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faircom error 101 Happy Valley, Oregon

Rebuild index. 35 SEEK_ERR lseek() failed in function ctio() (ctclib.c). In this case the client side code returns success. 948 PMXS_ERR Operation on partition host cannot be performed if partition members already exist. The following items are the most probable causes of the INOT_ERR (101): Passing GetRecord() a duplicate allowed index number (keyno). Your cache administrator is webmaster.

See CTSTATUS.FCS for details. 851 TR_RMAP_ERR Transactional replication: Failed to open replication mapping file. For example, you might be using a 128-bit master key and are trying to read a file whose security resource was encrypted with a 256-bit master key. 953 QTOC_ERR A call The super user can then call ctQUIET with a ctQTunblockALL argument. 899 PMCN_ERR Cannot perform ISAM Context operations on partition member unless it has been opened in stand-alone mode (i.e., independently You may skip this key & continue. */ #define KFRC_ERR 60 /* fractal out of range: should be 0 to 100 */ #define ICUR_ERR 100 /* no current record for isam

Buffers are too small for nodes. 41 Could not unlock data record. Be sure that parameter file is not empty, and that the correct short integer input conversion character has been specified in ctoptn.h. 104 IFIL_ERR Number of files opened exceeds fils parameter Make a call with a mode of BAT_CAN first. 426 No batch active. Read full reviewSelected pagesTitle PageTable of ContentsContentsIV31 V79 VI107 VII141 VIII183 IX229 X271 XI295 XII317 XIII359 XIV393 XV421 Copyright Other editions - View allMinistering Graciously to the Gay and Lesbian Community:

Rewrite fails. 922 IDFL_BUF Attempt an ISAM rewrite operation without current ISAM IDfield buffer contents. See 35 above. 38 Could not convert a virtually opened file to an actually opened file. For example, identity field override and identity field preservation are mutually exclusive. 1001 NOISMKEYUPD_ERR Could not update the specified key value because this index does not allow an ISAM record update isam_fil value is undefined. 103 Could not read ISAM parameter file Initialization record.

Check sysiocod for the system error code. 875 XFR_BCON_ERR A bound database connection called the file transfer function, but this function is supported for client connections only. 876 XFR_BSIZ_ERR The file Update your c-tree Server. 926 HLMT_ERR The transaction history log scan terminated because the user-specified limit on the number of logs to scan was reached. 927 PNST_ERR The instance number of Probably an invalid value in mode parameter of DoBatch. 422 Function not supported. You are calling DoBatch with a mode of BAT_CAN or BAT_NXT. 427 Status info already returned.

Value Symbolic Constant Explanation 800 TDEP_ERR TRANDEP file operation pending 801 FBLK_PND trying to set file block. If so, rebuild data file. 31 'Next record in delete chain of a fixed-length data file does not have 1st byte set to 0xff. Setting ctCompressRec on a data file that is not variable-length (ctVLENGTH). 945 AREC_FXD Add/update varlen must match fixed length for file with ctAugmentedFxd specified at create. 946 CMPR_ERR Error setting up Using an option unavailable to this library. 455 SGRP_ERR User does not belong to group. 456 SACS_ERR Group access denied. 457 SPWD_ERR File password invalid. 458 SWRT_ERR Write permission not granted.

No deletion performed. Call FairCom. 897 KINC_ERR Covering index segment map (ptmap) is empty. 898 QABN_ERR A logon fails with QABN_ERR when a ctQUIET call has been abandoned, blocking attempts to validate user logons. The node size is given by sect * 128 where sect is 3rd parameter. 21 DREC_ERR Cannot create data file with record length smaller than 5 (9 for a huge file). Change MAXLEN in ctoptn.h and recompile c-tree Plus. 46 File number is already in use 47 c-tree Plus has not been initialized 48 A function has been called for the wrong

If possible, increase the FILES setting in the server (or the fils parameter of INITISAM() for standalone). Preview this book » What people are saying-Write a reviewReview: Ministering to the Gay and Lesbian CommunityUser Review - Peggy Searcy - Christianbook.comAwesome, real life, real struggles addresses, Biblical and historical Data file must be rebuilt. (During the rebuild, look for records with rejected duplicate key values.) 106 IDRI_ERR Could not read ISAM parameter file Data File Description record for isam_fil. Rebuild data file, but do not force rebuild. 16 Could not create index file.

Increase number or size of node sectors, or increase MAXLEV. 400 Resource already enabled. 401 Resources not enabled 402 File must be exclusive to enable res. 403 Empty resource id. 404 If the software has the file open in shared mode, an attempt by c-tree to open the file in exclusive mode will fail. 13 FUNK_ERR OpenIFile() cannot determine type of file. See CTSTATUS.FCS for details. 934 IICT_ERR Encountered IICT operations without ctFeatIICT enabled. (IICT stands for Immediate Independent Commit Transaction: a single ISAM update operation treated as a separate transaction within an Value Symbolic Constant Explanation 600 CTHD_ERR No more client threads. 601 VRFY_ERR ctVERIFY detected problems with index. 602 CMEM_ERR No memory for system lock table. 603 FLEX_ERR Could not allocate FCB.

Be sure parameter file is consistent with RTREE setting in ctoptn.h. 107 Too many indices for data file number isam_fil in ISAM parameter file. Probably an invalid value in mode parameter. 422 BTFN_ERR Function not supported. sysiocod contains the type of DAR. The sequence increment amount must be a positive value that is less than the difference between the initial sequence value and the sequence limit. 908 DSTX_ERR The file header indicates that

Such a suspension would hang the server. For ISAM functions, check isam_fil for the specific file number. A nonTran file DAR delete forces DAR image to disk with FC_DAR_delete bit set in attribute word. 919 REPL_ERR Low-level operations are not allowed on replicated files. 920 FNAC_ERR The file Make a call with a mode of BAT_CAN first. 426 BTNO_ERR No batch active.

Error codes and short descriptions returned by these routines are as follows: Sort Error 471 error deleting sortwork file Sort Error 472 error creating unique name Sort Error 473 error opening repeat the first search call and subsequent search calls: the undone transaction will be ignored). 627 HUNK_ERR Unknown type of request. 628 HFIL_ERR Must specify filno. 629 HTFL_ERR Could not initialize Either file does not exist, filnam points to incorrect file name, or file is locked by another process. For standalone applications, the CLSFIL behavior can be restored by compiling the code with NO_ctBEHAV_CLSFIL_ISAM. 964 SCNT_ERR Pre-image space overflow of image update count.

isam_fil is undefined. 105 Could not undo a rejected ISAM update.  Data file must be rebuilt.  (During the rebuild, look for records with rejected duplicate key values.) 106 Could not read Rebuild data file, but do not force rebuild. 16 KCRAT_ERR Could not create index file. Contact FairCom support. 966 BORD_ERR c-tree was compiled with the wrong byte order for this platform. 967 ULMT_ERR Logon is denied because this user account has reached its maximum number of Or C255 constant is incorrect: see ctcmpl.h. 32 DDRN_ERR Attempt to delete data record twice in a row. 33 DNUL_ERR recptr is NULL. 34 PRDS_ERR Could not find correct predecessor node.

If a low-level file open call that requests write access to a c-tree data file fails with this error, it is because the data file has replication enabled.