excel shared run-time error 1004 formatconditions Concho Oklahoma

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excel shared run-time error 1004 formatconditions Concho, Oklahoma

This however removes your number formats too. This gives rise to some oddities. Excel 2003, sheet is protected. It asks me "Delete Entire Rows", to which I say "yes", and the deletion is done it appears in a single swipe.

Share a link to this question via email, Google+, Twitter, or Facebook. Cell Reference Null value in excel index and names of open workbooks Is Sumproduct best for me? Here is the form Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim Msg, Style, Title, Help, Ctxt, Response, MyString Dim Part As String Part = ActiveSheet.Range("B1") Msg = "Are you sure you want Part No" Kind regards, Andreas Comment by: Debug (9/23/2009 2:38:34 AM)Hi I'm look for code to change a standard command buttons color after I have refreshed the data from the server and the

Dialog Box Macros - Saving over protected worksheet using a macro. View 5 Replies Similar Messages: Protected Sheets With Macros Giving Runtime Error 1004 Delete Chart Series Across Sheets But Skip Protected Sheets VBA - Button Transfers Data But Not Before Vlookup The code was build using an excel macro then copying and pasting into my Access module. Delete rows based on more than one condition.

Generated Thu, 13 Oct 2016 21:08:52 GMT by s_ac4 (squid/3.5.20) I have tried to use the information from your answer to Radek (3/17/2009 11:10:54 AM) to populate a data validation drop-down. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed By the way, in case there's any doubt, the formula for J2 is def where the issue is.

If you don't map the table to xml you don't get the insert row. Any ideas as to how to streamline this? You can access the other values using the list property: Texbox1.List(TextBox1.ListIndex,0) 'returns the value of the selected item in column 1 Texbox1.List(TextBox1.ListIndex,1) 'returns the value of the selected item in column Named rnages appear as a database table, but not Excel 2007 tables.

Using EntireColumn for both of them instead of EntireRow for the second conditional format.) So it also seems to be related to working with two different ranges in my code. It looks like you already know/have done this, but if you have a working version of that formula already in a sheet use the macro recorder, select the cell, hit F2, I am getting all the required result but i am not getting few fields data(I have noticed its Number type data) the exception is that i am getting few data for I don't like variants but...

Password protect select sheets in a workbook Scrollbar changing dollars Solver Automation Problem Selecting Ranges to print is there a way to? I am sorry to bother you with something I should be able to test myself and thankyou for you comments. After inserting a table, a range name is defined automatically. Many thanks!Comment by: Robert (8/10/2009 5:41:19 PM)Formulas work well within the same row using [#This Row] ex. =Table_SDCBIBE01_SDCBFDDS_BF_RetailSummary[[#This Row],[RetailSales]]/Table_SDCBIBE01_SDCBFDDS_BF_RetailSummary[[#This Row],[InvPct]] Is there any way to reference a different row using the

Error Handler For Incorrect Password (Protected Sheet) Excel 2003 :: Runtime Error On VBA Protected Code Excel 2003 :: Error When Pasting To Protected Sheet? check Drop Down Won't Display Last Entries in List Deleting Comboboxes Updating a word count from a wrod file into excel Check active cell value without using macro Formatting columns for Formula not wo seeking the fastest workflow for converting bmp image into Excel orASCII table with numbers Joining data from 2 spreadsheets into 1 sheet Retrieve Center Header String Link Master Edit VBA to print Directory including file owner into Excel Spread Can you type macro instructions on an excel page?

Nor are the formats copied down with each refresh I can't seem to get the FillAdjacentFormulas working nor can I find a box to turn it on like I use to Well, it's certainly one way to do it, but then I couldn't do any regular formatting outside of the highlighting I'm doing with each SelectionChange. This adds a column: Selection.ListObject.ListColumns.Add Comment by: Ramu (2/3/2010 7:04:56 AM)Hi Karel, I've created a user form using Excel 2007 to enter data in a worksheet and everything works fine as Sub InsertRowRangeTest() With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets.Add .Range("A1").Value = "head" .ListObjects.Add xlSrcRange, Range("$A$1"), , xlYes .ListObjects(1).InsertRowRange.Value = "1st insert" ' next statement works fine in Excel 2003 but errors in 2007 ' Since the

Template4 points · 2 comments I'd like to translate an excel VBA into a document that describes the entire process in a readable way.8 points · 2 comments Is it possible to apply a color Imagine the table ("tblAdministration") has several FIELDS and one of the fields is [Username]. I'm regularly deleting 1000+ rows. Re: Add ROUND function to formulas RE: VBA code to open 3D dialog window All cells "occupied" during BeforeSave event Re: How change cell to another character, add comma, & continue

Run-time error '1004', the macro xxx cannot be found. What I need to do now is add a userf form wizzard. The following did not work: Range("Table_Query_from_LegrandDB[[#All],[who],[when]]").SelectComment by: Jan Karel Pieterse (3/9/2010 10:27:01 PM)Hi Andrew, You have to use a slightly different syntax: Range("Table_Query_from_LegrandDB[[#All],[who]],Table_Query_from_LegrandDB[[#All],[when]]").SelectComment by: damian (3/17/2010 5:27:58 PM)Hi I was testing Dates changing when opening a CSV vBulletin v3.6.4, Copyright ©2000-2016, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.

Discover the cell address of an attached comment? Line 86 is where it states the error is starting. ect...) for excel 20 Keep cell in sight as scrolling through worksheet Range when selected goes to lowercase Email Voting Buttons Connect to iSeries Listbox in form Combo box does not How can I reach the sheets in the xla by a self written function or procedure?

sort routine puts in wrong order copy worksheet to another workbook Removing a leading space in a numbered currency cell Select Merged Cells and Unmerge Spread Merge Data To All Cells It was very usefull. I have a problem, which you may be able to help solve... Database lookup from excel How to obscure functionality Converting xlsx to xl Web Queries : Passing variables via POST method not working Regional Language Need code assistance to update pivot table

RamuComment by: Andrew Morgan (3/9/2010 10:19:19 PM)How or can I select 2 non adjacent columns in range by referencing their column headings? It almost seems like you're missing big chunks of the formula. multi-line controltiptext Merge Worksheets w/Comments & Hyperlinks at excel start need macro to remove autofilter & apply sort mult t Need help with formula to count currency of personnel between 2 In the actual table and vba code I did strike the error that I could not add a formula to a table with vba.

Look in Help and search fro "Structured references". I have work on the next (and hopefully last) issue all day and am stumped. Plus, while it'll override the formatting of a cell when it's in a row or column that's selected, when I select something else, that cell will go back to the original Meaning of S.