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fop error handling Pecan Gap, Texas

FATAL: a fatal error which causes an exception in the end and FOP will stop processing. Sometimes the original exception gets swallowed by Xalan's default ErrorListener (should be fixed in the latest Xalan release). eXist-3.0.RC1 only supports FOP 1.1. It describes how to use the event subsystem for producing events.

Embedding FOP. Now, Adobe Acrobat may display thin (1 pixel wide) lines inside the border segment or sometimes even between to adjacent colored rectangles making up the background of a block or table Apache FOP:The process 'FOP' ended with code: 1 Error Here should go questions about transforming XML with XSLT and FOP. How do I use FOP in a servlet?¶ See Using FOP in a Servlet. 4.2.

The relevant specification is RFC 2396. Improving FOP to avoid this kind of problem would be possible although rather hard to achieve because we'd need to add a considerable amount of code to combine the various line After some time, FOP will crash with an OutOfMemoryException. How do I use FOP with SVG on headless servers?¶ See FOP: Graphics (Batik). 5.3.

When i brake the large XML in peaces and let the engine generate sperate PDF files, everything is working fine. implement a 2. There are a number of extension points: Provides an event model to the event subsystem. You may have to disable "Use 2D graphics acceleration", too, so you can disable "Smooth line art" in the first place.

For most symbols, it is better to select the symbol font explicitely, for example in order to get the symbol for the mathematical empty set, write: The "#" shows That way, they are automatically detected. Possible issues include security settings on the server, server configuration, and missing cookies or other authorization information. With FOP's event subsystem, we'd like to close this gap again and even go further.

To generate the XSL-FO File, use a XSLT processor like Xalan on the XML+XSL Files. Enabling "Enhance thin lines" may help in some situations. Check the XSL FAQ and the XSL list archive for how to perform these tasks. 3.9. If you have more strict requirements and want FOP to stop if an image is not available, you can do something like the following in the simplest case: public class MyEventListener

Why is the output of Java2D/AWT-based renderers different than, for example, PDF or PS?¶ If you render the same document once to a PNG or TIFF and once into a PDF, Hide this message. All rights reserved. Did you change also other parameters in your DocBook transformation?

out = new FileOutputStream(outputFile); out = new BufferedOutputStream(out); Fop fop = fopFactory.newFop(MimeConstants.MIME_PDF, foUserAgent, out); TransformerFactory factory = TransformerFactory.newInstance(); Transformer transformer = factory.newTransformer(); // identity transformer Source src = new StreamSource(xslFile); // If you don't want to have this blank page, use force-page-count="no-force". 3.3. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. The most recent FOP releases should have this problem fixed.

ApacheCon Europe¶ ApacheCon Europe Hope to see you there! The new implementation uses leader-length.optimum to determine where to break the line, and expands the leader only further if the line should be filled, as indicated by the text-align and text-align-last Apache™ FOP: General questions¶ 1.1. I get a SAXException: Mismatch: page-sequence vs.

What's wrong?¶ This phenomenon is not a bug in FOP, but rather in the dependent packages: Apache Batik, Apache Xalan-J and SAXON. You could just as well instantiate a Map (Map) and fill it with values. How do I add security features (encryption, disable printing) to my PDF document?¶ See PDF Encryption. There may be something (static content) that is obscuring the graphic. (This is very rare). 3.4.

Furthermore the font must be available on the machine where the PDF is viewed or it must have been embedded in the PDF file. javax.xml.transform.TransformerException: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Mismatch: page-sequence ( vs. int ret = reckoningMakeService.txSetPrint(reckoningId); Reckoning reckoning = new Reckoning(); List reckoningAcctList = new ArrayList(); book = bookingService.roGetReserve(reserveNo); reckoning = reckoningDao.getReckoningInfo(reckoningId); reckoningAcctList = reckoningMakeService.roGetCustomerList(reserveNo); if (!(reckoningAcctList.isEmpty())) { BigDecimal amount = new BigDecimal(0); If this doesn't help, check whether still all the jar files mentioned in the classpath in the fop.bat file are in their respective places.

I don't get any more info. Output will be incorrect. Ignored deferred event for {node} ({start,if,start,end}). The example (extracted from the RTF handler's event producer) has message templates for two event methods. The library can be used in servlets and other Java applications. 1.3. The acronym expands to e Xtensible Stylesheet Language. 1.6.

Sometimes also the printer driver interferes, check its settings too. 6.8. I think I have found a bug in FOP. BigDecimal grossAmountRate = new BigDecimal(0); if (tour.getTourAmount().doubleValue() != 0) grossAmountRate = tour.getGrossAmount().divide(tour.getTourAmount()) .multiply(new BigDecimal(100)); tour.setGrossAmountRate(grossAmountRate); costList = tour.getCostList(); } BigDecimal grossAmountAverage = tour.getGrossAmount().divide( new BigDecimal(tour.getPax())); tour.setGrossAmountAverage(grossAmountAverage); if (costList.isEmpty()) { costList.add(new TourCost()); So holding on to these objects may mean that whole object trees cannot be released!

Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Javax: ErrorListener not called when transforming a fo file into a pdf up vote 0 down vote favorite I'm working on a How do I set the baseDir property in a servlet environment?¶ See Setting the Configuration Programmatically. 4.6. So, if the artifacts appear on screen, it doesn't mean they have to appear in print, too. if (param.getName().equals("PRINTPASSPORTEXPIRY")) printPassportExpiry = param.getData(); if (param.getName().equals("PRINTPASSPORTPLA")) printPassportPla = param.getData(); if (param.getName().equals("PRINTPASSPORTANNOTATION")) printPassportAnnotation = param.getData(); } // ??????????

Bug description: In a namespace-enabled Level 3 DOM, an attribute in the default namespace must be set with "null" as the value for the namespace URI. We will show how the event subsystem can be used for various tasks. Find out more about cookies.I understand. If there is none, a central translation file is used, called "EventFormatter.xml" (found in the same directory as the EventFormatter class).

Leaders don't work in current FOP. FOP hangs. This depends heavily on the client installation and should not be relied on except in tightly controlled environments. See next question. 3.10.

I don't know if my interpretation is correct for this but i just want to mention a lot as possible because i don't see any solution myself... The generation of the XML is no problem, even when it's big it works fine. So just run "ant resourcegen" if you receive a MissingResourceException at runtime indicating that "event-model.xml" is missing. if (gotLock) fopLock.unlock(); } // Now that we've released the FOP lock, check if we need to merge a PDF or not.

FOP runs forever, writing lots of ">" to the log.¶ There is something too large to fit into the intended place, usually a large image, a table whose rows are kept ClassNotFoundException, NoSuchMethodException and NoSuchFieldException problems are almost always a problem with the local environment.