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gacp cgsm ds error Thomaston, Texas

As you can see basic information requests return something so it's not a communication problem. And if not does, ATI provide an extra +GCAP response. > >>> Without a SIM atom you will not be able to unlock the modem. OK '4.6 New Message Acknowledgement to ME/TA AT+CNMA=? OK AT+CHSC?

ERROR '3.5.1 Send Message AT+CMGS=? ERROR '10.1.4 Quality of Service Profile (Requested) AT+CGQREQ=? +CGQREQ: (1-10),(0-3),(0-4),(0-5),(0-5),(0-18,31) '10.1.5 Quality of Service Profile (Minimum acceptable) AT+CGQMIN=? +CGQMIN: (1-10),(0-3),(0-4),(0-5),(0-5),(0-18,31) '10.1.6 3G Quality of Service Profile (Requested) AT+CGEQREQ=? Regards Marcel Previous message: The way to install proper driver for 3G dongle in oFono Next message: The way to install proper driver for 3G dongle in oFono Messages sorted by: AT+CPAS +CPAS: 0 OK Device is Ready.

OK '6.7 Select bearer service type AT+CBST=? +CBST: (0,4,6-7,12,14-16,68,70-71,75,79-83),(0),(1) AT+CBST? +CBST: 0,0,1 '6.8 Radio link protocol AT+CRLP=? +CRLP: (0-61),(0-61),(38-100),(0-255),(0,1) +CRLP: (0-496),(0-496),(38-100),(0-255),(2),(3-10) AT+CRLP? +CRLP: 61,61,48,6,0 +CRLP: 120,120,48,6,2,3 '6.9 Service reporting control AT+CR=? ERROR '8.36 List all available AT commands AT+CLAC &F * *EACS *EAID *EALR *EALS *EAM *EAMS *EAPM *EAPN *EAPP *EAPS *EARS *EASM *EASY *EBCA *ECAM *ECAR *ECAS *ECAW *ECBP *ECMW *ECSP Member Posts: 72 Karma: 10[add] Re: ITEAD 3G SIM5216A Module AT command ERROR message #2 Aug 22, 2016, 04:12 am ok once again the error was between the serial monitor and ERROR '7.9 Called line identification presentation AT+CDIP=?

ERROR AT+CPIN? +CPIN: PH-NET PUK OK Any lead would be welcome! OK '7.2 Network registration 'not used here, for privacy reasons AT+CREG=? +CREG: (0-1) '7.3 Operator selection 'not used here, for speed reasons AT+COPS? +COPS: 0,0,"E-PLUS" '7.4 Facility lock AT+CLCK=? +CLCK: ("CS","PS","SC","P2","AO","OI","OX","AI","IR","AB","AG","AC") Regards, Thomas -------------- next part -------------- OK at OK at*cnti=2 *CNTI: 2, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA OK at*cnti=0 *CNTI: 0,NONE OK at*cnti=1 *CNTI: 1,NONE OK at+ws46=? +WS46: (12,22,25,28,29) OK I just don't find anyway to send the nck to the dongle.

And for loading the > > SIM atom you need to know which technology you are operating on. > > > > I really prefer that the mentioned homework is done ERROR '6.16 HSCSD parameters report AT+CHSR=? +CHSR: (0,1) AT+CHSR? +CHSR: 0 '6.17 HSCSD automatic user initiated upgrading AT+CHSU=? +CHSU: (0,1) AT+CHSU? +CHSU: 0 '6.18 HSCSD non-transparent asymmetry configuration AT+CHSA=? OK '3.5.6 More Messages to Send AT+CMMS=? ERROR AT+CGCLASS?

The latest version I know of is here, but make sure you check the Rel-7 directory too. '1.1 - Oct.2001 ' 'According to ITU-T V.25ter (07/97): 'only the commands which effect ERROR AT+CSTF? OK AT+CMGF? +CMGF: 1 OK AT+CSCA? +CSCA: "+34609092815″,145 OK SMS service center address is "+34609092815″ AT+CSMS? +CSMS: 0,1,1,1 OK Service-> GSM 27.005 Compatible Mobile Terminated SMS -> Supported Mobile Originated SMS ERROR '8.29 Power class AT+CPWC=?

OK '5.5 Select TE character set AT+CSCS=? +CSCS: ("GSM","IRA","8859-1","ERICSSON","UTF-8") AT+CSCS? +CSCS: "GSM" '5.6 Request international mobile subscriber identity 'not used here, for privacy reasons AT+CIMI=? AT^FHVER AT^VERSION?AT+CFUN?+CFUN: 1OKAT^FHVERERRORAT^VERSION?ERRORЦитата (asmus21 @ 11.06.2014, 14:02 )в таблице в рдф посмотрите к какой ветке относится.Что такое таблица рфд? к сожалению не понимаю о чём вы ((( Как это сделать?Цитата (asmus21 An OBEX frame containing a disconnect code must be sent. ERROR '7.20 Selection of preferred operator list AT+CPLS=?

AT+CPBW=10,"046193000",129,"Indy" OK The new entry overwrites position 10 in the phonebook. ERROR '9.1 Report Mobile Equipment error AT+CMEE=? +CMEE: (0-2) '10.1.1 Define PDP Context AT+CGDCONT=? +CGDCONT:(1-10),("IP"),,,(0-1),(0-1) '10.1.2 Define Secondary PDP Context AT+CGDSCONT=? viktor.spr27.12.2013, 22:17 Кто-нибудь сталкивался с этим китайским чудом? Недавно пришел, на алиэксперссе их пачками продают от 15$ и выше... Но инфы по нему или прошивке найти не смог. Внутри микросхема MSM6281, ERROR '11.3.1 VGCS subscriptions and GId status AT+CGCS=?

ERROR AT+CSIL? So if we require to run ATI first to identify if we are GSM or CDMA, then this is a per modem manufacture specific detail. ERROR '10.1.14 Show PDP address AT+CGPADDR=? +CGPADDR: (1,2) '10.1.15 Automatic response to a network request for PDP context activation AT+CGAUTO=? Please re-subscribe to our Newsletters.

So lets get real facts > > first and then we see what we do to solve this problem. > > I have made some tests on a dozen of dongles Signal condition is excellent.The signal strength range is -53 dbm (Excellent) to -109 dbm (Marginal). AT+CFUN? +CFUN: 1 OK Device has Full functionality. ERROR '11.1.3 Leave an ongoing Voice Group or Voice Broadcast Call AT+CAHLD=?

ERROR AT+CALM? Arduino via Egeo 16 Torino, 10131 Italy Ok Newsletter ©2016 Arduino Copyright Notice Contact us Loading... coolsound11.06.2014, 11:08 Цитата (asmus21 @ 10.06.2014, 21:13 )и только методом тыка команда с ? в конце и смотреть на ответ.Что-то не получается таким образом ответ получить. coolsound11.06.2014, 16:29 Цитата (asmus21 @ 11.06.2014, 16:39 )За 30$ можно и в стране найти железяку.Так не интересно.) Не интересно деньгами сорить, так как 600р и 1000р всё таки разница почти в

This code must be sent in an OBEX frame and the hexadecimal value for the frame is 0x810003. if I type AT i get OK as a response)My problem is that almost none of the at commands in the sim5216 manual work. Are you able > to > > get a program like minicom or screen running on the ports so we can > try > > out some commands. Is that possible? > > > Second, do any of the non-usable ports spontaneously emit messages? > > Huawei devices emit a variety of AT^BOOT, AT^RSSI, etc on the > secondary

ERROR '10.1.3 Traffic Flow Template AT+CGTFT=?