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Firebug The extension for Firefox also integrates the Error Console with various improvements. Close Rated 5 out of 5 stars 3 user reviews 1,847 users Add to collection Error Console 1.0.1-signed.1-signed Requires Restart by Nicko Gjun Error Console places an add-on bar button that If you also want to use the other web developer tools in the regular Web Toolbox with add-on or browser code, consider using the Browser Toolbox. The X-Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only header(s) will be ignored.

The site uses a certificate whose signature uses the SHA-1 hash algorithm. Does anyone know as of what version of FIrefox the Error Console was removed? Content is available under these licenses. Rated 5 out of 5 stars (107) 25,369 users Download Now This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox because of the following: Download Anyway Error Console Requires Restart

However, rather than logging this information for a single content tab, it logs information for all content tabs, for add-ons, and for the browser's own code. Please do not use this form for any other reason. Use the filtering feature to show them. You can also start the Browser Console when you launch Firefox, by launching Firefox from the command line and passing --jsconsole as a flag: /path/to/firefox --jsconsole Log to the Browser Console

The browser loaded this active content. To see only messages of particular categories, click the button labeled with that category ("Net", "CSS", and so on). See Content Security Policy for more details. One exported symbol from Console.jsm is "console".

This means that if your JavaScript sources are compressed, you can supply a source map for them. Number of occurrences If a line that generates a warning or error is executed more than once, it is only logged once and this counter appears to indicate how many times It can be found here: If anyone has tips on why it would have gone away, that's appreciated.

Bug 863874 is the meta-bug for logging relevant security messages to the Web Console. You can enable them by clicking the "CSS" button in the toolbar and selecting "Reflows". This is not shown by default: you can opt to see timestamps using a setting in the Toolbox. Category Indicates that the message is an HTTP request.

However, it displays such messages from: web content hosted by all browser tabs the browser's own code add-ons. I appreciate the web/browser console, but sometimes I just need quick access to see script errors. Before Gecko 1.8.1 (Firefox 2), it was called JavaScript Console (see bugĀ 265871). At the moment source map support is disabled by default.

The console then provides a link to the filename and line number that generated the message. Modifying the browser UI Since the global window object is the browser's chrome window, you can also modify the browser's user interface. Support Forum This thread was archived. Warning usually lets the program compile but warns of bad coding and suggests design flaws.

when a solution is found. Opening the Browser Console You can open the Browser Console in one of two ways: from the menu: select "Browser Console" from the Web Developer submenu in the Firefox Menu (or Choose from thousands of extra features and styles to make Firefox your own. Under Microsoft Windows you additionally need to start Firefox via the following command to have a native console : firefox.exe -console Using normal JavaScript object inspection, you can write a function

Click this to see: Headers: request and response headers Response: the response body Cookies: any cookies that were sent along with the request Call Stack (new in Firefox 50): for requests Activate it through with the menu Tools > Web Developer > Browser Console. It is also good at things such as error-checking CSS files, but I find its Javascript error messages to be its most useful feature. dump() The dump() function allows you to print text on the native console.

About MDN Terms Privacy Cookies Contribute to the code Mozilla Register or Log in Other Applications Thunderbird Firefox for Android SeaMonkey Add-ons Extensions Featured Most Popular Top Rated Alerts & Updates It may have bugs and may slow down console output. Change the scratchpad to evaluate in the context of the current browser window by setting Environment > Browser in the menu. Synchronous and asynchronous reflows If a change is made that invalidates the current layout - for example, the browser window is resized or some JavaScript modifies an element's CSS - the

Loading mixed (insecure) active content on a secure page The page contained mixed active content: that is, the main page was served over HTTPS, but asked the browser to load "active Use the filtering feature to show them. Then any messages or errors your source generates will show up in the Web Console with a link back to the original source, not the compressed version. Skip to main content Select language Skip to search mozilla Mozilla Developer Network Sign in Sign in or create an account: GitHub Sign in: Persona Web Platform Technologies HTML CSS JavaScript

The Web console supports the following Console API messages: assert() clear() (new in Firefox 48) count() dir() dirxml() error() exception() info() log() table() time() timeEnd() trace() warn() The console prints Document Tags and Contributors Contributors to this page: wbamberg, fscholz, Sebastianz Last updated by: wbamberg, Oct 4, 2016, 3:55:24 PM Creating Scratchpad Style Editor Shader Editor Web Audio Editor Debugging Page Filename and line number For JavaScript, CSS and console API messages the message can be traced to a specific line of code. Close Welcome to Firefox Add-ons.

The Logging category includes messages logged using the Console API. This site specified both an X-Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only header and a Content-Security-Policy/Report-Only header. This document is obsolete the below documentation applies to Firefox 10 and lower This tutorial assumes that you have Firefox Mobile or Fennec installed on your mobile Android device Often times ori999 Posted 6/19/13, 2:51 PM Question owner Hmmm, so it was removed?

Message categories Network Network log messages are not shown by default. See Setting up extension development environment#Development preferences for the preferences you should set if you want to see errors from Firefox and extensions in the Error console. Keyboard shortcuts Shortcut reference. ori999 Posted 6/19/13, 2:57 PM Question owner BTW, it is still listed here: BTW, it is still listed here: ori999 Posted 6/19/13, 5:09 PM Chosen Solution Upon restarting my

Log.jsm (formerly log4moz) This is a partial implementation of the Log4* interfaces (for example, see log4j or log4net). Close On the go? Document Tags and Contributors Tags: Debugging debugging Guide l10n:priority Security Tools web console Web Development Web Development:Tools Contributors to this page: wbamberg, chrisdavidmills, Sheppy, Sebastianz, DevAsh, klebermaria, openmando, enricostenker, grbradt, andr19771994, This is a security risk that allows user login credentials to be stolen.

See Mixed Content for more details. The module is available at Mozilla DXR. Use the filtering feature to show them. Clicking the main part of the button toggles that category on or off, while clicking the arrow on the right gives you more fine-grained filter options within that category: Net Errors

Summary The HTTP version, status code, and time taken to complete. Download Now This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox because of the following: Download Anyway Add-ons for Firefox Extensions Error Console « » Close » « Version 1.0.1-signed.1-signed Pages containing login forms must be served over HTTPS, not HTTP. Before Firefox 48, this is a button labeled "Clear" on the right of the toolbar.