ftp send error Sutherland Springs Texas

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ftp send error Sutherland Springs, Texas

I can also prepare some TCP dump if it would be helpful for investigation. Article Detail When testing an FTP connection you may receive one of the following errors: Socket Error # 11001, Host not found: Check that the hostname or IP address has been Codes List Code Name Description Comment 0 OK Indicates successful completion of the operation. 1 EOF An attempt to read past the end-of-file was made; or, there are no more directory If it doesn't help, try disabling SSL/TLS encryption in your FTP program if you've enabled it.

Try switching the connection port. 10066 Directory not empty. the FTP server is no longer connected to the network. Some web hosting services do NOT allow outbound ftp unless you have a dedicated server account. This reply is used in command sequence groups. 4xx Transient Negative Completion reply The command was not accepted and the requested action did not take place, but the error condition is

As far as FTP would be concerned, there's nothing but rootYou don't include the \\servername\ since that is already taken care of by the Host Address. And this socket is opened from the server to the client (your computer). Provide login credentials 350 Requested file action pending further information. (Informational) 400 Series The command was not accepted and the requested action did not take place, but the error condition is The user should return to the beginning of the command sequence, if any.

Ask FTP administrator to increase allotted storage space, or archive/delete remote files. 500 Series The command was not accepted and the requested action did not take place. 500 Syntax error, command Below are brief explanations for the most common status and error codes. A status code of 150 indicates that the server is about to open a new connection on port 20 to send some data. 200 Series The requested action has been successfully Error code list for failed FTP and HTTP remote webserver log transfers Overview An Urchin Log Source can be configured to collect a webserver log from a remote server via FTP

Next Comments require login or registration. Socket Error # 10039: There may be a problem getting the IP address for the hostname. That's why you're getting a send error. On the server \\servername\Scans\Payroll\TKOtimecards {Scans is a network share} is the path for the FTP site.  There are no subdirectories within the TKOtimecards directory so So at that time control connection termination cannot have any impact on file transfer as there's none.

New Offices Tech Build-out Meramec Electrical Products is building new offices. Click OK, then finish the installation. 2. Each reply in the 4xx category might have a slightly different time value, but the intent is that the user-process is encouraged to try again. These codes are used by most FTP servers/clients.

This build of curl has no support for this protocol. 2 Failed to initialize. 3 URL malformat. Generally a time-out error. Don't put a "\" in front, or it won't work. Curl couldn't parse the 227-line the server sent. 15 FTP can't get host.

The administrator of the remote server must provide you with permission to connect via FTP. 552 Requested file action aborted. Moving a remote file to a different filesystem (HDD). So after the response BOTH sides are aware that transfer was finished. it cannot retrieve a directory listing or files.In certain firewall configurations, users may encounter Connection Refused errors (#10061) when using SyncBackSE/Pro to establish a connection to a remote site.

The SSL handshaking failed. 36 FTP bad download resume. The LDAP library was not found. 41 Function not found. This error message should always have meaningful text in the the error message field. Socket Error # 10093: This can happen when the network connection goes down, e.g.

You see this status code after the client sends a user name, regardless of whether the user name that is provided is a valid account on the system. 332 Need account You may also want to be sure you are using a passive connection. LIST -a 125 List started 226 List completed TYPE A 200 Command okay PASV 227 Entering passive mode (*,*,*,*,*,*). Curl couldn't parse the reply sent to the PASS request. 12 FTP weird USER reply.

Examples Example #1 ftp_put() example $file='somefile.txt';

Requested action not taken (e.g., file or directory not found, no access). We are talking about upload here. Logged out if appropriate. 225 Data connection open; no transfer in progress. (Informational) 226 Closing data connection.

Here is server log example Transfer interrupted - using scripting Code: 23:43:09 230 FTP I RECV_BEG FTP_01(22061) [691980] Start receiving ftp file: test.txt 23:43:09 231 FTP I RECV_BEG FTP_01(22061) [691980] Start The given proxy host could not be resolved. 6 Couldn't resolve host. Donate $9 $19 $49 $99 About donations Recommend Tweet WinSCP Privacy Policy WinSCP License 简体中文 正體中文 (繁體) Česky Danish Deutsch English Español (Castellano) Eesti keel Français Hrvatski Magyar Italiano 日本語 한국어 If this fixes the problem, consult your firewall's documentation or support to learn how to allow FTP connections with the firewall turned on.

Stringham Nov 10, 2014 at 9:34 UTC It is important to remember that point...it looks at the store directory like a variable, not a path. Ensure command and parameters were typed correctly. 452 Requested action not taken. Exceeded storage allocation (for current directory or dataset). 553 Requested action not taken. startpos The position in the remote file to start uploading to.