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first class error 1018 Mikkalo, Oregon

Server message: Server object is damaged. Stromberg,R. Check the phone line and modem. Please check that the script is correct.

Please close some of your windows and try again. Use FirstClass to delete the corresponding FirstClass link. 4106 Message: A file with that name already exists. The FirstClass client software was not properly installed. Server message: Could not locate IPX.

Server message: Trying to add a license to a server with no serial number. This usually indicates that the volume is out of disk space. Server message: Serial port hardware not installed. Reopen the conference and try again.

All rights reserved. You tried to open an item currently being edited by another user. The envelope section of a message is damaged. In the building, at the Zone level, select the room below the Zone.

Server message: Server write-protected. FirstClass cannot find an item referred to in a client request or batch administration command. An attempted connection has timed out. Shut down the server or exit from the other application. 5304 Message: Some post office files are damaged.

Check the phone number in the gateway settings file, or the configuration. Make sure the modem is working correctly and that the modem session has been correctly configured. Server message: Could not load OT AppleTalk driver. Your requests can no longer be transmitted to the server.

Disconnect and try to reconnect to the server. Inputting it once will satisfy this requirement for both the zone it is in, as well as the zone it is adjacent to. Error messages FirstClass server error messages are divided into categories, based on the error message number. Reduce the number of recipients and send the message again. 2006 Server message: No Mailbox.

The user is running an incompatible version of the FirstClass client software. Please contact your administrator and report the problem. Check your network or modem setup, and try again later. You tried to run FirstClass Tools on a FirstClass Personal post office. 5309 Message: Unknown error.

The user's disk space quota, set on a user group or the user information form, has been reached. Trash collection may repair the damaged file, or if it represents a user mailbox or conference (ENINFO file), sending a message to that recipient may correct the problem. Server message: No response from modem. This is a timing window.

Server message: Access denied. You have configured a connection that isn't functional. Server message: OD Lock Timeout. The connection method may not exist on this platform, or there may be a problem with the configuration.

Resource forks are a Mac OS-specific form of data and are only accessible on Mac OS platforms, and by 32-bit programs accessing NTFS volumes under Windows NT. 4115 Message: File is Remove some files from the Tools folder. 6105 Message: The Tools folder does not exist. You may have too many messages saved on the server, your email server (the one you're trying to get email from) may not be configured properly - there are many possibilities. The client has run out of memory while attempting to perform an editing operation (typing, style change, and so on) The user may be able to regain memory by closing some

Select a unique alias. 1096 Client message: You cannot perform that function until you have read the message. If this is a Communications ToolBox connection, check that the tool is configured to allow 8-bit bidirectional data transfers. 4008 Message: No dial tone. Server message: Server object is damaged. Another application (such as a terminal program or fax software) is using a serial port configured for a modem session on the FirstClass server.

Try deleting it manually. 5508 Message: Directory rebuild failed. You can only remove licenses that have been installed. 5404 Message: Maximum number of licenses installed in one Tools session. Check that MacTCP is in your Control Panels folder. This error occurs if it is currently locked by another application or user.

Server message: Access conflict. FirstClass cannot find one of the resources required by the settings file. The FirstClass Directory stores information about every user, conference, and route registered on the server. You tried to open an item currently being edited by another user.

The server is running a version of the FirstClass software that is older than the client software. Either run an older version of the FirstClass client software when connecting to that server, or upgrade the server. 1018 Client message: Your request cannot be completed because you have reached The email To attribute is not filled by the Send attribute called. 1012 Email message sender not specified. FirstClass tried to use the Communications Toolbox, but it reported that it does not support the features needed by FirstClass.

Restart the server, or edit the System Profile. If the file has not been fully received, try again to resume the transfer, or delete the file and try again. The error code is not displayed. Internet Services has attempted to use a connection before it has been fully established.

If the file has not been fully received, try again to resume the transfer, or delete the file and try again. Shut down the server or exit from the other application. 5304 Message: Some post office files are damaged. If the problem is not with the diskette drive and you cannot resolve the problem by inserting the diskette correctly, contact Centrinity for a replacement diskette. 5407 Message: Attempt to upgrade He is the Physical Chemistry editor of the Oxford Chemistry Primers series which comprises about 100 short texts covering a wide range of essential topics in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum.

He has published more than 1300 papers (h = 82; Web of Science, February 2015) and hold numerous patents. Note MacTCP is supported by 68K Mac OS FirstClass clients only.