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failure/error visit root path Hondo, Texas

Using your ever expanding knowledge to build out this spec by yourself. RUN THAT RSPEC COMMAND And we’re hit with this: Failures: 1) Creating posts can create a post Failure/Error: attach_file('image', "spec/files/images/coffee.jpg") Capybara::ElementNotFound: Unable to find file field "image" Of course it fails, The helper read_fixture is used to read in the content from this file.Here's the content of the invite fixture: Hi [email protected], You have been invited. It wasn't accurate It wasn't clear It wasn't relevant Submit feedback Cancel Have a question about this article?

Failures: 1) Category Specific Page has bar chart Failure/Error: visit root_path Capybara::Poltergeist::TimeoutError: Timed out waiting for response to {"id":"4b39f3c4-0d28-44c1-af01-3cff25804e3d","name":"visit","args":[""]}. Please see ActiveSupport::Testing::TimeHelpers API Documentation for in-depth information about the available time helpers. You’ve 'accidentally' posted a picture of your washboard abs and glutes only to realise your boss follows you on Photogram. I’ll give you hints for the other parts but I want you to refer back to the original post when you run into an error.

ruby-on-rails ruby rspec capybara share|improve this question asked Mar 1 '13 at 0:53 lightswitch05 4,96032455 add a comment| 7 Answers 7 active oldest votes up vote 163 down vote Try to Let’s create a create action in our controller that actually creates a new post! Truth in numbers How to handle a senior developer diva who seems unaware that his skills are obsolete? Error: NoMethodError: undefined method `visit' for # Since Capybara 2.0 one has to use folder spec/features capybara commands don't work in folder spec/requests anymore.

it was a spork issue. Functional and beautiful. class ArticleTest < ActiveSupport::TestCase The ArticleTest class defines a test case because it inherits from ActiveSupport::TestCase. def show @post = Post.find(params[:id]) end RUN ARRRRR SPEC!

That's because in Ruby technically any string may be a method name. assert_response(type, message = nil) Asserts that the response comes with a specific status code. I’m going to specify a max width of the image and validate the attachment as per the docs too. Well we started re-building Instagram in part one.

Did you run the generator? Let’s create a new spec under the existing spec in editing_posts_spec.rb. First the error: $bundle exec rspec spec F Failures: 1) security signs users in Failure/Error: visit "/sessions/new" NoMethodError: undefined method `visit' for # # ./spec/features/security_spec.rb:4:in `(root)' Finished in 0.006 seconds You need an image to post here!" end Using your new-found Rspec powers, write a test for the above pseudo-code.

It highlights visit root_path or visit *_path which is specified in the beforeEach of our suites, but only breaks that once and not again for later tests. With the output of the previous command we should see: invoke test_unit create test/integration/blog_flow_test.rb Now let's open that file and write our first assertion: require 'test_helper' class BlogFlowTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest test Digital Diversity Did Obama call for online "truthiness tests" to "curate" news on the internet? We'll start with a basic workflow of creating a new blog article, to verify that everything is working properly.We'll start by generating our integration test skeleton: $ bin/rails generate integration_test blog_flow

Share this post Twitter Facebook Google+ Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. ArticleTest thus has all the methods available from ActiveSupport::TestCase. The command "rspec spec" runs all test files in your spec folder. flunk( [msg] ) Ensures failure.

Browse other questions tagged ruby-on-rails or ask your own question. Because it’ll mean the error messages that are at the core of Behaviour Driven Development will make more sense to you and therefore mean you can actually fix those errors! But this is a written article too? Guess what?

Re-run rspec in terminal. was the user successfully authenticated? Atlassian Documentation  Log in Confluence Knowledge Base 'java.lang.RuntimeException Error rendering template for decorator root' in a Page Symptoms A stack trace error appears when visiting one or more pages, sometimes We could replace those actions with a single background block that does that exact same thing!

For that matter, even once we click that image and it takes us to the 'show' page for our post, does it contain an 'Edit Post' link? The message parameter allows you to specify a custom error message for assertion failures. It includes some specialized assertions to make your life easier.Creating your own assertions is an advanced topic that we won't cover in this tutorial.2.5 Rails Specific AssertionsRails adds some custom assertions RSPEC RSPEC RSPEC We are faced with this: Failures: 1) Creating posts needs an image to create a post Failure/Error: expect(page).to have_content("Halt, you fiend!

This way any generated tests will be placed in the features directory. –omarshammas Sep 21 '13 at 20:41 add a comment| up vote 5 down vote Try performing all your setup Showing individual posts Although we kind of implemented this feature in our original creating_posts_spec, I want to test it anyway. For example, you can check that the invite friend operation is sending an email appropriately: require 'test_helper' class UserControllerTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest test "invite friend" do assert_difference 'ActionMailer::Base.deliveries.size', +1 do post invite_friend_url, You aren’t reading my articles are you?

It tells you what to do, you just have to interpret the errors! Those actions behave in a very similar way. Let’s stop them from posting first and then we’ll alert them. assert_predicate str, :empty?

def new @post = end AND IT’S RSPEC TIME! Read the next bit of the docs, what does it ask you to do now? In the view_home_page_spec.rb file, we coded: require 'spec_helper' feature "view Homepage" do before(:each) {visit root_path} scenario "user can access homepage" do page.status_code.should eq(200) end end Notice how Capybara syntax has the asked 4 years ago viewed 19814 times active 1 year ago Get the weekly newsletter!

Can I link to a comment? Feedback You're encouraged to help improve the quality of this guide. My CEO wants permanent access to every employee's emails. Even though I know you did a wonderful job, I want to share my version.

We're just defining the parameters we'll accept with the private postparams method. Oh, you’re just checking?