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fortran i/o error 933 Put In Bay, Ohio

ACTION Make the number of bytes output by WRITE less than or equal to the file record size. 945 RUN-TIME ERROR Error in formatted I/O CAUSE More bytes of I/O were Any comments are welcome. Remove the items from I/O list; fill in the format specifications with the appropriate format descriptors. 955 OPEN WITH NO FILE= AND STATUS 'OLD' OR 'NEW' OPEN statement is incomplete. ACTION Use record numbers greater than zero. 942 RUN-TIME ERROR Error in list-directed read - character data read for assignment to noncharacter variable CAUSE A character string was read for a

Appropriate programmer actions to take. In SwitCap2 v1.1 (Nov-01-90) for HP, I couldn't see any error message, but the result is different from the one without underscore. ACTION Use an OPEN statement with a UNIT specifier that is not connected to a file name; open the connected file to the same unit name. 921 RUN-TIME ERROR Unformatted open Use 'SEQUENTIAL' or 'DIRECT' for the ACCESS specifier in an OPEN statement. 929 OPEN OF DIRECT FILE WITH NO RECL SPECIFIER ATTEMPTED OPEN statement has ACCESS='DIRECT', but no RECL specifier.

message is the error message. Check the shapes of the arrays involved. please, please, please, please, help 4. Error message is much better than a silent mistake. (thanks to Ruoxin Jiang) [ Go to TOP of this page ] Debugging node name error Node name which starts from

ACTION Change input data to correspond to syntax expected by list-directed input of logicals; use input statement that corresponds to syntax of input data. 907 RUN-TIME ERROR Error in list-directed I/O Usually, only one is applicable. So right now, there is no contact way for lisence/distribution. Make the number of bytes output by WRITE less than or equal to the file record size. 945 ERROR IN FORMATTED I/O More bytes of I/O were requested than exist in

ACTION Check that the FOPEN jsucceeded and the file number is correct. 976 RUN-TIME ERROR Unexpected character in "NAMELIST" read CAUSE Unexpected character in NAMELIST read. ACTION Specify only array elements within the bounds of the array being read. 978 RUN-TIME ERROR Too many values in "NAMELIST" read CAUSE Too many values in NAMELIST read. ACTION Only BLANK= specifier may be changed by a redundant OPEN. 974 RUN-TIME ERROR Record accessed past end of internal file record (variable) CAUSE An attempt was made to transfer more ACTION Use a nonnegative unit number. 902 RUN-TIME ERROR Formatted I/O attempted on unformatted file CAUSE Formatted I/O was attempted on a file opened for unformatted I/O.

Match format descriptors to I/O list. 960 FORMAT ERROR: MISSING STARTING LEFT PARENTHESIS Format did not begin with a left parenthesis. Check input data and input variable type. 944 RECORD TOO LONG IN DIRECT UNFORMATTED I/O Output requested is too long for specified (or preexisting) record length. analysis block 1: undefined name ' 26 ' in PRINT *** FORTRAN I/O ERROR 933: END (OR BEGIN) OF FILE WITH NO "END=" SPECIFIER FILE: /tmp/SWa15615.SRC, UNIT: 8 ( 0) 0xc087e10c You can't find the basic knowledge from here.

Close a file before opening another one. 1105 BAD ISAM FILE FORMAT The format of the C-ISAM file has been corrupted. Use a positive number for RECL specifier in OPEN statement. 931 OPEN WITH ILLEGAL BLANK SPECIFIER ATTEMPTED BLANK specifier did not begin with "N", "n", "Z", or "z". Add RECL specifier; specify ACCESS='SEQUENTIAL'. 930 OPEN WITH RECL LESS THAN 1 ATTEMPTED RECL specifier in OPEN statement was less than or equal to zero. For example, the following works well.

Board index » fortran All times are UTC FORMAT, Please Help FORMAT, Please Help Author Message Buki#1 / 3 FORMAT, Please Help Quote:>do j=1, 2 > READ (79,'(5I3)') (VAR(I,J),i=1,4) >end do File format - please Help!! 2. Thanks, Joel) Where is SwitCap2 software in ECE/ORST? Where more than one programmer action is given, try only one at a time, and recompile and run the program each time. __________________________________________________________________________________ The following list includes error numbers currently possible

The problem is critical enough that program execution cannot continue. ACTION Begin format with left parenthesis. 961 RUN-TIME ERROR Format error: Invalid format descriptor CAUSE Format descriptor did not begin with a character that can start a legal format descriptor. In the below example, I forgot to erase node 26 in print statement, which was inside comment block. An unformatted read or write also causes this 1011 1012 incomprehensible list input List input has to be as specified in the declaration. 1013 out of free space The

Change input data to correspond to syntax expected by list-directed input of complex numbers; use input statement corresponding to syntax of input data. 913 OUT OF FREE SPACE Library cannot allocate When the bounds are non-constant, and a conformance violation is detected, this message is issued. These run-time error messages begin with: *** message category nnn: message where: message category can be any of the following: FORTRAN I/O ERROR FORTRAN RANGE ERROR FORTRAN SHARED COMMON ERROR FORTRAN It should be safe not to use this cheating.

Check to insure that every array listed in the ALLOCATE statement has either never been allocated or has been subsequently deallocated (with the DEALLOCATE statement). Open the file for formatted I/O; do unformatted I/O on this file. 903 UNFORMATTED I/O ATTEMPTED ON FORMATTED FILE Unformatted I/O was attempted on a file opened for formatted I/O. Newer version of SwitCap supports this, but not for our version at OSU. Be sure input data conforms to the syntax rules for "NAMELIST"-directed input; remove illegal character from data. 977 ILLEGAL SUBSCRIPT OR SUBSTRING IN "NAMELIST" READ An invalid subscript or substring specifier

Specify correct format descriptor. 962 UNEXPECTED CHARACTER FOUND FOLLOWING A NUMBER IN THE FORMAT STRING Format error: Character in the set [email protected](PHX expected and not found. Nest parentheses less deeply. 965 FORMAT ERROR: INVALID TAB SPECIFIER A specifier beginning with "T" is not a correct tab specifier. When you have 060 node in your circuit block: C020 ( 10 060) 0.5417; You will see the error in your output file: ** ERROR:Connectivity check for switches failed. ** FATAL Perhaps the directory is unreadable. 1009 no * after repeat count Repeat counts in list-directed I/O must be followed by an * with no blank spaces. 1010 off end of record

In SwitCap2 v1.0 (Jan-01-91) for SUN, I got an error with the underscore. What I would recommend is replacing the use of reduce(n) in the main program with an assignment to a variable and then print the variable. Join today Support Terms of Use *Trademarks Privacy Cookies Publications Intel® Developer Zone Newsletter Intel® Parallel Universe Magazine Look for us on: FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInYouTube English简体中文EspañolPortuguês Rate Us [Wien] Fortran I/O Error 933? ACTION Use a positive number for RECL specifier in OPEN statement. 931 RUN-TIME ERROR Open with illegal BLANK specifier attempted CAUSE BLANK specifier did not begin with "N", "n", "Z", or

PDF version is also available from here [SwitCap2 Tips]. READ the appropriate record before performing this operation. 1115 CAN'T CREATE ISAM LOCK FILE The lock file cannot be created. CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz OS: Mac OS X 10.5.8 Linux: Debian 5.0 x86_64 Compiler: Intel Fortran Compiler 11.1 & Intel C++ Compiler 11.1 (with Intel MKL included) Top Steve - Intel Developer Support Top woshiwuxin Tue, 04/06/2010 - 02:32 Thank you, Steve!

Yes and No. Often only nondefault forms are checked 1022 negative repeat count The repeat count for list-directed input must be a positive integer. 1023 illegal operation for unit Attempted an I/O operation that ACTION Supply only as many values as the length of the array. 979 RUN-TIME ERROR Variable not in "NAMELIST" group CAUSE Variable not in NAMELIST group in NAMELIST read. Here is my condition for a verification.

Steve Lionel (Intel) Mon, 04/05/2010 - 08:42 Best Reply It's not a bug in ifort. The current record is not defined. ACTION Perform I/O operation within bounds of the record; increase record length. 912 RUN-TIME ERROR Error in list I/O read of complex data CAUSE Problem reading complex data: (1) no left ACTION Read only values that fit in the range of the numeric type being read. 989 RUN-TIME ERROR Illegal FORTRAN NLS call: FORTRAN source code must be compiled with -Y CAUSE

Check that the OPEN succeeded and the file number is correct. 976 UNEXPECTED CHARACTER IN "NAMELIST" READ An illegal character was found in NAMELIST-directed input. Check the value given. Check to ensure that every array listed in the DEALLOCATE statement has been allocated with an ALLOCATE statement. The Fortran standard prohibits starting an I/O operation on a unit while another operation on that same unit is in progress.

Previous: Signal Handler Error MessagesNext: I/O Error Messages (f90) © 2010, Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates [email protected] Discussion: Fortran I/O Error 933? (too old to reply) Michael Frotscher 2005-07-06 14:13:13 UTC Ruoxin Jiang reported me that he got a "Macro error" using the underscore. please,please please do help us 11. Use either FORM='FORMATTED' or BLANK=xx when opening files. 922 READ ON ILLEGAL RECORD ATTEMPTED Attempted to read a record of a formatted or unformatted direct file that is beyond the current