error-page web.xml not working in weblogic Aquilla Texas

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error-page web.xml not working in weblogic Aquilla, Texas

Cause The servlet element should contain either servlet-class or jsp-file. posted 14 years ago Just check out this link In the table listed below the section "How WebLogic Server Resolves HTTP Requests" there is a case where 404 occurs and Redeploying a Web Application Use one of the following three procedures to redeploy a Web Application: Use the Administration Console: Select the Web Application node. The server tries to squelch these socket reset exceptions if possible, because socket exception is a very common occurrence.

Description Cannot deploy newctx from newroot on webserver, because there is already a Web application named origctx loaded from origroot, using the context path contextPath. For more information, see security-role-assignment. Description [ctx] Error occurred while instantiating servlet: "name". The following table describes the reserved context parameters used by the Web application container, which have been deprecated and have replacements in weblogic.xml..

The class must implement javax.servlet.Filter. Description Failed to undeploy security policy for resource: resource while undeploying Web application. If the oranges Web Application is packaged in an Enterprise Application, you can specify a value for the as shown in the following example: oranges.warfruit You would then use the Cause The web.xml file is not in strict conformance to the DTD.

Action Message not in use. Customizing HTTP Error Responses You can configure WebLogic Server to respond with your own custom Web pages or other HTTP resources when particular HTTP errors or Java exceptions occur, instead of BEA-101222 Error: ctx: You are not allowed to unregister the default servlet. Description app:module Activating the Web application module.

Cause User defined class does not implement the javax.servlet.Filter interface. If set to -1, WebLogic Server does not check to see if the classes have been modified. Common Properties You can configure the number of sessions that are held in memory by setting the following attributes in the WebLogic-specific deployment descriptor, weblogic.xml. An empty session uses less than 100 bytes, but grows as data is added to it.

Action Informationaly message for debugging only. These parameters define the following functionality: Options for the JSP compiler. Action Review the stack trace to try to understand the cause of the error. Description Problem occurred while dispatching servlet request.

Cause The error-page you configured in web.xml could not be served. Please check the DTD for the syntax. Action Check the exception for the exact cause. Invoking start().

Rahul Mahindrakar Ranch Hand Posts: 1869 posted 14 years ago so is this a bug in weblogic or are we not doing the right thing. When you use any type of authentication, all Web Applications that use the same cookie name use a single sign-on for authentication. The following table describes the elements you can define within a security-role-ref element. The first entry, under the element, defines a name for the servlet and specifies the compiled class that executes the servlet. (Or, instead of specifying a servlet class, you can

So in ur case since ur searching for index1.jsp in some web app say wc then give this URL http://localhost:7100/wc/index1.jsp [ September 09, 2002: Message edited by: Pradeep Bhat ] Groovy This was not the case. ejb-local-ref The ejb-local-ref element is used for the declaration of a reference to an enterprise bean's local home. The syntax to the right of # is the particular EJB being referenced in that module.

If you set the secureProxy parameter to ON (see the secureProxy entry) The HTTPS port uses SSL between the WebLogic Server running HttpClusterServlet and the WebLogic Servers in the cluster. A change in classes or JAR files must have triggered this. The EJB being referenced exports a name to the global JNDI tree in its weblogic-ejb-jar.xml deployment descriptor. For more information, see: Using Custom WebLogic JSP Tags in Programming WebLogic JSP.

Dispatching to default HTTP server. Action No action required. For instructions on making deployment descriptor entries, see Map external resources. BEA-101002 Error: [context] Could not deserialize the context attribute.

Browse other questions tagged apache2 weblogic-10.x custom-error-pages or ask your own question. Cause Unable to load the descriptor for the Web application with the name given. This default servlet can be a servlet that you specify, or, if you do not specify a default servlet, WebLogic Server uses an internal servlet called the FileServlet as the default Each method has its own set of properties as shown below.

Serving the default error page. Cause The listener failed while processing the event fired by the container. The basic thing was that when I did not have a resource on my server lets say abc.jsp I wanted this file error.html to turn up. Also check the stack trace for the exact cause.

Element Required/Optional Description weblogic.httpd.
clientCertProxy optional This attribute specifies that certifications from clients of the Web application are provided in the special WL-Proxy-Client-Cert header sent by a proxy plug-in or HttpClusterServlet. Cause The Web application received an update call with a list of modified files. Description Web application: ctx is currently unavailable. The expected type of the referenced enterprise bean The expected local home and local interfaces of the referenced enterprise bean Optional ejb-link information, used to specify the referenced enterprise bean The

If you are using an Oracle DBMS, you can use the following SQL statement to create the wl_servlet_sessions table: create table wl_servlet_sessions ( wl_id VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULL, wl_context_path VARCHAR2(100) NOT NULL, Description app:module preparing the Web application module for deploymemt. Description [ctx] Exception occurred while flushing HTTP log file. Description HTTP services are disabled.

http://host:port/naval does not matter Servlet mapped with of /naval in the oranges Web Application and oranges is defined as the default Web Application.