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example of pronoun antecedent agreement error Chappell Hill, Texas

They can also watch company videos and read career planning books. 2. All rights reserved. An antecedent is a noun or pronoun to which another noun or pronoun refers. Example of error: March 18, 2004 is a date I will never forget.

The lead did not last though, as Clarke came out with intensity in the second half. Considering the other potential answer choices, "they're" is the contraction of "they are," which would not make sense in the sentence, "it's" is the contraction of "it is," which wouldn't make Using he or she or him or her is technically correct. Just as they finished work for the day, the worker finds his lost green helmet and made his way home happily.

This is mistakenly using the comma to serve as a semicolon or a conjunction. Be aware that the traditional use of he (or his) to refer to persons of either sex is now considered sexist."(Diana Hacker, The Bedford Handbook, 6th ed. To win the most important race of her career, she had almost killed herself. Prepositional Phrases: In the early stages of the race, Todd held the lead.

Here's how to fix it. Can you believe it? Use the closer of the two antecedents to determine if you need a singular or plural pronoun. Correct answer: Most men who go to sporting events find them an enjoyable diversion.

When the emphasis is on the group as a unit, use a singular pronoun. Pronoun/antecedent disagreement. We at Grammar Bytes! Because the he or she construction is wordy, often the second or third revision strategy is more effective.

The Vikings' home schedule The day's end Grand View's student population 5. Martin's, 2002)"After food, everyone took his or her drink and went to the conference room."(Remi Oyedola, Love From Hate, 2010)"Gender-neutral singular pronouns. . . . Rule two is to use a semicolon to separate main clauses related by a conjunctive adverb (consequently, moreover, therefore, indeed, however, otherwise, still, then, thus, etc.) Hamburgers are popular everywhere; however, Look what happens: When Grandpa begins boiling liver, the family quickly find other plans for their dinner.

Each and every are singular and can strong-arm an otherwise plural antecedent to become singular as well. Instead, professional writers might revise the sentence so that a pronoun is unnecessary. Army reserve lecturer in communication. Because all Mac disks are relatively inexpensive, the information in the underlined clause is not necessary to convey the entire meaning of the main clause.

Most men who go to sporting events find it to be an enjoyable diversion. He substitutes for Larry, and it substitutes for ball. A number of is plural. Pronouns and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement For definitions of the various kinds of pronouns and but also.

Be sure what follows the coordinating adverb is a main clause. This arrangement is between Fred and him. In addition to helping the environment, renewable resources—such as solar power and hydroelectricity—may also provide an economic benefit, as it may reduce our dependence on foreign oil. When you have a sentence in which the pronoun’s antecedent is not clear, your reader will likely be confused about the sentence’s intended meaning.

Possible Answers: the person that has most significantly transformed the world through his or her charitable actions or scientific discoveries. Send your complaint to our designated agent at: Charles Cohn Varsity Tutors LLC 101 S. You can correct this in one of two ways: either make both the pronoun and antecedent singular, or make both the pronoun and antecedent plural. Compound subjects joined by and always take a plural referent.

Thomson Wadsworth, 2008)The family took its name from the nearby village of Woolcott.The royal family took their places in the carriage.Correcting Errors in Person"Because nouns are almost always in the third Then you can use a natural-sounding plural pronoun. Reasoning: This sentence contains an antecedent (everyone) and a pronoun (their). One of the answer choices reproduces the underlined portion as it is written in the sentence.

Notice that it is clear what the antecedent is for each of the pronouns: her (the student), she (the student), it (the paper). EXAMPLES: 7. The committee decided to spend its budget surplus on yo-yos for the officers. Some uses are parenthetical or part of the sentence and do not need a semicolon.

Read a piece of professional writing—an essay, a movie or book review, an opinion piece in the newspaper—and you'll notice that real writers, those folks who engage audiences that number in Report an Error Example Question #2 : Correcting Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Errors Replace the underlined portion with the answer choice that results in a sentence that is clear, precise, and meets Correct answer: for the rest of his or her life.