factors affecting the rate of enzyme activity sources of error Gadsden Tennessee

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factors affecting the rate of enzyme activity sources of error Gadsden, Tennessee

What if something goes wrong? Hydrogen peroxide also forms when white blood cells break down and kill bacteria in the body. This meant, the more copper (II) sulphate was added the lower the rate of reaction would be. FREE Ask an Expert Need some help with a question?

Give it up baby, you're already seventeen Sounds like a kid to me  I don't know what the fuck you mean. FREE Marking Our Free Marking Service will help you pick out the areas of your work that need improvement. The expected graph is shown below: [IMAGE] My predictions are based on the following science knowledge: The more substrate molecules there are available, the more often one will bump into the One other suggestion would be to carry out the experiments to the full potential.

Each professional answer comes with appropriate references. Related Searches Catalase Reaction Substrate Concentration Amino Acids Molecule Background Information Conclusion: My hypotheses proved to be half wrong, half right. Enzymes can catalyze both anabolic and catabolic reactions within an organism.

Also, the hydrogen peroxide solution and water might leave inside the syringe when I started the next dilution. T. N.p., n.d. For many processes the filter paper disc, which was dipped in the potato juice, did not always sink to the bottom of the test tube.

Nevertheless, there were still some errors that would have affected the experimental results. -Anomalous results From the line of best fit on graph 4, it is clear that points of 80% By using a 10 cm3 syringe and a 1 cm3 syringe, correct concentrations of hydrogen peroxide were mixed up and were placed into 5 beakers separately. Even with the help of forceps and plastic pipettes, which were used to aid the filter paper disc to the bottom of the test tube, the filter paper disc did not The experiment is basically the same except the concentration of H2O2 is zero and only distilled water is added into the enzyme solution. -Factors that must be keep constant to make

They accomplish this by binding to the reacting molecules, called the substrate, which forms an enzyme-substrate complex. The dependent variable is the volume of oxygen gas released over a same period of time. Fair Use Policy Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy Cookies Complaints UKessays Fair Use Policy Notifications Live chat –Close There are currently no live chat operators available. I had chosen a 10-second time interval to record the results and I recorded the results within 360 seconds.

Maybe I should make the time limit longer in order to show the level off of the volume of oxygen gas prodused. Remember, enzymes are not consumed by the reaction! This indicates the errors were made in the experiment. Enzyme concentration The enzyme concentration has to be kept constant because if more enzymes are present, more active sites will be available for the substrate to combine with it.

All answers are researched and written by fully qualified academics in the question's subject area. Oxygen gas will be collected from the reaction. Our service is completely confidential, only the answer is published - we never publish your personal details. N.p., n.d.

This is because this inhibitor stalls the reaction time because there are less reactions taking place at that moment in time, due to the fact that the active sites are blocked These errors were not human errors, which were tried to be reduced to the minimal if not none. Using four flasks, four separate temperatures will be gauged with a constant amount of amylase (.5 mL) at simultaneous time intervals (one minute, and then every 2 minute interval until the Perfect paper formattingfrom cover pageto Bibliography – FREE!

Web. 1 Mar. 2010. . "catalase: Definition from Answers.com." Answers.com: Wiki Q&A combined with free online dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedias. Their hydrophilic side-chains on the outside of the molecule make them soluble in water. Therefore, the the water level will decrease more quickly in Part B than in Part A. To the human eyes the amount in the test tube might look the same but in reality the amount might vary.

This might decrease the number of substrate molecule in the solution and affect the oxygen gas produced. - The bung might not fit in the conical flask perfectly; some oxygen gas Also, the differences between them are the same. When added, the copper (II) sulphate attached itself to the active site of the catalase molecules, causing the rate of reaction to decrease. It does not appear to hold true that both temperature extremes slowed the rate of hydrolysis in my experiment, since the high extreme, 80, was the fastest by far.

I varied the concentration of substrate by diluting the hydrogen peroxide solution into 5 different concentrations (20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%). It is present in potato, apple and liver. That means the rate of reaction increases with the substrate concentration. All active sites were engaged and the substrate molecules had to ‘queue up’ for an active site.

Anything above or below the optimal pH level the enzyme will denature. Catalysts naturally, lower the activation energy required for reactions. Web. 1 Mar. 2010. . "Catalase - An Extraordinary Enzyme." Catalase Home Page (Index page for http://www.catalase.com). They are 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% and 0% which acts as a control.

It can break down hydrogen peroxide at a rate of 107 molecules per second. The copper (II) sulphate was meant to block the active site, which it did successfully, hence the decrease in the rate of reaction. This reaction does occur naturally without catalase, but it occurs very slowly. The rate of reaction did not increase obviously and further increase in the substrate concentration had little effect on the rate of reaction.

Another miniature lab would have been helpful if done, because then the factors and the affects these factors had on the rate of reactions could have been compared for a better Firstly, I used liver as the source of enzyme Liver : water = 1:4 I added 0.5cm3 of liver extract into 10cm3 of different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solution. T. The contents of this Web Site, such as text, graphics, images, audio, video and all other material ("Material"), are protected by copyright under both United States and foreign laws.

Suggesting a general trend to providing optimal conditions may hold here, but because all enzymes have an optimal value for performance, the likely scenario is that I simply have not hit The more the active sites there were, the more substrates were being reacted at the same time, therefore decreasing the time it took to fully react with all the substrate molecules. All rights reserved. Even though the volume of the catalase and the hydrogen peroxide were measured out precisely, the measurements that were made using a ruler were not.

It is also very hard to maintain different range of temperature. They combine to from an enzyme-substrate complex and the enzyme can start its work. T. The hypothesis was proven to be true as well.

They rely heavily on their tertiary shape to function correctly – denaturation (via structural change, which could likely occur through factors taken to extremes, some of which we will be testing) However, at one point (the point of saturation, which wasn't achieved in this lab) the rate of reaction would be constant. UKessays Fair Use Policy Notifications Live chat –Close There are currently no live chat operators available. Historical Avg Flask 1 – 20% 1 1 2.9 Flask 2 – 4% 4 4 3.9 Flask 3 - .8% - - 1 Flask 4 – .16% - - 4 Analysis: