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View 1 Replies Flex :: Using Flash.filesystem.File And Tw.helpers.flv.SimpleFlvWriter? That does compiel fine if I move the style into my mxml file though.I wonder if the compiler uses different source paths when compiling the css fiels or something. Declared properties of a class can not be deleted. A getter function simulates a variable.

Check that the initializer is spelled correctly, and that the initializer value isn't an expression that could result in different possible values at run time. 1048Method cannot be used as a The following code example correctly casts the variable x as the same type: function test() { var x:int = 3; for(var x:int = 33; x < 55; x++) trace(x); for(var x:int The trace(hello()) statement returns this error because it cannot determine which namespace to use. The initializer of a configuration value must be a value known at compile time.

Voransicht des Buches » Was andere dazu sagen-Rezension schreibenEs wurden keine Rezensionen gefunden.Ausgewählte SeitenTitelseiteInhaltsverzeichnisIndexInhaltAcknowledgments Foreword Introduction Source Code Why Flex? David has always had a passion for motion media, the power of video, and the challenges of usability and interactivity. The error can also occur if the class being referenced is not defined in a namespace that is in use or is not defined as public: public class Foo{} If you I think I have the same the guy in the tutorial has, but I am getting an error message.

A reference might be to more than one item. My CMain class is definetly in the classpath, so what the heck is this message talking about? Hope this is some help. You must explicitly call the constructor of the base class with a super() statement if it has 1 or more required arguments.1204/* found without matching */ .

Feb 17, 2010 I am compiling my css files to swf files and loading them at run time. oh and your import statement is wrong. View 2 Replies Actionscript 3 :: Compilation Error: The Name Of Definition 'Main' Does Not Reflect The Location Of This File Apr 25, 2011 I have a movie clip called turret Both are being authored on the same platform, the same software (CS4).I have not messed with any Publish settings, other than that File B is associated with a Document Class.Of interest

I'm on CS4. Looks like my utils.Fader.as file is attached to my .fla file. You need to either import a single class in a package or all using * import L.*; or import L.TestClass; __________________ (6) senocular View Public Profile Visit senocular's homepage! Here's a sampling of the errors:[Code]...

View 1 Replies Similar Posts: ActionScript 3.0 :: 1172: Definition Flash.filesystem:File Could Not Be Found Apr 13, 2010 I get the error 1172: Definition flash.filesystem:File could not be found. The outcome variables are my current way of telling the movie to move on if the file cant be found. Thread Tools Rate Thread Display Modes 05-20-2007, 12:37 AM #1 naytron Registered User Join Date: May 2007 Posts: 7 Error 1172: Definition _ cannot be found Hi I'm trying private namespace rss; private namespace xml; public function ErrorExamples() { use namespace rss; use namespace xml; trace(hello()); } rss function hello():String { return "hola"; } xml function hello():String { return "foo";

Everything marries up in relation to naming conventions, placement of files within folders et c but suddenly now I'm getting all these errors. 1017: The definition of base class TextItemTemplate was Posted in: Articles | Tweet Archive March 2014 December 2013 November 2013 March 2012 May 2011 January 2011 November 2010 August 2010 July 2010 April 2010 February 2010 June 2009 April To fix this one you again need to open the project's properties window, but this time go to "ActionScript Compiler" or "Flex Compiler" and add "--local=" to the additional compiler commands View 2 Replies Actionscript 3 :: The Definition Of Base Class ByteArrayAsset Was Not Found Nov 2, 2011 I'm using FlashDevelop4.0.0 RC1 to create AS3 library project, in which I want

For example, the following files. As a consultant or while employed with other firms, he has worked for a wide range of companies such as American Express, Chase Manhattan, Qwest, Boeing, Macromedia, Adobe, the U.S. Check that you are spelling the namespace correctly and that its definition is imported correctly.1006A super expression can be used only inside class instance methods.1007A super statement can be used only View 6 Replies Flex :: Definition Could Not Be Found Error Compiling ClassReference In CSS File To Swf File?

A class is trying to extend a superclass. I have set the load arrguments -use-network=true and false to no availe. View 3 Replies ActionScript 3.0 :: Syntax Error: 5006 A File Cannot Have More Than One Externally Visible Definition Apr 6, 2011 I am getting a syntax error when I try This error appears only when the compiler is running in strict mode.1190Base class was not found or is not a compile-time constant.1191Interface was not found or is not a compile-time constant.1192The

It's simple really...I've copied the code exactly and followed along exactly as he says in the movie, and for some reason the Tweener will not work. An expression is missing in a part of the code. Feb 21, 2012 import fl.video.*;It gives an error : 1172 Definition fl.video could not be found. I get the following error when I try to do import fl.controls.Label; Definition fl.controls:Label could not be found.I'm pretty new to Flash.

The class implements the same interface more than once. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Jul 27, 2009 I'm getting 1172 Errors "Definition could not be found" for these packages Code:import flash.geom;import fl.lang;[code]..... This is in FlashBuilder 4 build 269271 SDK 13963 View 6 Replies Flex :: Flash - Builder: 1172 Definition Could Not Be Found?

The difference is that the HeaderBackground is a class in the same project as the css file. Find More Posts by senocular 05-20-2007, 01:25 AM #3 naytron Registered User Join Date: May 2007 Posts: 7 Quote: Originally Posted by senocular the class has to be named His interest in computers began in the 1980s, programming sport simulators and beep-music on the ZX Spectrum 48k. Oct 22, 2010 i'm trying to use QuikBox 2D classes.i extracted these classes in my flash folder ,, but when i try to import [url]....it gives error that this definition cannot

To include this folder open the Project menu and select properties, or right click on the project and choose properties. The files and locations on the network have not changed. function g(x:int):int { switch(x) { case 1: return 1; case 2: return 2: } // return 2;//uncomment to remove the error } This checking is enabled only when the function declares Legend Correct Answers - 10 points © 2016 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Peter holds a BS in Computer Science from Syracuse University. View 1 Replies ActionScript 3.0 :: Error 1017: The Definition Of Base Class TextItemTemplate Was Not Found Aug 26, 2009 I am a complete nuff nuff when it comes to AS3 When the keyboard broke from too much Dailey Thompson, Tom upgraded to the Commodore Amiga and continued to create amateur games (but with multi-channel sound) in AMOS, before dabbling in the For some reason I can't use it in the classes in the Library project.

Jan 26, 2009 have some custom external .as packages that worked fine in CS3 and now when I try to compile/test the movie I get the error 1172 Definition {...} not Thanks So when I say import Node1.Node2.Node3.Class1 it actually looks for classpath/Node1/Node2/Node3/Class1.as right? For example, the following use of the trace() function is invalid, because of the missing parentheses (the correct syntax is trace("hello")): trace "hello" 1072Syntax error: expecting xml before namespace. Every possible control flow in a function must return a value whenever the return type is something other than void.

Import seems to be working When I try to use one of my classes in main.mxml, I'm getting the following errors: Severity Description Resource In Folder Location Creation Time Id 2 A function marked override must exactly match the parameter and return type declaration of the function it is overriding. Duplicate definition conflicts. You can not post a blank message.

For example, the following produces this error (there is a condition missing from the if statement: var x = (5 > 2) ? A configuration value must be declared at the top level of a program or package. 1211Namespace %s conflicts with a configuration namespace. You must specify a name for the array, as in the expression function foo(x,...(rest)). 1033Virtual variables are not supported.1034Variables cannot be native.1035Variables cannot be both final and virtual.1037Packages cannot be nested.1038Target Again all went swimmingly.