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format error mkfs.ocfs2 1.2.7 Plum Branch, South Carolina

With a 4KB block size this amounts to a 16TB file system. Check Permissions on New OCFS2 Filesystem Use the ls command to check ownership. Specify the same start cylinder and a greater end cylinder that the existing one. This section walks through the steps responsible for mounting the new OCFS2 file system each time the machine(s) are booted using its label.

ocfs2.ko ocfs2_dlm.ko ocfs2_dlmfs.ko ocfs2_nodemanager.ko configfs.ko (only Enterprise Linux 4, shipped in 5) debugfs.ko (only Enterprise Linux 4, shipped in 5) What tools are installed with ocfs2-tools 1.2? Oracle SYSAUX out of control. VIP failed - Ignore - see Checking the Network Setup with CVU 4.24 ASM package install - Done Install the 3 ASM packages on both servers using the following command: [[email protected] N2 Public Network Loss of Public network Pull PUBLIC port cable from RAC01 NO CRASHRAC moved database connections from node 1 to Node 2 N3 Private Network Loss of Private network

Start mounting volumes only after the timeouts have been set on all nodes. # service o2cb configure Configuring the O2CB driver. [email protected]:~# dmesg | tail ocfs2_dlm: Nodes in domain ("B6DE7123640A47FFA77A6C5F33A9302A"): 1 (25796,3):ocfs2_initialize_super:1367 ERROR: couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features (10). (25796,3):ocfs2_fill_super:568 ERROR: status = -22 ocfs2: Unmounting device (147,0) on (node Open a database without the undo tablespace. The permissions should be set to 0775 with owner "oracle" and group "oinstall".

The fs uses this feature to auto remount ro when encountering on-disk corruptions (instead of panic-ing). I need help on fixing this issue, Im sorry about sending this long email, but I'll try to give as much information as possible. This difference is temporary in nature as in the next release of OCFS2 (1.2.7), the same timeouts will be made defaults for both EL4 and EL5. Netezza Software Support Tools Netezza History Database Timezone.

Format the volume. If, however, you did not disable SELinux during the installation phase, you can use the tool system-config-securitylevel to disable SELinux. Executing Rule: ORACLE_HOME valid? - completed successfully. While this does not affect most uses of the filesystem, as one variably changes the file size during write, the one usage where this is most commonly experienced is with Oracle

Raw devices in 12c no longer supported Lenovo S500 Laptop, dark screen and brightness not working. Executing Rule: JAVA_HOME unset? - completed successfully. The default is 12 secs (O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD = 7). No.

The o2net handshake protocol ensures that all the timeout values for both the nodes are consistent and fails if any value differs. It does this by waiting two iterations longer than the number of iterations needed to consider a node dead (see the Heartbeat section of this FAQ). CAT Error: File system /nz usage exceeded 95 threshold on rack1.host1 System will be stopped Hex2Dec in Python. See this page for more information on OCFS2 (including Installation Notes) for Linux.

root at apolo1:~# root at apolo1:~# dmesg | tail drbd0: Connection closed drbd0: Writing meta data super block now. From the ocfs2console utility, use the menu [Tasks] - [Format]. NuoDB Domains. Enterprise Linux 4: Module 1.2.5-2, tools package 1.2.4-1.

Earlier in this document, we created the directory /u02 under the section Create Mount Point for OCFS2 / Clusterware which will be used as the mount point for the OCFS2 cluster Find the version of OCFS. # cat /proc/fs/ocfs2/version OCFS2 1.2.1 Fri Apr 21 13:51:24 PDT 2006 (build bd2f25ba0af9677db3572e3ccd92f739) Configure auto-reboot after a panic. mkfs.ocfs2 fsck.ocfs2 tunefs.ocfs2 debugfs.ocfs2 mount.ocfs2 mounted.ocfs2 ocfs2cdsl ocfs2_hb_ctl o2cb_ctl o2cb - init service to start/stop the cluster ocfs2 - init service to mount/umount ocfs2 volumes ocfs2console - installed with the console O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD=31 # O2CB_IDLE_TIMEOUT_MS: Time in ms before a network connection is considered dead.

It does this to allow the heartbeat to stabilize. DRBD is configured and tested, im able to mount the devicewith the rolePrimary/Primary with no trouble. Package existence check passed for "binutils-″. Yes, current software addresses block numbers with 32 bits.

Skip to content What is NuoDB ? Propogating this to other nodes will not be sufficient. fi fi log_end $rc "${TEST}" epilogue $rc done ##### Test -U uuid for uuid in 2A4D1C581FAA42A1A41D26EFC90C1315 2a4d1c58-1faa-42a1-a41d-26efc90c1315 do TEST="Test ${TESTNUM}: -U ${uuid}" log_start "${TEST}" OUTLOG=${LOGDIR}/mkfs_test_${TESTNUM}.out # format ${MKFS_BIN} -x -M local Release : 1 Build Date: Thu 02 Jun 2005 23:21:38 BST Install Date: Tue 12 Feb 2008 14:00:36 GMT Build Host: Group : none Source RPM: cvuqdisk-1.0.1-1.src.rpm Size : 4168

Executing Rule: ulimits OK? - completed successfully. Novell is shipping two SLES9 releases, viz., SP2 and SP3. There are two types of files, global and local. Check whether the node name in the cluster.conf matches the hostname exactly.

Why do some files have numbers at the end? Enable ftp on Netezza Disable History Configuration. Install OCFS2 In previous editions of this article, this would be the time where you would need to download the OCFS2 software from Check 'dmesg' for more information on this error.

The timeouts used during release testing were as follows: O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD = 31 O2CB_IDLE_TIMEOUT_MS = 30000 O2CB_KEEPALIVE_DELAY_MS = 2000 O2CB_RECONNECT_DELAY_MS = 2000 The default cluster timeouts in OCFS2 1.2.6 for EL5 have Enter value for < Planned ORACLE_HOME location or if set > (Hit return for [$ORACLE_HOME]) : - completed successfully. Node connectivity check passed for subnet "″ with node(s) rac02. Do the same on all nodes.

It takes around 5 secs for a volume to mount. The OCFS2 software stack includes the following packages: 32-bit (x86) Installations OCFS2 Kernel Driver ocfs2-x.x.x-x.el5-x.x.x-x.el5.i686.rpm - (for default kernel) ocfs2-x.x.x-x.el5PAE-x.x.x-x.el5.i686.rpm - (for PAE kernel) ocfs2-x.x.x-x.el5xen-x.x.x-x.el5.i686.rpm - (for xen kernel) OCFS2 Tools The current values will be shown in brackets (‘[]‘). Please, could you take a look at this and point me the actionsI have to taketo solve this trouble?

Checking node connectivity… WARNING: Make sure IP address "″ is up and is a valid IP address on node "rac01″. OCR/Voting disk volumes were accessible by rac02 server After restart oracle lost 2 volumes - /devmapper/mpath1 &  /devmapper/mpath3 [[email protected] ~]# mount -t ocfs2 -o datavolume,nointr /dev/mapper/mpath1 /u02/vote2 mount.ocfs2: Device name specified Restoring an oracle database, very basic. Also note that I specified a label named "oracrsfiles" which will be referred to when mounting or un-mounting the volume: $ su -# mkfs.ocfs2 -b 4K -C 32K -N 4 -L

Check 'dmesg' for more information on this error. > > dmesg says: > (409,3):o2hb_check_slot:881 ERROR: Node 0 on device sda1 has a dead > count of 92000 ms, but our count O2CB_BOOTCLUSTER=mycluster # O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD: Iterations before a node is considered dead. For 120 secs, set it to 61. Suitable interfaces for the private interconnect on subnet "″: rac02 eth2: rac01 eth2: ERROR: Could not find a suitable set of interfaces for VIPs.

Executing Rule: Swap (in Mb) - completed successfully. O2CB_BOOTCLUSTER=cldisk # O2CB_HEARTBEAT_THRESHOLD: Iterations before a node is considered dead. Port for Netezza Netezza and updates. Executing Rule: Umask set to 022? - completed successfully.