fatal scsi error unexpected disconnect Kipton Ohio

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fatal scsi error unexpected disconnect Kipton, Ohio

ifconfig: no such interface: Make sure that the /etc/hostname.interface file exists. error opening dir: The specified path may not be a directory. Unmount the file system, remove the swap and/or disable the dump device, then retry the cfgadm command. Drive Events Physical drive event messages include the following: Drive Alerts CHL:_ ID:_ SCSI Target ALERT: Unexpected Select Timeout Drive SCSI target select timeout.

That is supposed to show all current device aliases. esp0: data transfer overrun: This error appears when we attempt to mount a CD drive with an 8192 block size as opposed to the Sun-standard 512 block size. And I am stuck with this legacy piece of hardware. Join Now For immediate help use Live now!

Disk# not unique: This error is displayed if there are multiple EEPROM devalias entries for a disk. Content © 2011 by Scott Cromar, from The Solaris Troubleshooting Handbook. LG:_ Logical Drive ALERT: CHL:_ ID:_ Drive Failure A member hard drive in the specified logical drive has failed. It may have to do with hardware that is not qualified for attachment to Sun servers, connections with cables that are flaky or too long (total length more than 6 meters),

SES (C_ I_) UPS device not supported! CHL:_ ID:_ SCSI Drive ALERT: Block Reassignment Failed - Block_number (Sense_key Sense_code) Drive-side block reassignment failed. CHL:_ RCC Channel ALERT: Timeout Waiting for I/O to Complete I/O timeout on the channel path used for redundant controller communications. Can't invoke /etc/init: The init binary is missing or corrupted during a reboot.

In-fact, most of the businesses are now establishing their entire organizational structure around the IT capabilities. CHL:_ ID:_ SCSI Target ALERT: Data Overrun/Underrun Detected Drive-side SCSI target data overrun or underrun detected. rx framing error: This error usually indicates a problem with the network hardware. Drive will be considered as having media errors or failed.

This indicates a software programming bug. What madel "Sun Workstation" are we talking about? LG:_ Logical Drive NOTICE: CHL:_ ID:_ Starting Clone This message is displayed when a member drive is manually cloned to a spare, or a spare is automatically applied to clone a NOTICE: Temperature _ is Present Temperature sensor_ is present Power Supply _ Back-Online Power supply module_ back online.

ndquot defaults to (maxusers x 40)/4 + max_nprocs dr in progress: This error may occur if a SCSI unconfigure operation fails while only partially completed. All rights reserved. LG:_ Logical Drive NOTICE: Starting Add Drive Operation Expansion "by adding new drive" has started. Interruption to array integration will halt the cloning process; for example, drive failure.

CHL:_ SCSI Host Channel ALERT: SCSI Channel Failure Specific drive channel CHL:_ may have failed or disconnected. This may be due to a hardware problem with the tape drive or connections, or to a misspecified target. Controller Notifications Controller NOTICE: NVRAM Factory Defaults Restored Firmware settings have been restored to factory defaults. Target hardware or software error: Run diagnostics on the storage device hardware; check storage device software configuration.

LG:_ Logical Drive ALERT: Cache Data Purged A Fatal Fail condition occurred on LG:_ while under load. They can be delivered to the responsible process or kernel thread. return code = -1 testing /[email protected], 4000/[email protected] fastal scsi error at script address 10 unexpected disconnect [repeated 4 times] no targets found selftest failed, return code=-1 testing /[email protected],4000/[email protected],1 internal loopback test Operation now in progress (EINPROGRESS): Operation in progress on a non-blocking object.

For example, there may have been a request to overwrite a file while the csh noclobber option is set, or there may have been a request to set a link to NFS write failed for server ... SES (C_ I_) UPS_: Device Not Supported ! UPS AC Power Restored UPS AC Power Restored.

References: Can't open boot device From: [email protected] Re: Can't open boot device From: Richard B. Check cable connection and see if a fan has failed. The controller may need to be reconfigured with cfgadm driver not attached: No driver currently attached to the specified device because no device exists at the node or the device is For more information about SCSI sense codes, refer to: http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Systems/Sun4/TrDISK_SCSI_Sense_Codes.html CHL:_ ID:_ SCSI Drive ALERT: Block Successfully Reassigned - Block_number (Sense_key Sense_code) Rewrites attempted and bad blocks have been successfully reassigned.

Low rotation speed detected. See BAD TRAP above. Peripheral Device ALERT: Elevated Temperature Alert Elevated ambient temperature within chassis. They are delivered to the process that caused the signal.

Once we are done, we need to re-install the bootblock: cd /usr/platform/`arch -k`/lib/fs/ufs /usr/sbin/installboot ./bootblk /dev/rdsk/c#t#d#s# BAD TRAP: The causes for bad traps include system text errors, data access faults, data Address family not supported by protocol family (EAFNOSUPPORT): The protocol does not support the requested address. Here are the error messages: Fatal SCSI error at script address 10 unexpected disconnect [repeated 3 times] Can't open boot device The hardware is Ultra 60 Thanks I ran test-all and What model "Sun Workstation" are we talking about?

No space left on device: If an NFS mount runs out of space, attempts to write to files on the share may corrupt or zero out those files. Use locate to find a needle in a haystack.: With locate, check if the file still exists.: Use find to get the actual location of the file.: Linux Unix OS Executing These errors may occur when differently sized DIMMs are improperly used together, or when cache memory has gone bad. This error indicates a software programming bug.

Trap 3E: These are caused by a bad boot disk superblock. NFS write error on host ... Initiator is not allowed access to the given target: Verify initiator name, masking and provisioning. Assertion failed: This is a result of an assert(3C) debugging command that the programmer inserted into the program.

Verify the initiator discovery information and storage device configuration. Block address is 0x_______. The most common cause for this problem is that so many environment variables are set that it exceeds the size of the argument buffer used by exec(2).