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geomedia error Yamhill, Oregon

The result can't be loaded into the legend: The error message:"An error was encountered loading data for legend entry" was returned. JTS TR 83716 Resolved a problem where the RenderToRasterFileService produces corrupt output with no error from the service. JTS TR# 84674 Steps to Reproduce 1)Invoke GMPro, Make an access r/w connection to 'USSampledata.mdb'. 2)Invoke warehouse > Spatial filter reference features, check all features and click on 'ok' button to JTS TR 85749 Resolved a problem where the user was unable to connect to a Library on a second attempt.

Privacy Policy Site Map Terms Follow us Facebook Linked In Twitter Youtube HEXAGON Apps Buy Hexagon Smart M.Apps Incident Analyzer Indices Advanced Crop Health Index Greenness Index Standard Crop Health Index Posted by dominoc925 at 9:46 AM Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: GeoMedia WebMap, intergraph No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Email and Password Post as a guest Name JTS TR 86341 Resolved a problem where the WMS Raster Engine fails with HTTPS secure URLs.

JTS TR# 83523 Resolved a problem where the user could not move or delete Cartographic geometries with an Arcview connection. JTS TR# 84408 Resolved a problem where tiling would cause an opaque image to be overridden by a white background when Export2GeoPDF was run. In the folder Warehouses create a folder with the name the Japanese character hyou, Unicode 0x8868, SJIS 0x955c 2. JTS TR# 83908 Resolved a problem where the user would get a ''One or more selected image files did not support the selected georeference mode' error when using Insert Georeferenced Images

CR-d # 87473 Resolved a problem where loading JPG2000 images resulted in the images being displayed blurred with a black bar across the bottom. JTS TR# 70650 Resolved a problem where a Resolve Text Conflicts query was not handled by Geomedia WebMap Publisher. Updates und Fixes Important Notice to Users of non-English Versions of GeoMedia Plus Edition: Please be aware that the English version of this Minor Release release may impact non-English versions of JTS CR 83076 Resolved a problem where the text in a .fsm Symbol was shifted in the Map View.

Zoom in on this feature 5. JTS TR 85692 Implemented additional Swedish Vertical Datum support. And Windows update only installs the client version of .NET 4. JTS TR# 84110 Resolved a problem where all the fields were not being listed in the predefined search.

Following Error window pop up at the end of installation process or if I uninstall it. Hit ESC. 4. Why does this execution plan have Compute Scalars? Radius of Convergence of Infinite Series Meaning of "oh freak" Implementation of a generic List How should I calculate the determinant?

Modify Schema Definition calls DBMS_WM.BeginDDL and that is where the problem is. CR-d # 86866 Resolved a problem where the error "The file name is invalid" would display if a KML file or KMZ file was available on a secured site (https://) and JTS TR 85997 Resolved a problem where Toolbars flash and move during the opening of a gws. The user data contained trailing (embedded) spaces which caused the publish process to skip these records and thus the .agi file failed to publish.

JTS TR# 83721 Resolved a problem where a Select Locatable Off on a Legend Thematic and GWS would terminates the session. CR-d # 87049 Resolved a problem where the Output to GeoTIFF command failed when a workspace coordinate system used the South American 1969 Datum. CR-d # 87372 Resolved a problem where the WMS Get Feature Info command failed to display the attribute information for the selected point when the Regional Options for the operating system For programming, a .NET-supported Development Environment compatible with the Framework.

On the pattern style GUI select a spacing of 10 mm, and okay out of all the dialogs. 9. JTS TR# 82763 Resolved a problem where importing a GLS where the map frame contains only thematics in the legend would fail with a 'No geometries found' error message. JTS TR# 83484 Resolved a problem where non-existing lines display as the user zooms in and out. JTS TR 86432 Improved the memory usage with Edit Geometry.

CR-d # 86671 Resolved a problem where the GML Data Server failed to connect to gml file containing Chinese text. JTS TR# 83518 Steps to reproduce: 1.Invoke GMPro blank GWS; make an access R/W connection to USSampleData.mdb 2.Add States FC to the MW. 3.Invoke Insert>Text command. 4.Select StateNameLabels FC from dropdown, What would be the atomic no. One normally resides in C:\Windows\System32, the other in C:\Windows\SysWOW64.

Copy the installers to a local drive and install from the local drive. Rate this article: 12345 Rate this article: 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 Browse other questions tagged error attributes expression geomedia or ask your own question. Select the same river feature again. 7. Add States to Map Window. 3.

CR-d # 1-4ORWY2 Resolved a problem where the Load button on the Define Coordinate System File dialog was not performing a transformation when it should have. CR-d # 82605 Resolved a problem where the Registry entries for HKeyLocalComputer Software Intergraph created by setup on a Vista (32 and 64) system had no owner permissions defined. JTS TR# 83552 Resolved a problem where Japanese text was rendered incorrectly in the map window. Why is absolute zero unattainable?

CR-e # 83676 Implemented Japanese Address Geocoding Models CR-e # 83997 Implemented support for Display CAD Files to display Autocad 2008 .dwg files. CR-d # 87551 Resolved a problem where Export to SQL Server failed to export an attribute only feature class. This will log all communication between GeoMedia and theOracle warehouse connectionand is essential in troubleshooting problems with the database. JTS TR# 84675 Steps to Reproduce 1)Invoke GMPro, Make an access r/w connection to 'USSampledata.mdb'. 2)Invoke warehouse > Spatial filter reference features, check all features and click on 'ok' button to

Resolved a problem where digitizing a feature(relatively big) in the map window using 'Arc by Start, Point on Edge, End' placement mode with the insert feature command active, the user would