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gallery2 plugins error 500 Tiller, Oregon

If you are just using G2, you don't need to "make" anything. Here's a step by step guide: Deactivate and uninstall the url rewrite module if it's active (not just disable the rewrite rules, disable and uninstall the whole module in site admin If you have manually dropped your DB or some of the files are not deletable by you (for instance, they are owned by the webserver's user) you might find Bharat's Cleanup I keep the site open in a separate browser so I can return and deactivate the plugin again if my posts disappear when I open a new browser (my blog is

I include the PHP tags here to get highlighting, but I did not add them to the file.) Near the bottom of the file, in the EMBEDDED MODE OPERATIONS section, I by using the move/rename feature of your ftp application, or a file browser in your webhost's admin panel or within the shell. I did the rename of /GalleryData/cache/repository/released/index.repository.bak and then from maintenance I deleted the template cache and it still was broken, then deleted DB cache and it started working. For developers, the Makefiles automate boring tasks such as: 1) generate compiled translation files (.mo) from source language files (.po), 2) generate database schemas from entity definitions, 3) generate interfaces to

It has instructions for turning on this mode. If you don't see your idea listed you can file a feature request on sourceforge and/or start a discussion about your idea in the G2 Development forum. This is usually a per hour limit and would be restored in time. Now you should have a functioning G2.

You may need to rebuild the thumbnail for that item. I experiencend the same issue. kingstog Joined:2007-10-08 Posts:13 Posted: Sun, 2007-12-02 03:03 Can anyone help, I have been running wpg2 on Mamp running on OSX 10.4 I updated to the lates WPG2 plugin today and immediately but the customization is still showing up.

Always enable the 'buffered' debug mode first if there is a problem When I click on item thumbnails, nothing happens, what's wrong? You can just get confused if you go to the theme chooser. ____________________________________________ Like Gallery? Some operating systems report invalid character sets to PHP leading to errors when trying to convert system-generated content (like day/month names in dates) to UTF-8. What is the expected output?

But if you experience any problems, this is surely one of the first places you should look into. however my G2 image chooser button does not appear as Yet I have installed both modules WYSIWYG and CK editor becuase it says the old TinyMCE no longer exist being replaced For actual acceptable values, see this list on Wikipedia. This does double the space required..

I just noticed that if I'm logged in to the site, I also get Error 500 when I click the Visit Site link. handles this, since I've seen other /DIRNAME/ become /dirname/ and applications (PHP) code, calling for the /DIRNAMES/ fail to retrieve. In G1, thumbs and sized images were created at image upload. Upload the file to your gallery2 directory on the server Make sure your file integrity is intact (see instructions) A description of the problem (and the steps to reproduce if it

For small Gallery installations on hardware that is 3+ years old, you're going to find that Gallery 1 runs a fair bit faster. There are several alternatives for this step: Ideally, you can use subversion to install and update your Gallery 2 installation directly on the server. How can I move my Gallery installation from one folder to another? pelipen Joined:2009-08-02 Posts:2 Posted: Sun, 2009-08-02 19:50 I get this error almost every time AFTER I have used the plugins page to update/add/remove.

Hope someone can fix it because of course I'd like to use the flashvideo plugin, but I cannot activate it. If you must stick with PHP 5.0.3 you can remove the PHP version check that prevents you from installing G2 by changing a few code lines in install/steps/SystemChecksStep.class and upgrade/steps/SystemChecksStep.class. Thanks! Can't get mamp to work on my system at all now with anything installed!

The .htaccess suggestion was posted here: dfliddle Joined:2008-09-07 Posts:3 Posted: Sun, 2008-09-14 18:53 I think that I have narrowed down my problem a bit. I seem to be running into some sort of MySQL query limit, is there anything that can be done? After a rename it will become OK though. Either you don't get any thumbnails / resized images at all or you get a "broken image" placeholder.

See -> "Reset User Password" (since Gallery 2.3) which points to "You must enter the letters appearing in the picture." If you see this error message, then you either any time click on G2 image button I get the below message: Fatal Gallery2 Error: Cannot activate the Gallery2 Embedded functions For WordPress users, Validate WPG2 in the Options Admin panel. Chetan Sarva, Jesse Mullan and Gallery2.EU both offer nightly builds. I have set permissions to 755, maximized space to 150 with technician.

Otherwise I get the server 500 error everytime I try to update check What can we do? How do I easily clear out /g2data and the DB? 3 General Gallery2 FAQ 3.1 Does G2 work with PHP 5.3? 3.2 Does G2 work with Safe Mode PHP? 3.3 Why See the FAQ entry about moving a G2 installation from one server to another. To create a phpinfo page on your server, do the following: 1.

I have some experience in linux compiling and noticed some make files and other things that would appear to need compiling... Browse to the new installation with your web browser and follow the on screen installation instructions. Use the database manager on the new server to import the Gallery 2 database file. However, when I added the option to search for non-stable plugins, I received the 500 server error.

That said, I did find a resolution to fix this plugin page that I

ZendOptimizer-2.6.2 or later versions. If this is the case, remove the line, and connect to your site's main page where the upgrade will start from the beginning. Probably you use the G2's short URLs which are generated by G2's URL rewrite module. Clear your web-browser caches (cookies, page cache)! - Skipped. 4.

Another real world example: Say you have an image that is 2576 X 1932 That is only a 1.4 Meg image compressed (jpeg) Uncompressed: 2576 X 1932 X 4 = ~20Megs! A totally blank screen usually means that a php error has occurred. You'll also need to set baseUri, the now second-to-last line in config.php, to '/' (for example for a domain-level install of gallery). I would love to write some modules, got anything useful for me? Thanks guys!!