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excel automation error codes Chireno, Texas

So I assume all my coworkers would be able to open it with Safe mode as well. We'll be able to point out any examples in your sample file. - A long shot, is it possible your database connection is timing out? - For other more experienced helpers, see Chip's page for explanation on Module types (the page gets "heavier" the further you read!), everything is relevant down to the "Code Names" section: http://www.cpearson.com/excel/codemods.htm To view your code which Any other ideas?

Could you get around this by saying that you are not "re-installing" it, you are "re-registering" it to fix an error in the existing installation? hth Rob Attached Files automation error.xls‎ (59.5 KB, 105 views) Download Register To Reply 03-11-2010,08:52 AM #8 broro183 View Profile View Forum Posts Forum Expert Join Date 01-03-2006 Location Taranaki, New Before I did the changes with 2007, a month ago I had this issue - after my regular update on the file, the other person tried to open the file but Register To Reply 03-10-2010,04:31 PM #2 JBeaucaire View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage @dministrator Join Date 03-21-2004 Location Bakersfield, CA MS-Off Ver 2010 Posts 31,692 Re: Automation Error in Excel

Terms of Use Privacy Policy Trademarks License Agreements Careers Offices 418,548 Members | 887 Online Join Now login Ask Question Home Questions Articles Browse Topics Latest Top Members FAQ I then realized under VBA-Tools-References that the office 2007 is referencing different files for some of the selections, like Visual Basic For Applications, Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library, etc. I am more than happy to post more details if they'd be useful to help solve this... Let me know what happens.

I've even gone so far as: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() On Error GoTo headache Sheets("Dates").Calculate Exit Sub headache: Exit Sub End Sub and it still shows up. Hi Ange Your previous posts have disappeared from my newsserver, & unfortunately I can't remember what error you got on that line. (It is always good to repeat the relevant information, Turns out it is a custom function that is run when the worksheet recalculates. Go to Start:Run, and type: C:\path_to_excel\Excel.exe /regserver replacing path_to_excel with the appropriate path.

As my googling heads off on a tangent... and/or other countries. I have a VBA macro in an Excel sheet that gives the following error when it loops after a few times, which has me stumped: Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)': Automation error. Any Open event code, if so hold Shift when opening.

The member being invoked interprets string arguments according to the locale ID (LCID), and the LCID is not recognized. There is very similar post on this site here but even it does not have a solution. HTH, TC "TC" wrote in message news:[email protected] If the LCID is not needed to interpret arguments, this error should not be returned. 0x8002000E Likely The number of parameters provided is different from the number of parameters accepted by

At line 'set objXL = createobject ("excel.application")', error #13 "Type Mismatch". (b) dim objXL as Excel.Application set objXL = new excel.application No. Second - and I think that this is probably it - your statement: .Range("Range1").CopyFromRecordset rs is referring to objXL - not to objWkb, or objSht. "Unqualified" dot references do not reference There is nothing more frustrating than trying to help with a problem, but the person stops responding in the middle of the process, so I don't know whether I helped (or Hi again TC, Thanks for all your messages, and sorry for not responding quicker.

Try this on the bad PC(s). The interesting thing is that the file that crashes on my computer was previously opened on 2007 and it crashes on all of co-workers computers, and the file that I didn't Thanks again, Ange. Hi TC, Comments below: Is this correct: - You have the library "Microsoft Excel 9.0 Object Library" selected in Tools:References.

This will cause Excel to rewrite all of its registry keys with their default values, then quit. in 2010 Beta. Yes > > - This code works ok: > dim objXL as object > set objXL = createobject ("excel.application") Yes > > Can you please repeat the following two tests, & This file sharing options were turned off so that's not it.

this fixed my problem. Nothing is missing in that case. –pat2015 May 6 at 19:38 I also kinda completely glazed over the fact that you were going backwards from 2013 to 2003, in Hopefully it works for you too. Private Sub CreateSummary(strFullPath as String) Dim objXL As Excel.Application Dim objWkb As Excel.Workbook Dim objSht As Excel.Worksheet Dim db As DAO.Database Dim rs As DAO.Recordset Dim x As Integer Dim intTotal

Thanks Thursday, August 19, 2010 10:45 PM Reply | Quote 0 Sign in to vote Curiouser and curiouser! And the function is very simple: Function CellHasFormula(c) CellHasFormula = c.HasFormula End Function At this point all others that are reading this with similar problem shouldn't worry about my actual There is no longer the error "Automation error: interface not registered" when using Set objXL = new excel.app which feels like a spectacular breakthrough! Don't apologise - I really appreciate your time...

I've attached the code sample from the offending module; apologies for the incomplete commenting, but that was my next step! So, THANK YOU - I am very grateful! Everything was fine for me and the other 2 ppl using it up until this morning. Continue OrDuh!