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eway error codes Chardon, Ohio

PHP$ composer require eway/eway-rapid-php The eWAY Rapid PHP library requires PHP 5.4.0 or greater, with the curl, json and openssl extensions. // Add the submit handler var form = document.getElementById("payment_form"); if (form.addEventListener) { //Modern browsers form.addEventListener("submit", ewayAjax, false); } else if (form.attachEvent) { //Old IE

Along with that, a number of other search filters can be applied, such as a date range, card types or currency. Then it will immediately redirect you back to your website where you can call Omnipay's completePurchase() method as usual. EWAY_NEWSHIPPINGTOTAL O If you have used PayPal Checkout you may submit a new shipping total based off the customer’s PayPal address. Url 512 string The customer’s website.

This should be in uppercase.e.g. Recurring is accessed via a SOAP web service and requires some different credentials to access: the eWAY Customer ID, username and password. The Responsive Shared Page also supports adding a surcharge to credit card payments. Field Types: O – Optional, C – Conditionally Required † When creating a new Token customer, all conditional fields(†)are required Shipping Address The ShippingAddress section is optional.

InvoiceDescription 64 string A description of the purchase that the customer is making. Was this article helpful? This includes details such as the billing and shipping addresses and the customer's IP address. NuGet will automatically include the required dependencies.

API ReferenceTransparent Redirect If you want the superior user experience of keeping customers on your website as well as the security of keeping card data off your own systems, eWAY’s Transparent Your live credentials will not work Sandbox, nor will your Sandbox credentials work in live mode. Payment Methods A transaction request should also contain a Method which determines the action being taken with the request. Email 50 string The customer’s email address, which must be correctly formatted if present.

Australia = au Email O 50 string The customer’s shipping email address, which must be correctly formatted if present. Do they have another card they can use? This is the URL that the form should be posted to in Step 2 of the process. The customer should contact their bank.

More detailed instructions for managing your eWAY Rapid API credentials are available in this eWAY Community article Note: In some Rapid API modules and sample code the API Key field is If applicable, the response will also contain information about the payment that has been processed, as well as the results of any Beagle risk analysis that was performed. Terms & Conditions. Items The Items section is optional.

MasterCard MasterPass: After sending the payment details through eWAY, transfers the customer to the MasterPass website to process a MasterPass payment. Sandbox mode ↑ Back to Top Sandbox mode, which is enabled in settings, is for testing only. Available Options and Callbacks autoRedirect: Whether the page should redirect automatically to the returned RedirectUrl once the callback function has completed. The customer should use an alternate credit card. 06 Error Fail The customer’s bank (Card Issuer) has declined the transaction as there is a problem with the credit card number.

The form is hosted on eWAY's PCI DSS compliant, industry leading infrastructure for your and your customer's peace of mind. Any values passed in the Customer part of the initial request will be used to either create or update the Token customer, depending on the TokenCustomerID value. Examples for most functions can be found by clicking the “.NET” tab at the top right of this page. You signed in with another tab or window.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. If provided, it should contain a list of line items purchased by the customer, up to a maximum of 99 items. Check the credit card information and try processing the transaction again. 15 No Issuer Fail The customer’s bank (Card Issuer) does not exist. The customer should use an alternate credit card. 22 Suspected Malfunction Fail The customer’s bank (Card Issuer) cannot be contacted during the transaction.

S9993 Authentication error with Rapid API. The transactions will display in eWAY’s reporting as PayPal transactions. onError: The callback to run when an error occurs. Country† C 2 string The customer’s country.

Since the payment form is displayed on the site, it is important that an SSL is used to secure the page and provide reassurance to customers, increasing your basket conversion. Fax 32 string The customer’s fax number. The status is set to one of “accepted” or “error”. Click Generate Password to create a password for the key.

The customer should attempt to process this transaction again. 91 Card Issuer Unavailable Fail The customer’s bank is unable to be contacted to authorise the transaction. eWAY Credit Card Form Customers can manage their saved credit cards (tokens) from My Account in WordPress/WooCommerce. CurrencyCode O 3 string The ISO 4217 3 character code that represents the currency that this transaction is to be processed in. Errorsforeach ($response->getErrors() as $error) { echo "Error message: ".\Eway\Rapid::getMessage($error)."
"; } for (String errorcode: response.getErrors()) { System.out.println("Error Message: " + RapidSDK.userDisplayMessage(errorcode, "en")); } foreach (string errorCode in response.Errors) { Console.WriteLine("Error message: "

CardExpiryYear 2 string The Token customer’s card expiry year. eWAY will only accept data from forms that use the POST method. Create a Token To create a Token Customer, set the "Method" to "CreateTokenCustomer" and the "TotalAmount" to 0. EWAY_PAYMENTTYPE O The type of payment you are processing.