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ford error codes p0171 Pinopolis, South Carolina

Suspension: Purpose is to provide stability and handling while also providing comfort to the ride. I've Done all of the Tests and I Still Have Codes P0171, P0174. This causes the MAF sensor to under report airflow, which in turn misleads the powertrain control module (PCM) so it doesn't add enough fuel to maintain a properly balanced air/fuel ratio. Ideally, the Long Term Fuel Trim should be close to 1 to 2 percent.

The cause of the P0401 code in most cases turns out to be a bad DPFE sensor, not an EGR valve problem or an EGR valve that is plugged up with If the lean codes keep coming back, the MAF sensor may have to be replaced if the engine does not have a vacuum leak or fuel delivery problem. Although you can apply this info to any Ford vehicle with a V6 or V8, this info concentrates on the Ford 4.6L and 5.4L V8 engines. The freeze frame data reads like this: P0171 fuel sys 1 CL LOAD PCT 82.35 ECT ('F) 338.00 SHRTFT1 24.21 LONGFT1 42.96 MAP (inHg) 23.92 RPM 2030 VSS mph 40.36 IAT

When is the code detected?- Fuel injection system does not operate properly.- The amount of mixture ratio compensation is too small. (The mixture ratio is too lean.) Possible symptoms- Engine Light TSTseminars 57,617 views 54:06 Ford Explorer 4.0L V6 SOHC P0171 P0174 Lean Codes- Common Cause - Duration: 7:15. The automobile consist of:Powertrrain1. IF the vehicle is driven long enough, typically both codes will be set.

Tech notes If the P0171 is combined with the P0174 code, it's very likely that the problem is caused by an intake leak. When the air ratio goes below 14.7 parts, this is called a "rich" mixture. Consists of shocks, struts, sway bars, end links, springs, trailing arms and bushings.Comfort System:1: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC): Heats and cools interior air to passenger comfort. The fix for dirty fuel injectors is to clean the injectors.

Do you need more help with the P0171 Ford code? At idle, the fuel trim may be normal to slightly positive. The MAF sensor should be protected from outside dust and debris by the air filter, but sometimes the air filter doesn't fit real tight inside the housing and allows unfiltered air Tip 2: Some of my testing suggestions involve tests with the engine running, this means you've got to be on your toes and alert.

Always make sure the Air Filter and its enclosure are dirt-, dust-, and oil-free. Engine: • Fuel System: Purpose is to deliver fuel to the engine. You can access it from your iPad or smartphone. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

Do not use any other type of cleaner as this may damage the sensor. If it is a V6 or V8 engine and the code is only on one side/bank, it could be a defective Intake Manifold Gasket or cracked/leaking manifold. Share NOTE: This information is presented for information purposes only. Loading...

Several things can fool the PCM into thinking there is a vacuum leak, like a failing oxygen sensor or even a very dirty MAF sensor. Symptoms You will more than likely not notice any drivability problems, although there may be symptoms such as: a lack of power detonation (spark knock) rough idle hesitation/surge on acceleration. DIRTY MAF SENSOR One of the most common causes of Ford P0171 and P0174 lean codes is a dirty mass airflow (MAF) sensor. There are three types of clutch systems: mechanical, cable and hydraulic.2.

The computer reads this as extra air is getting in somewhere. Please try again later. Where are Bank 1 and Bank 2?. If the cause is a vacuum leak, the leak will have less effect at higher engine speed and load, and you should see the fuel trim values drop back closer to

There is also an issue with some vehicles where the MAF sensors leak the silicone potting material used to protect the circuitry. Tech notes If the P0171 is combined with the P0174 code, it's very likely that the problem is caused by an intake leak. TEST 2: Inducing a Rich Condition. Checking for Vacuum Leaks with Carb Spray.

All information on this site is copyright protected. Still ran rough after drying but now had a check engine l... 2001 Ford Expedition XLT 4WD - Maintenance & Repair 2001 ford expedition 125k miles P0171 and p0174 9 answers These sensors have a very high failure rate once a vehicle has more than about 60,000 miles on the odometer or is more than five or six years old. The P0171 is one of the more common trouble codes.

If fuel pressure is less than specifications, there is probably a problem in the fuel pump or fuel pump wiring circuit. oldskool funk 199,804 views 21:27 How To Clean A Ford MAF Sensor - Simple & Effective - Duration: 6:41. The shop that replaced it under the warrant...2004 Toyota Rav4 P0171I have a 2004 Rav4. Driving a car with the code P0171 can cause more damage to your vehicle over time, as when the engine runs lean, the combustion temperature is much higher. • Symptoms •

As a result, the engine runs lean and sets a P0171 and/or P0174 code (see Ford TSB 98-23-10 for details). Sign in to report inappropriate content. Power Generation: Creates electrical power to run all the electrical systems. Look at the fuel trim values at idle.

In comparison, a "rich" running engine (one that is not misfiring as a result) has no smell (CO is odorless) or you may detect a rotten egg smell, which is sulfur The computer tried to compensate, but since resolution is impossible, it sets the code.