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Including the name of the author and date of last modification is also useful. For off page references you should use the page number. As such, the shape is more often referred to as an I/O shape than a Data shape. Business Process Map: In process mapping, this symbol is commonly indicates storage of raw materials.

Connector Block You can also use the off page connector shape shown below. In actual practice, most flowcharts just use the Connect shape for both on-page and off-page references. Multi- Same as Document, except, well, multiple documents. The flow chart symbols described here are based on Visustin, a flow chart generator that converts source code to flow charts.

Card This is the companion to the punched tape flowchart shapes. Manual Manual Operations flowchart shapes show which process Operation steps are not automated. See how to use these basic flowchart symbols instantly. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website.

Other Flowchart Symbols' Meaning Explained The stored data symbol represents data housed on a storage device. The internal storage symbol represents data stored in random-access memory (RAM). An escalation occurs when someone at a higher level of responsibility within the organization becomes involved in a process. The data storage symbol represents the ability to store or access data that’s associated with a business process.

Summing The logical Summing Junction flowchart shape is shows Junction when multiple branches converge into a single process. For example, an inclusive gateway could involve business actions taken based on survey results. This is just a Repeat Until X is equal to 10, but it is so common a structure that some refer to it as the "For Loop." The names are really Jump Unconditional jump to a target outside the current flow graph.

A call activity is a global sub-process that is reused at various points in the business flow. The connector symbol connects separate elements across one page. The same terminal shape is used for the start and end. Inclusive - breaks the process flow into one or more flows.

Other times, there are just multiple names for the same flow chart symbol - such as Terminator and Terminal Point. Decision indicates a point where the outcome of a decision dictates the next step. The preparation symbol differentiates between steps that prepare for work and steps that actually do work. GatewaysGateways are symbols that separate and recombine flows in a BPMN diagram.

The off-page connector (also known as the off-page link) symbol connects separate elements across multiple pages. Escalation - a step reacts on an escalation and flows to another role in the organization. In data processing flowcharts, this data flow shape indicates a looping operation along with a loop limit symbol (which is not supported by Microsoft Office, but a Manual Operation symbol rotated The red chart above on the left does the task and repeats doing the task until the condition is true.

Sequential Access Storage(Magnetic Tape) Although it looks like a 'Q', the symbol is supposed to look like a reel of tape. This event is only used within an event sub-process. Flow Execution flows along the arrows. Parallel event-based - as the name suggests, this gateway is similar to a parallel gateway.

EVENT SYMBOLSEach of these events can be styled to represent the specific details of their process. In the chart above there is a circle with the letter "A" at the bottom left of the chart. Any text you type onto the shape, or information you add to its Shape Data, remains with the shape. Connector Symbol Indicates that the flow continues where a matching symbol (containing the same letter) has been placed.

Data Storage or Stored Data Symbol Indicates a step where data gets stored. About the Flowchart Symbols You might think that an expensive flowchart software package is required to make presentation-quality flowcharts. All the shapes used in this article were created in Microsoft Excel.  About the author Nicholas Hebb Nicholas Hebb is the owner of BreezeTree Software, makers of FlowBreeze Flowchart Software, Connector Block and Off Page Connector To download this chart, click flowchart_off_page_connector.flo.

Multiple Documents Symbol Represents multiple documents in the process. It allows for multiple processes to happen at the same time, but unlike the parallel gateway, processes are event-dependent. When used as a Start symbol, terminators depict a trigger action that sets the process flow into motion. Color Color can be used to emphasize the structure.

Association - shows relationships between artifacts and flow objects. Share Email Flowchart symbols meaning explained byEliza Wright 1965views Introduction to flowchart byJordan Delacruz 41638views Flowchart symbols bygiz82 11028views Chap3 flow charts byamit139 20768views 01 2 Introduction To Flowcharting Swimlanes visually group objects into lanes, with each aspect of the process added to a separate lane. Depending on the answer the control follows either of two paths.