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est2tex error Beavercreek, Oregon

Various substitution functions can be used as part of the text lines specified in strlist (see the Remarks on using @-variables). The standard decimal symbol (a period or a comma, depending on the input provided to set dp; see help format) is replaced by string. If a variable is no longer in memory or if no label is set, the simple name is used. prefix(string) specifies a common prefix to be added to each label.

mlogit rep78 price mpg foreign, base(5) (output suppressed) . t P>|t| [95% Conf. Since the variables length and domestic were not included in the regression, their coefficient estimates are reported as missing in table_b with the entry -999. These equation names are the categories of rep78 in the case of mlogit: .

unstack specifies that the individual equations from multiple-equation models (e.g. digits(3) and precision(.001) are equivalent. list _______________rowname________mpg_____weight __________1.____weight__-.0165729_______-999 __________2.________se___.0039692_______-999 __________3.__weightsq___1.59e-06_______-999 __________4.________se___6.25e-07_______-999 __________5.____length_______-999___31.44455 __________6.________se_______-999___1.601234 __________7.__domestic_______-999___133.6775 __________8.________se_______-999___77.47614 __________9.___foreign____-2.2035_______-999 _________10.________se___1.059246_______-999 _________11.______cons___56.53884__-2983.927 _________12.________se___6.197383___275.1041 _________13.______e(N)_________74_________74 _________14._____e(r2)____.691296___.8991605 _________15.______e(F)___52.25147___316.5447 The resulting LaTeX code in file table.tex is somewhat less transparent. __\begin{tabular*}{\textwidth}{@{\extracolsep{\fill}}lcc} __ & Alternatively, specify l and r to change the tokens on the left and right of each number.

suppress may not be abbreviated. Alternatively, cells(b se) would result in the reporting of point estimates and standard errors. For the direct stata to LaTeX route there is the est2vec+est2tex package. addto(oldtable) augments the matrices oldtable_b, oldtable_se and oldtable_e by a column that contains the results of the latest estimation.

The option cut is automatically activated when horizontal is chosen. However, variables that are not in the current data will be ignored. For instance, type . General Remarks When invoked after any estimation command, est2vec creates three auxiliary vectors in memory: table_b, table_se and table_e.

fmtlist is recycled if it supplies less specifications than there are columns in the matrix. Basic usage The general procedure for using estout is to first store several models using the estimates store or the eststo command and then apply estout to display or save a How to cite this page Report an error on this page or leave a comment The content of this web site should not be construed as an endorsement of any particular Specify equations("") to match all equations by name.

labels(strlist[, label_subopts]) to specify labels for rows containing the scalar statistics. When invoking the command est2tex later, the option collabels() will allow you to change the column names in the final table. estout ..., labcol2(+ - +/- + 0) The suboptions are: title(strlist) to add text in the table header above the column. Implementation through a new FANCY2 option (or something like that).

Note that the first group will always start with the first model regardless of whether the first token of pattern is a one or a zero. dropall permits est2rowlbl to drop all variables from memory to save the file table_rowlbl.dta. The wrap option is only useful if several parameter statistics are printed beneath one another and, therefore, white space is available beneath the labels. Alternatively, a format specification may be a list of fmts, enclosed in double quotes, to be used for the cells in the column one by one.

replace may not be abbreviated. mean:), or a full name (e.g. Choosing a style estout has a style() option to set the basic format of the table. Lifting code from -outreg- I have already added the option -eform- to -est2vec- and it seems to be working (but needs more testing).

estout *, cells(b(star fmt(3)) t(par fmt(2))) -------------------------------------------- m1 m2 b/t b/t -------------------------------------------- weight 1.747** 4.614*** (2.72) (6.36) mpg -0.050 0.263* (-0.57) (2.38) forXmpg -0.307** (-2.83) foreign 11.240*** (4.08) _cons 1.946 -14.450** If neither dropall nor saving is specified, est2rowlbl will result in the error "no; data in memory would be lost". the model fit last). On the other hand, equation "1" is left out since it was not identified before.

If multiple formats are specified, the first format is used for the first regressor in the estimates table, the second format for the second regressor, and so on. mlabels(strlist[, suboptions]) determines the model captions printed in the table heading. orderlist is specified analogous to droplist in drop() (see above). estout matrix(A, fmt("2 3 4" "4 3 2")) -------------------------------------- A c1 c2 -------------------------------------- r1 0.91 0.0075 r2 0.281 0.460 r3 0.5601 0.67 -------------------------------------- Remarks Contents Numerical formats Special characters Using @-variables

It defaults to %9.0g or the format for the first statistic in cells(). Programms similar to estout include outreg by John Luke Gallup, outreg2 by Roy Wada, modltbl by John H. estout ..., mlabels(, span prefix(\multicolumn{@span}{c}{) suffix(})) erepeat(string) specifies a string that is repeated for each group of spanned columns at the very end of the row if the span suboption is In contrast, modelwidth does not shorten or truncate the display of the results themselves (coefficients, t-statistics, summary statistics, etc.) although it may add blanks if needed.

if _Irep78_1 through _Irep78_4 are included in the models, you might want to type refcat(_Irep78_4 _Irep78_5, below). fmt may be any of Stata's numerical display formats, e.g., %9.0g or %8.2f, an integer # such as 1 or 3 to use a fixed format with # decimal places, or meqs(eq_list) specifies that marginals be printed only for the equations in eq_list. varlabels(matchlist[, suboptions]) may be used to relabel the regressors from the models, where matchlist is name label [name label ...] A name is a parameter name (e.g.

Second, the command est2tex transforms the so-created matrices into a LaTeX table and saves the result to disk. Similarly, if we wanted est2tex to override the column names from est2vec, we could specify replacements using the option collabels(). I use Stata and I've had to convert many output tables to TeX. replace may not be abbreviated.

wrap causes long variable labels to be wrapped if space permits and a varwidth() is specified.