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error wrong video player Alamo, Texas

Try disabling JQuery under Components => Yendif Video Share => Global Configuration.   If still the issue remains, contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. Wait a few moments for output to complete, and click the "Save" button at the bottom. Yes No Submit No Comment By clicking Submit, you accept the Adobe Terms of Use. Play the video in a different browser If the video plays back in one browser, such as Firefox, but not in another, such as Internet Explorer,there may be an issue with

Playback issues on Android devices If you receive the following message on an Android device: "This video is not optimized for mobile" This is an indication that your device does not This Video Player does not support Windows Media Player 6.4. modem / ISDN) connection. To download the newest version of Netscape, click here. [Back to top] 4.

To be able to hear the audio on videos, you must have a working sound card and your computer speakers turned on with the volume set at an appropriate level. Can I skip this streaming media advertisement? You can check player geo-restriction in the Publishing module and video geo-restriction in the Media module. Hit the ESC key. [Back to top] 11.

If you are using Windows, try updating your driver. How can I fix this? If this doesn't resolve your issue, move on to step 2. Please check back soon.

Check if you can see an HTML5 video See the following videos in an HTML5 supported browser. The Video You Are Trying To Watch Cannot Be Viewed From Your Current Country or Location. Either upload your page to a webserver or run a local webserver to circumvent this. After your case is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from Brightcove Support.

What do you recommend for me to view video? Should be using "FitVids" plugin for responsive video. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. anything above some 500kbps), you should consider re-encoding your videos into a format that is more web friendly.

For more information and to download codecs,click here. [Back to top] 14. The Video stutters when it plays. See Crossdomain File Loading for more info. To download the newest Window Media Player,click here. [Back to top] 6.

The solution is to disable UDP in Media Player. This probably means your playlist did not contain media in one of the 9 Supported Media Formats. If the video plays back on the standalone page, this indicates that there may be other custom code on your site that is interfering with the player. For example, make sure the object tags for each player on the page have a unique ID attribute, because otherwise Internet Explorer will not understand how to read the player properly.

Q: What are some features of the DIRECTV XTRA package? After the player SWF has been requested, something prevents that SWF from fully loading in the web page. Full Answer > Filed Under: Television & Video Q: Why does a DVD playing in black and white on a TV? How Do I Publish My First Video?

In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, click Save All Information to save the diagnostic report to a file named "DxDiag.txt". Finally, you may be experiencing problems due to bandwidth congestion. How can I fix this? Full Answer When this error occurs, pull the disc out of the player and look at the underside for smudges and fingerprints.

If these are present, using a soft cloth to gently remove them generally solves the problem. For specifics on setting renditions for iOS devices, see Encoding for Mobile Delivery. The solution is to re-encode your video file again with the suitable codec(H264).   We recommend using HandBrake to encode your H.264 videos. MP4 video seeking is not working If your MP4 files cannot be seeked before they are completely downloaded, you will have to move your MP4 metadata from the end to the

Playback issues with Internet Explorer Problems with players not loading or not being visible in Internet Explorer are usually caused by the following: Entities other than in the object tag To prevent this, you should review and adjust your transcode settings as necessary. Make sure the player exists and that the player is activated. cable, DSL, T1/LAN connection), your computer can receive streaming video at a higher speed than a user with low bandwidth (i.e.

Having duplicate IDs would also cause problems using the player API in any browser. Please visit the Adobe site to update your Flash player. A green line splits the player in two. What speed does the video play at?

More >> What do you recommend for me to view video? Q: Do I need an HDMI cable to connect a DVD player to a new LCD television? Or we highly recommend that you upgrade your browser to Netscape 7.1, as it comes with Window Media plugin and will allow you to view video on this site. The videos that you are watching are sent, or streamed, to your computer over the Internet.

If you see this happening, we recommend that you upgrade to Windows Media Player 9. The first one is easily solved by setting the width and height of your player to match your video aspect ratio. Follow the instructions below to provide your video adapter driver information. An example of our core skin can be seen below: If you are indeed seeing a player that appears here, please check and confirm that your skins are referenced and loading

The video displays like a slide show. This means the configuration parameters needed to create the player are not visible to JavaScript. For slow connections, use multi-bitrate renditions to make sure you have low bit rate renditions of each of your videos. How can I fix this?

All devices are not created equal and some may not support higher bit rate files and/or higher h.264 video profiles. Do I need cookies enabled to use the Video Player? JW Player Browse our products, company, resources, and pricing Dashboard Content, players, analytics, and account management Developer Join the community, demos, references, dev guides, and tools.