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You're still welcome to contact us for support: Syntax:If you want to print the email and subject fields in the body of your message, you would place the following form tag: Field:print_blank_fields Version:1.6 & Up This prevents someone from using your bandwidth for their feedback/order forms. Skip to Main Content Skip to Navigation Questions?

See Also:Preventing SPAM in FormMail You will need to download theNMS FormMail script. Reply Stephen n/a Points 2015-09-10 5:11 pm Is there a way to import a list into the mailform? Overview FormMail is a universal WWW form to E-mail gateway. am i looking at the right place?

It helps you so that things do not get duplicated. you # are merely stating the obvious. now i'm getting Bad Gateway message for some reason? Anybody has the solution HTTP Error 502.2 - Bad Gateway....

Do you have any suggestions? Problem Solved Mar 18, 2010 03:51 PM|GracedHellBoy|LINK Hi Anil and Badriprasad add the IUSER_Servername user accountwith modify permissions to the cgi-bin folder, that made it to work. :) Cheers Reply jmrathbun Works in the same way as link_color. A properly configured referer line would appear as follows: # @referers allows forms to be located only on servers which are defined # # in this field.

Anyway, try commenting this out: ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/www/cgi-bin/ by adding a # in front of it like this: #ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /var/www/cgi-bin/ Then restart apache. If you do not have this option turned on, then the script will default to a message subject: WWW Form Submission. However it does occur, often because of a typo when editing some of the script variables. Obtain permission before redistributing this software over the Internet or in any other medium.

If you change the AccessFileName directive above, # be sure to make the corresponding changes here. # # Also, folks tend to use names such as .htpasswd for password # files, If you do not have the luxury of a shell, or these commands do not work, other common paths are /usr/local/bin/perl and /bin/perl. Form Configuration The action of your form needs to point towards this script (obviously), and the method must be POST or GET in capital letters. Reply Ed Bingle n/a Points 2014-08-27 2:12 pm I get a confirmation page but do not get email? $DEBUGGING = 1; $emulate_matts_code= 0; $secure = 1; $allow_empty_ref = 1; $max_recipients =

Anybody has the solution Nov 29, 2007 08:43 AM|Badriprasad|LINK Hi everybody, i am on Windows Vista Buisiness. When I try to use it, i get asked if i want to download "" So I tried renaming the script to "FormMail.cgi", and i get this: "NOT FOUND The requested Web.config looks like this: phpinfo();
26-Apr-2007,08:45 PM #5

Syntax:To sort alphabetically: To sort by a set field order: Field:print_config Version:1.5 & Up Description:print_config allows you to specify which of the config I keep receiving the Error 502.2 and I can't figure out why nor I know how to debug it. Once you've found the correct path, simply change the first line of the script to reflect the correct path: #!/usr/local/bin/perl 3. Anil Ruia Software Design Engineer IIS Core Server Reply tironci 13 Posts Re: HTTP Error 502.2 - Bad Gateway....

I put my "" script in there. You are the webmaster of your site and want to allow users to use forms, but not to have their own cgi-bin directories, which can cause security risks to your system. Under certain cases in v1.7, spam could still get through by appending a legit recipient to the list of intended spam victims. -Moved send_email subroutine in front of return_html as many All rights reserved.

This field will not be used if you have the redirect field set, but it is useful if you allow the user to receive the report on the following page, but Will doing the above, allow me to run the perl scripts in "/var/www/html/mysite1/cgi-bin/ or /perl/" ? Below is my config just in case you want to take a look at it. , (, ) or any newlines.

If this is incorrect, form results will not be mailed to you. Web Hosting Business Hosting VPS Hosting Dedicated Servers Enterprise Hosting Solutions Reseller Hosting WordPress Hosting Launch Assist猗 Managed Hosting Domain Names Web Design Services Hosting Features SSD Hosting Shared cPanel Hosting Note that # capitalization actually matters (it should not, but it # does for some browsers). # # See # for a list of sorts. Important!

Anybody has the solution Apr 08, 2008 06:27 PM|vivesfm|LINK Thanks for your support Anilr, I'd like you to know that the same code that shows that this error on event 70 Los encabezados que devolvi贸 son "".

Informaci贸n de error detallada
M贸dulo CgiModule Notificaci贸n ExecuteRequestHandler Controlador CGI-exe C贸digo de error 0xc0000005
Direcci贸n URL solicitada I would be happy if anyone could help me to solve the problem. 26-Apr-2007,07:27 PM #2 crabtree View Profile View Forum Posts Valuable Member Join Date Mar 2004 Posts 2,224 Re: Please Help me with this...

Version1.301/21/96-Much needed update finally completed -Added form fields: env_report, bgcolor, background, link_color, vlink_color, title, text_color, return_link_title, return_link_title, and required. -Security hole, which allowed any user on any system to bum off but that's not advisable. TOUR VISION will review it and respond shorly...END_OF_CONFIRMATION# You may need to uncomment the line below and adjust the path.# use lib './lib'; Logged Lupine1647 Guest Re: - Bad Gateway???? Anil Ruia Software Design Engineer IIS Core Server Reply tironci 13 Posts Re: HTTP Error 502.2 - Bad Gateway....

Please install the apache2-manual package. Options Multiviews ErrorDocument 404 "The document you requested has not been installed on your system. This asks proxy # servers not to cache the document. Error 404 File Not Found This error usually occurs when the path specified in the HTML which calls the script is incorrect. The easiest method to find the what authentcaion?

got any other suggestions? Typical errors include failure to include a closing quotation mark, accidental deletion of the semicolon on a line, and a program line divided by a carriage return. i didn't delete anything. Please install the apache-manual package. # # Customize behaviour based on the browser # # # The following directives modify normal HTTP response behavior to

Nov 05, 2008 07:18 PM|anilr|LINK Use "appcmd list config -section:handlers" to dump your handlers. You can download and get support for our free PHP FormMail (form processor) and other free software. not sure why...