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See Annotated version of BUILD.html: BuildWxPythonOnWindows How do I build wxPython on Macintosh? wx.ICON_ERROR Shows an error icon - the same as wxICON_HAND. wxPython requires an additional install on top of the Python install. If someone finds any issues with it let me know See full activity log To post a comment you must log in.

That is why the version is part of the filename, (for example, "Py20") I've looked at tkInter and at wxPython. It can be re-sized, moved, etc with the mouse by the window manager of the system. Event An event is a structure holding information about an event passed to a callback or member function. Can't import wxPython.wx, where is wxPython.wx?

Why would I choose one or the other? Palette Proxy of C++ Palette class PaletteChangedEvent An EVT_PALETTE_CHANGED event is sent when the system palette has changed, thereby giving each window a chance to redo their own to match. The situation is different with the standard python2.7 and python3.2; there you can use arch -i386 pythonx.x command. What is the difference between a stable and an unstable build?

ehh, no. No retina display Diogo (ct2irw) wrote on 2015-09-09: #3 This problem is caused by the presence of wxmac and/or wxpython packages from homebrew... ConfigPathChanger A handy little class which changes current path to the path of given entry and restores it in the destructoir: so if you declare a local variable of this type, Toggle navigation 2866 members onlineFri, Oct 14, 10:29 PM CDT Submit Marketplace MP Home Daily Deals What's New New Poser New DAZ Featured What's Hot Prime Flash Prime Exclusives Clearance Sale

LanguageInfo Proxy of C++ LanguageInfo class LayoutAlgorithm Proxy of C++ LayoutAlgorithm class LayoutConstraints Note: constraints are now deprecated and you should use sizers instead. KeyEvent This event class contains information about keypress and character events. The label windows will still exist, but they will not be visible. This can be used to determine if calling select will succeed or not.

What is a "Release Series"? Joystick Proxy of C++ Joystick class JoystickEvent Proxy of C++ JoystickEvent class JPEGHandler A wx.ImageHandler for JPEG/JPG image files. metacollin (metacollin) wrote on 2016-05-26: #15 A good way to check the setup is to configure with cmake, then run ccmake ../ (just like cmake). Use from the tools folder of your wxPython installation.

You want to use a wxWindow as the basis for a custom control of your own design. SizerFlags Normally, when you add an item to a sizer via wx.Sizer.Add, you have to specify a lot of flags and parameters which can be unwieldy. are built. Point2D wx.Point2Ds represent a point or a vector in a 2d coordinate system with floating point values.

SizeEvent A size event holds information about size change events. SetCursorEvent A SetCursorEvent is generated when the mouse cursor is about to be set as a result of mouse motion. select(versions, optionsRequired=False) Search for a wxPython installation that matches version. For various reasons, that often doesn't work with Python 2.6 on OS X 10.6. –Ned Deily May 8 '11 at 2:48 1 But that would change python to allways run

ContextHelpButton Instances of this class may be used to add a question mark button that when pressed, puts the application into context-help mode. How would they learn astronomy, those who don't see the stars? Control This is the base class for a control or 'widget'. How can I help?

Questions What is the difference between a wxFrame and a wxWindow? But I did not buy Poser for the content. Parameters: parent (type=Window) message (type=String) caption (type=String) style (type=long) pos (type=Point) Returns: MessageDialog Overrides: wx.Dialog.__init__ Property Details thisown The membership flag Home Trees Index However, because the values needed by the event handler vary depending on the type of the control and on the specific event, wxCommandEvent has a variety of different methods for retrieving

Joan_Sparky 2015-09-02 08:15:56 UTC #7 Both questions can be answered with yes - those files exists in those directories.Just checked the file and it seems to work with sys.path.. PySizer wx.PySizer is a special version of wx.Sizer that has been instrumented to allow the C++ virtual methods to be overloaded in Python derived classes. In this context the dot means that it is looking for a module named wx located in a Python package named wxPython. Please read the C++GuideForwxPythoneers, or use the new wxPython docs at

A: Maybe you are using the wxNotebook window. ColourDatabase Proxy of C++ ColourDatabase class ColourDialog This class represents the colour chooser dialog. MouseEvent This event class contains information about the events generated by the mouse: they include mouse buttons press and release events and mouse move events. It's the location of the wx/version.h file, and often finds the wrong one.

It definitely seems to me that the paths and environments for KiCad on Windows are in flux at the moment. It is still tested a bit less than other platforms, and as a result has a few more issues, but it is quite functional. If you use a MDIChildFrame, you must create a Panel first, and then put your controls on the Panel, not directly on the MDIChildFrame. NOTE: If you are making a 'bundle' of your application with a tool like py2exe then you should not use the wxversion module since it looks at the filesystem for the

Parameters: versions - Same as in select, either a string or a list of strings specifying the version(s) to check for. optionsRequired - Same as in select. ensureMinimal(minVersion, optionsRequired=False) Checks Is it possible to have a planet unsuitable for agriculture? PixelDataBase Proxy of C++ PixelDataBase class PlatformInformation Proxy of C++ PlatformInformation class PNGHandler A wx.ImageHandler for PNG image files. How do I get out of wxSizerHell ?

The main function of this module is select and you use it like this: import wxversion'2.4') import wx Or additional build options can also be selected, although they will not How can I help? Is there anything I can do to the environment variables that would help?Or put some sort of script into the KiCAD folder to tell it to look somewhere else instead of so it should be all fine with this work around.

When you have a unique problem, it is time to ask a question on wxPython-users. RadioBox Proxy of C++ RadioBox class RadioButton Proxy of C++ RadioButton class RealPoint A data structure for representing a point or position with floating point x and y properties. grid.SetRowLabelSize(0) grid.SetColLabelSize(0)(thanks PaulMcNett for the info) What's the difference between all the DC types? asked 5 years ago viewed 1900 times active 3 years ago Visit Chat Linked 1 wxPython Crashing randomly at THIThemeTextInfoPublic::GetOptions() const + 9 Related 0wxpython creating toolbox11wxPython import error1How to draw

Panel Proxy of C++ Panel class PasswordEntryDialog Proxy of C++ PasswordEntryDialog class PCXHandler A wx.ImageHandler for PCX imager files. Edit bug mail Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else Patches kicad_python-v1.patch (edit) Add patch Bug attachments Bug screenshot (edit) Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 23.23.22.png (edit) Add attachment • Take the tour vBulletin Metro Theme by PixelGoose Studio Copyright 2001-2014 Runtime DNA Inc. GBSizerItem The wx.GBSizerItem class is used to track the additional data about items in a wx.GridBagSizer such as the item's position in the grid and how many rows or columns it

ContextMenuEvent This class is used for context menu events (EVT_CONTECT_MENU,) sent to give the application a chance to show a context (popup) menu.