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excel vba right function error Council Hill, Oklahoma

All occurrences of old text within the text string will be replaced with new text if you omit to specify this argument, else only the specified number of occurrences of the Please forgive the double ... Unusual keyboard in a picture How to make files protected? I SWEAR it wasn't there before!

Use this function to get the length of a text string. It has to do with the fact that the VB functions often don't function correctly if anything at all is "MISSING".Cindy Meister, VSTO/Word MVP Marked as answer by Bessie Zhao Monday, var = Left(var, iPosn - 1) & vReplace & Mid(var, iPosn + iFindLen) 'position of the first occurrence of vFind within updated var, starting the position search from the first character S.

Though I did not find the items described in Tools:Options, in opening the sheet and running into the error the VBE does take me directly to a window titled "References " THX in advance VB: Sub buscar_libros_datos() On Error Resume Next Dim libro As Variant Dim ruta As Variant Dim libroruta As Variant Dim tabcol As Variant Dim tabfil As Variant Dim This transition and learning experience is going to be "fun" for me, isn't it... Now the number of characters in the month name will vary, whereas the length of abbreviated month name was fixed (viz. 3).     Refer Table 2 - Dates in column

For example, if Left is not recognized, replace the Left command by VBA.Left. The mortgage company is trying to force us to make repairs after an insurance claim What advantages does Monero offer that are not provided by other cryptocurrencies? All rights reserved. If text_string contains Null, the function also returns Null.     LEN Function (Worksheet / VBA)   The Excel LEN function can be used both as a worksheet function and a

RIGHT returns the last 4 characters in the text string, which is the corresponding year.     Example 2   The formulas have been made more complex, by using the full MsgBox strMid   strMid = Mid(str, 2, 15) 'Returns "ames Bond". If find substring is zero-length, then a copy of the expression is returned. In between the round brackets of Left and Right you type the number of characters you want to chop.

Though it did not trip a VBA error upon opening, once I started to try any inputs the string handlers started to cause the same errors, requiring them to be preceded It is necessary to mention the first 2 arguments, while start_number argument is optional. Increasing this by 6 (to 14), we use the MID function to return the 2-character text (which is the date), starting from character number 14.   Cell F2 contains the formula The within_text argument is the second text string within which you want to find or search.

Note that capital 'S' is not replaced. The start argument specifies the position (ie. Browse other questions tagged microsoft-excel worksheet-function vba date-time or ask your own question. share|improve this answer answered Jul 11 '09 at 14:14 blue_wardrobe add a comment| protected by Tim Post♦ Jul 12 '11 at 2:48 Thank you for your interest in this question.

Applies To Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2011 for Mac, Excel 2010, Excel 2007, Excel 2003, Excel XP, Excel 2000 Type of Function Worksheet function (WS) VBA function (VBA) Example (as I've got a little application in excel using macros. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed That is Cool!

TH Tell company that I went to interview but interviewer did not respect start time Is there a place in academia for someone who compulsively solves every problem on their own? It is necessary to specify the start argument, if the compare argument is to be specified. I'm not sure if either problem is related to the OS, the 2nd one might just be a wrong setting. A text_string or variable containing Null, will also return Null.

This worked for me: In VB go to Tools » References Uncheck the library "Crystal Analysis Common Controls 1.0". Are independent variables really independent? Jeff, please check in Tools/References if any entries have the text "MISSING" in front of them. Deduct 1 from this number, to arrive at the position of the last character in the text before "Daniel Craig".   =MID(A3,1,FIND("Daniel Craig",A3)-1) -> This part returns the text "James Bond

What did work was searching the object browser for "right" and I found it under VBA->strings I then replaced all right and left commands with: VBA.strings.right VBA.strings.left This worked perfectly. Difficult to test this 0 Quering General Date field in Access from Excel (Error 13) 1 Excel: Can't find project or library Related 4VBA Reference Libraries0VBA in Excel: “Can't find project Thanks again, Cereal Excel Video Tutorials / Excel Dashboards Reports Reply With Quote December 15th, 2006 #5 Dave Hawley View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage Administrator Join Date 24th January Advanced Search Forum HELP FORUMS Excel General Mid, Left, Right Function Macro Error Excel Training / Excel Dashboards Reports If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the

While using as a VBA function, it is necessary to specify both the arguments, and if text_string contains Null, the function also returns Null.     Examples:   Cell A1 contains If this parameter is omitted, only 1 character is returned. Reason: noted Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter Reply With Quote Sep 26th, 2010,01:20 PM #9 brucemc New Member Join Date Aug 2003 Location Cedar Park, Texas, USA Specifying zero for the count will have the effect of no replacement and will return a copy of the expression.

Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), and Korean] is set as the default language wherein a character is counted as 2 bytes. Starts from the second character ie. "a", and then specifies that 6 characters be returned starting from "a". Thank-you! The problem was because of references as you noticed.

Now set up four variables, three Strings and an Integer: Dim FullName As String Dim FirstName As String Dim LastName As String Dim SpacePos As Integer Place the full name in Not the answer you're looking for? Or any library. Therefore, it is safe to replace all VBA commands to VBA.Commands and all Excel commands to Application.commands if the application software are intended to be used in more than one computers.

Unusual keyboard in a picture At first I was afraid I'd be petrified EvenSt-ring C ode - g ol!f How to convert a set of sequential integers into a set of There were no missing references either. Share Share this post on Digg Del.icio.us Technorati Twitter If posting code please use code tags. Can you explain to me what is happening?

The start_number argument specifies the character number from which to start extracting the sub-string, the first character in a text string being start_number 1 and incrementing towards the right. Create a new Sub and call it LastFirst.