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gallery2 an error has occurred Tow, Texas

Posts and comments are the property of their posters. Having enabled error-reporting it is the report of errors now displayed instead of the blank page that is most likely to shed light on the problem; the often very long debug no idea how you managed to get wrong permissions. See the list of frequent installation errors.

It is possible that it is planned. It would appear it does, point gallery remote at the base url of your gallery. Look towards the bottom of the debug output and scan backwards for anything that looks like an error, then report that in the support forums. In G1, thumbs and sized images were created at image upload.

Official packages usually released not more than two times in a year, thus they might miss the latest features and improvements. file_exists(/var/www/html/gallery2/g2data2/cache/entity/0/0/ Loading plugin core core plugin successfully instantiated Check the version of the core plugin file_exists(/var/www/html/gallery2/g2data2/cache/module/_all/0/0/ The version of the core plugin is ok file_exists(/var/www/html/gallery2/modules/core/classes/helpers/../../../../modules/core/ getParameter acceleration for core plugin getParameter Then add a new image to G2 to check if it works now. We had to fix an IIS-5 bug with a workaround in Gallery because MS was unable to fix it in the webserver.

file_exists(/website/serverroot/apacheroot/ thumbpage plugin successfully instantiated Loading plugin core core plugin successfully instantiated getParameter default.theme for core plugin Loading plugin carbon carbon plugin successfully instantiated Check the version of the carbon plugin If you set this parameter to blank ("") then all links in a page are built with the same hostname as the request was made to. Always enable the 'buffered' debug mode first if there is a problem When I click on item thumbnails, nothing happens, what's wrong? what is wrong? 4.19 I can't install G2, what should I do? 4.20 I get a blank page / a network/webserver error, what's wrong? 4.21 I can't login anymore, what can

Full sized images are fine. If you can't understand what you're seeing, err on the side of posting more info. Adding the following lines to your apache config file or your .htaccess should fix it. # Disable layout header and footer for Gallery2 LayoutIgnoreHeaderURI /path/to/gallery2/*.* LayoutIgnoreFooterURI /path/to/gallery2/*.* # PHP Gallery2 overide You may delete the g2data/locks directory if you want DO NOT use a package manager (yum, apt-get etc) or a "one-click" installer for the upgrade!!

You should upgrade to the latest stable release of G 2.0. Without it, Gallery won't be able to call external executables (like ImageMagick). This may also result in G2 hanging for 30 seconds since it is waiting for the image processing to complete also. You'll also need to set baseUri, the now second-to-last line in config.php, to '/' (for example for a domain-level install of gallery).

There are reported issues for several unarchive programs on OSX If you are a svn user, a warning for a few missing or modified files in the installer / upgrader systemcheck i will contact hosting but dont know what they will be able to do. Go to G2 Site Admin and update/reactivate plugins if needed. Go to site admin and fix the cookie path/domain values.

Any ideas codders? ... If the installer gives you an error like "Client does not support authentication protocol" then the MySQL support builtin to your PHP is using an older password scheme than your MySQL If not, deactive this image toolkit and activate another one. Make sure you do not overwrite any existing themes on the new server.

Try adding $gallery->setConfig('apacheSetenvBroken', 1); to your config.php to disable using the apache_setenv() function If everything fails: For netpbm and imagemagick, you can find out why it fails by looking at the This is usually a per hour limit and would be restored in time. Someday the permissions UI will be improved. When I run the insert queries I get this now: #1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 Thanks! -gw suprsidr Joined:2005-04-17 Posts:8339 Posted: Mon, 2014-03-17 17:17

You can also try to change the memory_limit by adding the following line right after '

You're probably not imagining it. If you can't login anymore, deactivate cookies in your browser and login in G2. Your webhost should be able to do this for you if you do not know the account's php user. For basic integration, you can edit the theme templates to show Gallery 2 inside your own page with your header / footer / menu etc.

To start with, updating to the latest code is a good idea. You can also look in your webserver's error logs for entries contemporaneous with the blank page being displayed. (contact your hosting provider if you're unsure how to do that.) There are You have two choices: Either access G2 only with one of the vHosts / (sub-)domains or Don't use the URL rewrite module And if you decide to use the URL rewrite The problem I guess was that after having uploaded and unzipped the zip file it had wrong owner.

In other words, creating a top level album "lib", "themes", "modules", "install", .. Otherwise ask your host to repair it for you. -s FlashYourWeb and Your Gallery with The E2 XML Media Player for Gallery2 putee Joined:2010-02-11 Posts:9 Posted: Fri, 2010-02-12 13:32 Hi If the problem persists, you should activate immedate debug mode in config.php and report the problem in the forums. Why can't I upload big files (over a megabyte or two)?

What's wrong? 4.45 Why do I get a MySQL "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket" error? 4.46 "Sucessfully" uploaded images show a thumbnail, but display a black page when How do I fix it? 4.7 I changed the language but nothing happens, what's wrong? 4.8 Why can't I install with MySQL 4.1 or higher? 4.9 I get an error about Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.". When I upload an image, G2 doesn't seem to create sized images or thumbnails...

file_exists(/website/serverroot/apacheroot/ dynamicalbum plugin successfully instantiated Check the version of the dynamicalbum plugin The version of the dynamicalbum plugin is ok file_exists(/website/serverroot/gallery_g2data_911xdfgjdfsa8098sderdskl6699/cache/module/dynamicalbum/0/0/ Loading plugin keyalbum Class not defined, trying to include it. file_exists(/website/serverroot/apacheroot/ core plugin successfully instantiated file_exists(/website/serverroot/gallery_g2data_911xdfgjdfsa8098sderdskl6699/versions.dat) file(/website/serverroot/gallery_g2data_911xdfgjdfsa8098sderdskl6699/versions.dat, ) getParameter id.anonymousUser for core plugin [1209590218] can't guarantee 5 -- extending! valiant Joined:2003-01-04 Posts:32509 Posted: Tue, 2006-11-28 00:55 see: please stop discussing your issue in other topics which are not really related.