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Jan 22 14:59:23 schostname Domain-A.SC: Using default hang-policy (RESET). security-password Firmware security password (never displayed). example# eeprom selftest-#megs selftest-#megs=1 example# eeprom selftest-#megs=2 example# eeprom selftest-#megs selftest-#megs=2 Example 2: Setting the auto-boot? ok While the workstation is in the Safe NVRAM mode, some of the NVRAM configuration parameters are reset to their default values.

Last Modified: May 31, 2016 Helpful? The diagnostic-related information is provided in the Status column for a component. If true, run in diagnostic mode. The fault may reside in a subset of the components identified.

To configure security mode: 1. Thank you in advance. If you are obtaining the ok prompt to view or change NVRAM configurations, see Changing NVRAM Configuration Parameter Values. 10.2 Changing NVRAM Configuration Parameter Values The NVRAM configuration parameter values set In this example, a single FRU is responsible for the hardware error.

APAR status Closed as canceled. Defaults to true. FIGURE 7-1 Auto Diagnosis and Domain Recovery Process The following summary describes the process shown in FIGURE 7-1: 1. Now you can begin rebuilding the UNIX environment. - from TSO ready or ISPF option 6, issue: MOUNT FILESYSTEM('your root dsname') TYPE(HFS) MOUNTPOINT('/') This will mount the root at / in

If you set the value to less than three minutes, the system controller uses three minutes (the default value) as the timeout period. Use of the HFS MONITOR is recommended. Degraded status indicates that certain components on the boards have failed or are disabled, but there are still usable parts on the board. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

By the time the USB keyboard driver is loaded, the interval to use the Stop-N key sequence has expired. For information on how to back up the system configuration information stored in the NVRAM, see "System Controller Configuration Backups" on page24. Because x86 based systems typically implement password pro- tection in the system BIOS, there is no support for password protection in the eeprom program. Once the error flag is reset, all file system functions will work properly again.

false false To change a parameter value, use the setenv command. The facility level identifies where the log messages originate, either the platform or a domain. sb200 View Public Profile Find all posts by sb200 #4 05-22-2012 beta17 Registered User Join Date: Jun 2011 Last Activity: 30 August 2013, 9:14 AM EDT Location: Lugano Initiating automatic restoration for this domain.

The server can be administered through just the serial port, but you can set up the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet port as the primary interface to the SC. Specify true to invoke OpenBoot PROM's sync word after a software-initiated reset (SIR) trap. Each line of the loghost output contains a timestamp, a syslog ID number, and the facility level that identifies the platform or a domain where the log message originated. Recommended-Action: Service action required - Instructs the platform or domain administrator to contact their service provider for further service action.

The AD engine provides one of the following diagnosis results, depending on the hardware error and the components involved: Identifies a single FRU that is responsible for the error. A `-' (hyphen) flag specifies that parameters and values are to be read from the standard input (one parameter or parameter=value per line). network-boot-arguments can be used to specify the boot protocol (RARP/DHCP) to be used and a range of system knowledge to be used in the process. Set the security mode to full or command: ok setenv security-mode full security-mode = full ok 4.

To issue the Stop-A key sequence for the Sun Ultra 45 or Ultra 25 workstation, press both the Stop and A keys (Stop-A) immediately after powering on the workstation. error-reset-recovery=boot error-reset-recovery=sync Remove advertisements Sponsored Links sb200 View Public Profile Find all posts by sb200 #2 05-21-2012 juan.brein Registered User Join Date: Apr 2012 Last Activity: 30 May FILES /dev/openprom Device file /usr/platform/platform-name/sbin/eeprom Platform-specific version of eeprom. screen-#columns Number of on-screen columns (characters/line).

Automatic Recovery of Hung Domains The system controller automatically monitors domains for hangs when either of the following occurs: A domain heartbeat stops within a designated timeout period. auto-boot-on-error? error-reset-recovery=boot -> boot without generating an automated crashdump file error-reset-recovery=sync -> boot and generate an automated crashdump file error-reset-recovery=none -> no boot, wait for manual intervention Remove advertisements Sponsored Links beta17 Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products.

What file systems are mounted (and where?): - issue 'D OMVS,F' from the console to display all mounted file systems. There are a number of reserve pages that are dedicated to metadata. On older Android versions the automatic backup/restore was not very reliable, but there are some 3rd-party apps in the Market that can help depending on what exactly your goal is. Defaults to true.

Changes made to the variables typically survive power cycling and if not configured properly, might have an adverse affect. ansi-terminal? true true boot-command boot boot diag-file diag-device net net boot-file boot-device disk net disk net use-nvramrc? This allows system state data to be preserved if console data is being logged.

boot-device may contain 0 or more device specifiers separated by spaces. error-reset-recovery Recover after an error reset trap. Defaults to false on most desktop systems, true on most servers. System Controller detects domain hardware error and pauses the domain. 2.

max-panic-diag-limit (The same list of values as diag-level. CODE EXAMPLE 7-4 shows a domain diagnosis event message for a non-fatal domain error.