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first class error 4105 Monument, Oregon

Data exceeds the size limit. Mail lists can only be nested to a depth of 10. 2011 Server message: Can't unsend. A user has attempted to download a file which is listed in the server's attachment restriction list. 1108 Client message: Your request has been blocked by the rules system. On Mac OS allocate a larger memory partition.

Check the phone line and modem. Server message: OD Lock Timeout. You tried to make an alias of an object that is not a folder or conference. The connection between the gateway and the server is set up incorrectly.

Server message: Bad or invalid request. Server message: Not logged in. FirstClass has detected that the "other side" of the modem connection has dropped the line. With every issue,Yoga Journal strives to inform and empower readers to make lifestyle choices that are healthy for their bodies and minds.

Server message: Unknown object type. Server message: Access conflict. All rights reserved. Reinstall the software. 1203 Client message: The Modem files or folder is missing.

Server message: Maximum number of conference items reached. Because the limit may have been a temporary one, or caused by peak usage, wait and then try to perform the operation again. The FirstClass client is trying to communicate with a server to which it is not connected. To upgrade more licenses, click OK on the License dialog.

This will prevent memory leaks in OS X (and possibly Linux, under some circumstances) if IS is subjected to this 'feature'. • Add support for a third way of returning multiple Unless otherwise specified, these errors are all server messages. Retry the failed operation. Server message: User's application lacks feature You invited a user to chat, but that user's version of the FirstClass client is old and does not support the chat feature or chat

The gateway was unable to translate the message into FirstClass format because the message is damaged. Internet Services is not correctly configured. This may have been caused by a poor telephone connection or you may have enabled carrier detection without the appropriate cable. The FirstClass client software was not properly installed.

Make more memory available by closing other open applications. This usually indicates a logic error in the server code. Restart the server, or edit the System Profile. If you do want this user to be able to work offline, make sure the Offline Work privilege is turned on, or purchase and install Remote Personal Services license (only available

A user tried to create a file or folder that already exists on that volume. The server and client connection encryption types are not the same so no connection can be established. 1110 Client message: Your request could not be completed. This error may occur if you try to forward or reply to a message that has been moved or deleted by another user session. If the problem continues to persist, repeat this for every recipient name, or remove all recipient names and retype them. 1042 Client message: Sorry, your command could not be completed because

The IPX network drivers could not be found, or there was an error initializing the IPX protocol. Check that you have selected the correct modem type. You tried to open the alias of an object that has been deleted. Server message: Partial file.

Probable cause of MSIE "Stack overflow at line: 0" error messages seen in the standards since the introduction of gradient toolbars. • Suppress the voucher ID on ticket logins, as it For example, if you are using a text gateway and you feed a graphics bitmap into it as a message, the text gateway would likely report this error. A user tried to modify data or create aliases to a volume marked read-only. There has been a file system error accessing the FirstClass configuration files.

The connection's request queue is out of sync. Wait for the upload to finish before sending the message. 1078 Client message: This message cannot be un-sent. You tried to add too many licenses at one time. Server message: File has been deleted.

Low on memory. If problem persists, restart the FirstClass server. Server message: Invalid ObjID. To add more, allocate more memory to the server.

FirstClass tried to use the Communications Toolbox, but it reported that it does not support the features needed by FirstClass. This error may also occur if a settings file or Gateway Configuration form has been incorrectly configured. Top 5000 range error messages The FirstClass errors in the 5000 range describe problems related to FirstClass Tools. 5301 Message: Bad FirstClass post office installation. Reduce the number of recipients and send the message again. 2006 Server message: No Mailbox.

The user has attempted to open a calendar for another user who does not have a personal calendar. 1099 Client message: That password was used recently.