failed with error=1030 for service=web engine interface method=request Hamler Ohio

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failed with error=1030 for service=web engine interface method=request Hamler, Ohio

To unlock a locked-out user account from the command line, type the following command:unlock aaa user [From Build 50.10] [#437164]Strong Encryption Support in Kerberos KCDAAA-TM now supports the aes256-sha1 and aes128-sha1 All rights reserved. CustomFieldInvalidAggregationType = 11531 The aggregation type is not valid. ArchiveGlobalProjectFailed = 25016 Cannot save the enterprise global archive.

Use the Microsoft SQL Server Profiler to help catch or monitor database errors. CustomFieldCannotAddRelativeImportanceField = 11727 Cannot add a relative importance field. SisnTcpIp SisnSockError 1 0 2010-06-08 00:36:07 5064: [TCPIP-client] recv() failed for sd=1468 (err=10054 | An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host (peer).) GenericLog GenericError 1 0 2010-06-08 00:36:07 OptimizerDependenciesFilterInvalid = 29511 The dependencies filter for the Optimizer is not valid.

Resetting all directory values to default. 2103WARN_CONFIG_PARAMETERVALUENOTUSEDValue '[VALUE1]' for parameter '[PARAM1]' is not used because '[PARAM2]'='[VALUE2]' in section '[SECTIONNAME]' 2104WARN_CONFIG_PARAMETERFILENOTUSEDFile '[VALUE1]' for parameter '[PARAM1]' is not used because [PARAM2]=[VALUE2] in section PlannerResourceAllocationInfeasibleSolution = 28916 The resource allocation is an infeasible solution. Assignment error codes Assignment error code Description AssignmentNotFound = 120 Assignment not found. If a query is sent from another application (for example, using the method of highlighting text and then selecting one or more action items from a menu), such as application program

Identity-provider initiated logout is not yet supported.[From Build 55.8] [#517314]AppFlowThe HTML Injection JavaScript is incorrectly inserted into one of the JavaScript responses sent by the server, causing the page to fail Deleting message from outbox [MSG] 3327INFO_DRIVER_SENDING_MESSAGE_SENTMessage successfully sent. Upgrade the secondary HA node to NetScaler release 10.1 build 126.x. 3. The eCustomer application will then use the anonymous login from the [defaults] section.

SessMgr MsgSend 3 0 2010-06-18 09:42:44 3560: [SESSMGR] SendMsg:_SendMsgSync(siebel.TCPIP.None.None://sbap pqa03.XXXX.XXX:2321/SiebelQA/eMediaObjMgr_enu/!2.1158.7 4ca.4c1b77d1, 0x28afa00) SisnTcpIp SisnSockDetail 4 0 2010-06-18 09:42:44 3560: [TCPIP-client] socket() opened descriptor = 716 from to SessMgr ConnOpen The eConfigurator session is timing out after around 45 minutes as expected. aarora_98 replied Nov 27, 2006 It would be better if you paste your enterprise log here. CustomFieldSettingsInvalidForOlapDimension = 11726 The custom field settings are not valid for an OLAP cube dimension.

However, you cannot unbind multiple services at the same time from a virtual server or from a service group. CalendarRecurrenceMonthShouldNotBeNull = 13004 The recurrence month should not be null. ExchangeSyncEWSUrlFailed = 40509 The Microsoft Exchange web service URL failed. To enumerate orphaned sessions, use the PowerShell command "Get-BrokerSession -Hidden $true" To revert all hidden sessions to their visible state, use the PowerShell command "Get-BrokerSession -Hidden $true | Set-BrokerSession -Hidden $false"

GeneralUnitsInvalid = 73 The specified unit is not valid. Thanks in advance. Alternatively, if the service has not been selected by the user to be queried, the particular service may be suggested to the user as an alternative source of relevant information. Can somebody tell me when this error all the time ?.

Consequently, you are getting some connection attempts that fail. Please specify the PIN code in the configuration form! 1405ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_CANNOTDECODE_DELIVERYREPORTCannot decode delivery report [PDU] 1406ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ CANNOTDOWNLOAD_NODOWNLOADURLCannot download MMS message, because no download URL was found in the MMS Indication message. 1407ERROR_DRIVER_GSMMODEM_MMS_ TimelineViewDataDoesNotExist = 42000 Data does not exist for the timeline view in Project Web App. CustomFieldIsWorkflowControlledAndCannotBeChanged = 11739 The custom field is controlled by a workflow and cannot be changed.

Once the corrupt siebns.dat file is replaced (after stopping the siebel server and gateway) with an older copy and the siebel application is restarted, everything works fine. Custom field error codes Custom field error code Description CustomFieldInvalidPropertyType = 11500 The property type is not valid. The Tracking/Origin 1520 parameter is the origin of the query, such as, for example, a process identification number (“PID”). Her is more of the log and the error seem to be the same.

Too many projects are forced in during the first pass of the planner. ProcessPluginState ProcessPluginStateDebug 5 0 2010-06-18 09:42:44 3560: [SWSE] Switching to Session state. OptimizerPrioritizationFilterInvalid = 29507 The prioritization filter is not valid. If you issue the following command in a windows command shell: rasdial /disconnect, the problem might be resolved.

SBL-SSM-00006: Error while sending message to server.) Which could translate to, the SWSE not able to communicate with the Object Manager, because its getting errored out as 'Not conected to server' Let's say emedia_enu or ecustomer_enu for argument's sake. 2. AdminEnterpriseCustomFieldInvalid = 19012 The enterprise custom field is not valid. OptimizerCannotLoadOptimizationEngine = 29508 The Optimizer calculation engine cannot be loaded.

I will past three logs for more detils. No repsonse received from SMSC to submit request. 1358ERROR_DRIVER_ENVSUBMIT_ERROR_NOTSMSUnknown envelope content. No changes have been made to the Siebel application. ProjectExceededItemsLimit = 1054 Exceeded the limit of items to process.

We do not have any custom business services being utilized.We have 100 concurrent users with the following Sales Object Manager and eapps.cfg settings:Maximum Tasks: 200Minimum MT Servers: 5Maximum MT Server: 5DB OptimizerCannotUpdateMultipleSolutions = 29708 The Optimizer cannot update multiple solutions. LookupTableMaskSeparatorInvalid = 11008 A code mask separator character is not valid. OptimizerEngineMatrixNotFilled = 29100 The Optimizer does not have enough data for calculation.

PlannerInvalidAnalysisStartDate = 28010 The START_DATE for the project is not valid. GenericLog GenericError 1 0 2010-06-08 00:56:04 (ssmsismgr.cpp (1726) err=5600006 sys=0) SBL-SSM-00006: Error while sending message to server. To enable the fix, you must create the following registry key: On 32 bit Windows HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Citrix\ICA Client Name: VdLoadUnLoadTimeOut Type: REG_DWORD Data: Any value in seconds On 64 bit Windows HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432node\Citrix\ICA It indicates that the specified file could not be found and a FileNotFoundException has occurred. 30011 General Error The message contains the error string ID: ImpossibleReportTimePeriod, and the string "StartDate cannot

The word breaker module 420 may, for example, call one or more libraries, such as a dynamic link library (“DLL”), to assist in the breaking of query strings written in various Check in and check out error codes Check in - check out error code Description CICOCheckedOutToOtherUser = 10100 Checked out to another user. It would be unusual to get them afterwards. ProcessPluginState ProcessPluginStateError 1 0 2006-12-01 15:27:05 4612: [SWSE] Invoke service method failed.

For an explanation, see the Checking Errors section in Getting Started with Development for Project 2010. The server component could be down. Additional Result Blocks may be i