until(eof) << ?Dave-----------------------------------------------------------------------Alan,You need to code your I/O loop for both efficiency and to preventstorageshortage.

I also wrote LQSITNSD (DSNTISQL backwards) which took an unload file, a table name, and created an insert statement for each record. You must not copy, distribute, disclose or use any of the information in it or any attachments. Unable to obtain storage. FINIS" do i = 1 to sysprint.0 say sysprint.i end "EXECIO * DISKR SYSPUNCH (STEM syspunch.

This e-mail (including any attachments) is private and confidential and may contain privileged material. Process each batch. If you received it in error please notify us> immediately and then destroy it.>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------> For TSO-REXX subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions,> send email to ***@VM.MARIST.EDU with the message: Get new twists on familyfavorites at AOL Food.(http://food.aol.com/dinner-tonight?NCID=aolfod00030000000001)----------------------------------------------------------------------For TSO-REXX subscribe / signoff / archive access instructions,send email to ***@VM.MARIST.EDU with the message: INFO TSO-REXX----------------------------------------------------------------------For TSO-REXX subscribe / signoff / archive access

FINIS" do i = 1 to sysrec00.0 say sysrec00.i end "FREE F(SYSIN,SYSTSPRT,SYSPRINT,SYSPUNCH,SYSREC00)" exit -----End Original Message----- Lloyds Banking Group plc. So there are no double quotes immediately before or after the FF1 literal in the EXECIO statement. US Mountain Standard Time,***@ACS-INC.COM writes:I'm running a small EXEC in batch that works against a small subset of afile. ActualitésAdaBasicCobolFortranLaTeXPrologPurebasicRXMLRAD Index du forum Systèmes Autres systèmes z/OS rexx et depassement de mémoire « Discussion précédente | Discussion suivante » Discussions similaires depassement de mémoire rich:extendedDataTable Par bousnguar dans le forum