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geo tracker ecu p400 error code Wimberley, Texas

Inlet Manifold Sensor(a.k.a. A code P0400 will be recorded if the voltage change is not within a specific "window." This engine had a new EGR valve, new pressure transducer, new EGR solenoid vacuum valve Similarly in the 90's Chevrolet Tracker or its twin Suzuki Sidekick/Vitara, the clogged EGR passages in the intake plenum and the back side of the throttle plate can cause the code An example of an intrusive test is when the EGR monitor cycles the EGR valve during a condition when it normally would be closed.

Blow into port "A". Engine should idle rough or stall. Air should pass through filter and not through port "B". This should erase any codes until the light comes on again, which stores codes again.

It is bled off to the atmosphere. I got a lot of carbon out by ramming a stiff wire and screwdriver....squirting a can or so of carb cleaner in there. Simply unplug the four-wire connector. Its default position is to block vacuum to the EGR valve.

It was such a common problem I couldn't understand why we couldn't get it fixed. Please try the request again. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links Suzuki Forums Advertisement Page 1 of 2 1 2 > Suzuki Forums: Suzuki Forum Site > Suzuki Models > Suzuki Sidekick, Escudo, Vitara, Geo, X-90 If you don't get a good rpm drop on this or any other EGR valve, you may have plugged or restricted EGR passages, which can cause a code to be set.

The repair also involves cleaning the EGR passages. A thermal vacuum switch prevents vacuum from reaching the EGR during cold engine starts. CHEVROLET TRACKER / SUZUKI VITARA FORUM BOARD: Re: 1997 geo tracker "service engine light" Low and behold, I come across another mention of this second passageway behind the cap in the Usually a sensor failure and the sensor is no longer able to read the full range of measurement. 45 Oxygen Sensor Circuit - Rich Exhaust Indicated Indicates that the ECM

Please show me in diagram which fuse it is. See figure 9. OBD...Eroare p0400 la vectra B 1.6 16 valve benzinaEroarea p0400 este EGR o pot sterge cu tester op com dar reapare din nou.Am verificat supapa egr inchide si deschide la actionare This will cause each solenoid to pull open.

The pintle position sensor is a potentiometer. If resistance is as specified, go to next step. Set the scan tool to show TPS voltage and position. However, if the EGR system doesn't function properly, the combustion temperature will be higher, which in a long run could cause engine damage.

Need more help with a p0400 code? The code is shown by blinking the first digit, then a pause, then the second digit, then a longer pause before it repeats the code. All electronic, its built-in pintle-position sensor allows the PCM to continuously monitor "actual pintle position" and adjust it to the "desired pintle position" as a percentage. Retest system. 14.

The P0400 code is set when the EGR valve is commanded wide open and the expected change in manifold pressure measured by the MAP sensor does not occur. Select to display Trouble Codes. To remove the rear seat you will need to push down and back and then pull up, this needs to be done on each side of the seat to remove it When the EGR valve is closed, more oxygen enters the combustion chamber, which then leans the mixture somewhat.

It has a pintle position sensor riding atop the EGR diaphragm. Check the resistance of the sensor with a multi-meter and verify that it is showing low resistance when it is warm, or bring up the IAT reading on the Tech-1 scan Good luck 04-01-2008, 02:05 PM #8 (permalink) jtgh Banned Join Date: Apr 2007 Posts: 9,643 Gallery: 0 Click >>>> EGR see last frame on page. It consists of a spring-loaded diaphragm that is connected to a pintle and seat by a slender steel shaft.

The valve is opened by a combination of applied engine vacuum to the control valve and negative exhaust system pulses that happen as each exhaust valve closes. Check the wires and connectors between the ECM and the Oxygen Sensor. The gas is brought into the system from the No. 4 cylinder exhaust manifold. Tried this several times actually and always came back to the code being set pretty quickly following that.

The idle never seems to hold, it just wants to stall out constantly. So now, to make a long post does a person access this second passageway? If the computer has registered a Trouble Code, reading the code and referencing the cause of the code can greatly reduce guessing and lead directly to the source of the problem. Using a Geo Storm cartridge to reflash a Isuzu ECM, or a Isuzu cartridge to reflash a Geo Storm ECM, will result in destroying the ECM.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links Suzuki Forums Advertisement 12-25-2007, 12:49 PM #2 (permalink) tracka96 Expert Join Date: Sep 2006 Location: Arizona desert Posts: 534 Gallery: 0 [QUOTE= [url][/url] This signal turns the vacuum on and off in rapid succession.