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file local-variables error void-variable compile-command Maineville, Ohio

It just goes back to its old behavior * I didn't just modified the file, but I bytecompiled and replace the old .elc file as well. * I did a full template inline void NOTUSED( T const & result ) { static_cast(result); } You could also use a lambda in the function, I suppose. –Alexis Wilke Sep 23 at 0:50 max-lisp-eval-depth provides another limit on depth of nesting. In other words: when there are two functions, i.e.

If the first character of doc-string is `*', it means that this variable is considered a user option. If some unrelated text might look to Emacs as a local variables list, you can countermand that by inserting a form-feed character (a page delimiter, see Pages) after that text. The combination of dynamic extent and indefinite scope is called dynamic scoping. So in short it appears that I can assign Turkish characters to other keys, but not vice versa.Any explanations of this behaviour and a solution would be much appreciated. (Note, I

You should try it next time if you find a link which doesn’t work.In the meantime has been updated and may be worth another try.Portable environment for W32 I’ve got We can pop those bindings from the stack at exit from the binding construct. Enabled n-dashes and smartquotes (typopunct-mode?)Personally, I use the following to switch org-mode buffers between German and English depending on the buffer content:(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'my-org-init) (defun my-org-init () (when (require 'typopunct nil As a result, the global (default) binding of variable becomes visible in this buffer.

Mujeeb on March 9th, 2011: There is another typo in the "Parameters and return" code. I had to send this through my email client cause I couldn'tdo it via XEmacs, got a message saying: "Cannot open load file:message" when I select the menu option "Mail -> Instead, use make-local-hook. Still, your idea was good: the sources of bytecomp.el show that care has been taken to activate emacs-lisp-mode without altering file-local variables. –Francesco Sep 4 '15 at 19:31 "...I

The reason is that Customize will save its value to your ‘custom-file’! I could use a marker that is more visible. Even if we put it in Org Mode, you’d loose anything you type if you forget to save (and Emacs won’t remind you of that because the scratch buffer has no This is the value in the innermost local binding of the symbol, or its global value if it has no local bindings.

(setq abracadabra 5) => 5 (setq foo 9)

I’m trying to add some customizations to my init.el file, but so far I have failed. Give a clear step-by-step recipe, starting with ‘emacs -Q’. For example, put the code from DuplicateLines in a file my-emacs-code.el and then add this to your init file: (load-file "/the/path/to/my-emacs-code.el")5. This means that any function anywhere in the program text might access a given binding of a variable.

Ideally you want to avoid them like the Pest. I'm just saying that I don't think it is the reason why the OP's file-local variable is not set during byte-compilation. This is normally no problem, but Windows 2000 had this veryaggressive preemptive caching problem, and if there was an emptyremovable media drive, it it didn't say "Oh, there's nothing there,let's fail However, if you set the variable again, that will once again create a local binding for it.

Warning: If the defconst and defvar special forms are used while the variable has a local binding, they set the local binding's value; the global binding is not changed. Ouch! My book goes on and on about functions, but never really ties anything together like you did. If you use ‘load-library’ the byte-compiled version (e.g. `my-emacs-code.elc’) will be loaded instead, and when invoked that code will be faster.7.

Xming reads Xmingrc, while Windows Explorer, dir and notepad do not. Please note our Privacy Statement. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Thanks.Customizing Two-Mode-Mode to ignore delimiter when indenting and/or fontifyingAt work we are using our own preprocessor to allow Perl embedded inside Verilog HDL source files.

You can generate a custom list of tabs stops after you have configured ‘tab-width’ with the built-in ‘number-sequence’ function: ;; Generate a list of 200 tab-stops every `tab-width' columns. (let ((tab-stops M-x delete-file-local-variable-prop-line prompts for a variable, and deletes its entry from the line. By who? –Graeme Perrow Sep 28 '09 at 13:51 9 By anyone who cares about scope, being able to debug properly, or their sanity. –Bill Sep 28 '09 at 14:22 Not the answer you're looking for?

These kinds of bindings work somewhat like ordinary local bindings, but they are localized depending on "where" you are in Emacs, rather than localized in time. In this case, the voidness lasts at most as long as the binding does; when the binding is removed due to exit from the construct that made it, the previous or Variable: max-specpdl-size This variable defines the limit on the total number of local variable bindings and unwind-protect cleanups (see section Nonlocal Exits) that are allowed before signaling an error (with data Every warning that comes up will be noticed immediately, looked at it, and either fixed or surpressed. –sbi Sep 29 '09 at 11:55 1 @sbi: turining on the highest warning

Can this be avoided?Answer: See TransientMarkMode.Question: Is it possible to tunnel info to emacs via SSH without using X11? A variable can have more than one local binding at a time (for example, if there are nested let forms that bind it). Ordinary evaluation of a symbol always returns the value of its current binding. In between come the variable names and values, one set per line, like this: /* Local Variables: */ /* mode: c */ /* comment-column: 0 */ /* End: */ In this

need book id, written before 1996, it's about a teleport company that sends students learning to become colonists to another world Sed replace specific line in file Are independent variables really See Coding Systems. Emacs also supports another, unusual kind of variable binding: buffer-local bindings, which apply only to one buffer.