failure to connect dbexpress error invalid username Hutchins Texas

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failure to connect dbexpress error invalid username Hutchins, Texas

pleas help Adam...Popper Mysql Db Problem in Mysql-generalI'm new to MySQL, so this might be a stupid question/problem, but I can't figure out the answer: I'm trying to install the Popper Please try to use 4.0.x. If somebody can help me please...Connection To Mysql Db in Php-dbI have mysql running on a linux box at my house. Database shutdown error on database connect with different username/password 5.

If peeps with internet access, who can contact the lecturer struggles as much as we about sum dude who is sitting at home without any help...maybe in some rural place. MySQL invalid username/password 6. Maybe you can help me : [emailprotected]..Problem With Inserting User In Mysql Db (did Not Encrypt) in Mysql-generalHi there 00000----00 I made a BIG bobo and have inserted a user into I have a RedHat 6.2 install and want to talk to MySql (latest version) over MyODBC using SSH Can someone please post the answer here?...Mysql Db in Mysql-win32Hello, I downloaded MySQL

Birthdays Create Database...MYSQL DB PROBLEM in Mysql-generalI am trying to insert a table ibf_posts into a localhost database using the MYSQL control center every time i try to insert that one powered by phorum Content reproduced on this site is the property of the respective copyright holders. dbExpress Error: Invalid Username/PasswordAt connection set parameters:Connection Name: localhost (tried with others)Hostname: localhostDatabase: inotecUsername: rootPassword: *****Port: 3306Driver: mySQLNormal connection to mySQL a command:"E:\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\bin\mysql.exe"-h localhost-u root-p ***** inotecIt is fulfilled For MySQL 4 and higher we have to do the old password trick.

Reply Quote Matsobane Re: Invalid Username / Password July 18, 2006 05:46PM IP/Host: Registered: 11 years ago Posts: 4 Rating: 0 I have got all the errors everyone has compalined I want to connect to that box from another machine on my home network but get access errors. dbExpress Error: Invalid Username/Password Username/Password spelled correctly. Still DBX Error: Invalid Username/Password 3.

Publicidade Últimos Tópicos Últimos Tópicos Resolvidos Tópicos melhor avaliados Tópicos Quentes Estatísticas do Fórum 0 Usuários ativos 0 membros, 0 visitantes, 0 membros anônimos Siga o iMasters Siga o iMasters In here change as follows: User_name: root Password: (leave empty) This should fix the dbExpress error: Invalid Username/Password problem. Se você mudar a senha do root vai ter problemas de conexão com seus sistemas/projetos. Log In Create A New Profile Home > 2006 > COS114X > Topic Advanced Invalid Username / Password Posted by Thibo Position: School of Computing Forums > 2006 > COS114X Announcements Last

I cant seem to find any references around... The error is: 1 clients is...Help With Mysql Db Names in Mysql-generalHello, why these db names created fail but the last one gets success? My server is on a separate machine. Exceptions: 1. ...Trouble Connection To MySql Db Via JDBC in Mysql-javaHello, I'm trying to connect to a MySql database via JDBC and am getting a "Connection Refused" exception and I can't

We think mySql should be a good choice. Table / Procedure not found Reply Quote Dougie Re: Invalid Username / Password July 16, 2006 09:04PM IP/Host: 196.211.46.--- Registered: 10 years ago Posts: 23 Rating: 0 Double click the TSQLConnection este é um deles... Others will follow.

And you make Delphi the wrong choice for professional applications. Thank you Uwe Navigate:Previous Message•Next Message Options:Reply•Quote Subject Written By Posted Connecting MySQL from DBDesigner useher 05/23/2005 04:33AM Re: Connecting MySQL from DBDesigner Arturo Meza Perdomo 05/30/2005 05:48AM Re: Connecting MySQL caso o usuario e senha estejam em branco, o componente gera um erro...tente mudar o user e password do sgdb MySQle altere estas propriedades no essas alterações o acesso deverá It has been closed.

Welcome! I cannot reproduce the error. When I call the mysql_connect and mysql_select directly before executing a query...Distributed DB With MySql in Mysql-generalDear All, We are considerring setting up a distributed database for our PC-Linux Cluster. I've been banging my head over this most of the night - I'm changing some ASP code over to PHP (I've seen the light... ;-) and am running into a problem.

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Install a MySQL 5.0 server 2) Create a new application 3) Put a TSQLConnection in it 4) Configure a connection to connect to your server 5) Try I'm using LAMP on Fedora Core 2. Iuse the same root password that I use for the MySQLAdministrator (and it works), however, I keep getting"dbExpress: Invalid Username/password" message. Being a "good little programmer" I've compartmentalized my database connection into one common routine, which I then "require(...)" into each ASP ...No Database Connection Possible (mySQL) in Php-generalHi all, I am

All rights reserved. SQL Error : Error mapping failed. DBExpress + Informix Dynamic Server 9.30 "invalid username/password" 10. o que posso fazer? 0 Voltar para o topo #7 WiCkEd WiCkEd Members 187 posts Postado 30 julho 2004 - 13:27 Tem uma opcão chamada loadparams ou algo assim, não estou

But how to implement a distributed mySQL server within PC cluster. From D2 connect (send username and password ) to Access 9. I tried to compile a LAMP system, but I'm having troubles in making MySQL and Apache+PHP to communicate: I've compiled apache-2.2.0, and, as the title says, mysql-5.0.18 and php-5.1.2. Search Pull it down!Pull it down!

Thanks!...Oozie Mysql Connection in Incubator-oozie-usersHi Oozie community: I am working on getting Oozie working with MySQL; and I have followed the instructions in a previous post:[emailprotected] (I have copied some