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essbase xref error Belle Valley, Ohio

Thanks. Back to the Future I – A history lesson Okay – so the underlying problem is pretty simple. Okay - now for those of you who were originally HFM users - the ‘#NEED_REFRESH' will be of no surprise. Follow This Order!

Created a new fake member under Super_Rates, and upon refreshing the database… Step 5 - Bada Bing Bada Boom Awesome. In interests of fairness, I'll probably flag the ones that are potentially confusing, but rest assured, I'm not creating new months. So - a very basic export framework is shown below. Years There are two processes for changing the first year in an Hyperion application.

Not only have I previously discussed how simple it is to use the mobile app or how simple it is to create an expense report in the instance, but the seamless For example, @CalcMgrRollDate(19960131,"month",@_true) will result in the date of 19960229. @CalcMgrRollDate(19960131,"day",@_true) will result in the date of 19960101.] This is very useful. See the Hyperion Essbase - System 9 Database Administrator's Guide for details about reference cubes such as why, when, and how to use MaxL statements to set them up and manage This is a staggeringly inglorious hack, so treat it with caution.

However they quickly realised that utilising a 32-bit integer only gives you around 3 years of ‘time' to play in - so the timing was changed to every second and the A comma-delimited list of member names that qualify the @XREF query. Option 1) The Delete and Recreate method (aka. Powered by Blogger.

Therefore we have to work out a method of getting the calculated upper level data to a stored level zero member. Whenever we planned to get the value for some intersection by referring other cube we have to run this calculation. Quick Recap H'okay. We lost all the data in that cube.

The guy after you will thank you for it. Hyperion version Reporting Reporting Everywhere, Reporting Reporting I Don't Care Really simply, this is what normally happens. Moving on… So this will be the first in a series - perhaps not as compleat as others - looking at some of the new features in PBCS that will hopefully wend

Var DateNextMonth DateNextMonth = @HSPDateRoll(MyDate1,DP_DAY,1); [email protected](DateNextMonth,DP_DAY,((@DATEPART(MyDate1,DP_DAY) * -1)+1)); Much easier! The nice thing about this (for you crazy Americans) is that you can use discrete date options per user, but still use the same underlying functions. the one that seems easy to start with, but ends in tears) Start googling for ‘how to add a year to Hyperion Planning' Find the usual suspects (Ahem. The keen eyed amongst you might notice one of the other changes - duplicate aliases are now in place and supported completely.

No. Years added to the start. The LCM outline extraction utility (named, entertainingly, Utility) is held in the Foundation bin folder. Where the magic starts.

Whether it's an employee costing app, a capital depreciation model, or even a simple balance sheet model - users are going to want to enter and use dates across a spectrum Let's have a look at the other options. Oracle Working with Custom Defined Functions So let's have a look then! mbrList Optional.

A quick side note: To my American audience - in this post I will not be using the arbitrary retarded roller coaster of US date formats, instead I'll generally be using Actually - you should go and read it anyway - it's an incredibly clear yet detailed discovery document, stepping through all of the issues, giving exceptionally clear examples (and counter-examples) and Certainly in the first few versions, this function had little to write home about - embedding Hyperion Financial Reports into word documents ‘kinda' worked, but had issues: occasionally losing connections, and When I look at the sessions log on the server (once I have ran the script), I notice a request being processed on an entirely different plan than the one I

So yes - for Tim - I tested it. The number of data cells queried on the data source must match the number of data cells expected on the data target. The @XREF function retrieves values from a data source to be used in a calculation on a data target. @XREF does not impose member and dimension mapping restrictions, which means that You must be logged in to score posts.Respond to this messageCelvin Kattookaran50.252.119.222try the cfg settingNo score for this postJune 10 2015,2:04 PMIf your XREF invloves two pass dense members, then there

Review the scenario dimension for references as well - you can't delete a year if it's set as a start or end year So there you have it Adding and Removing Therefore, if down the track one of the data locations needs to be updated, somebody will need to go through this function piece by piece ensuring that they only change the Where it’s at Using good ol’ Sample.Basic, albeit a Hybridized/bastardized version of it, the code is as follows: //ESS_LOCALE [email protected] RUNJAVA com.hyperion.calcmgr.common.cdf.MDXDataCopy "whynotzoidbergasAESkey==" /* key */ "pemO6ZElxHY7m570TfvhDB8H4WMcxP53wjWPlB26SwETEj/so3WuzB8ZBjnJBhUJ" /*user*/ "nqkqpUXwhhAywRPnn/ZFxOy5kKpb7iZoZWf6bA1NOJVR1hBzj15k2hpzjcgIwidC" /* password Finally - in researching this post I'm heavily indebted to the following authors whom have written excellent articles about dates (and a variety of other things!) Check them out.

Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Blog Archive ▼ 2013 (8) ► December (1) ► September (1) ▼ July (2) CALCPARALLEL in Essbase - Things worth of N was a dynamic calc member. To be honest, it's getting a little bit arbitrary…still, it could be worse In a sense this is similar to the date method inherit to Excel whereby dates aren't really dates, It can cause a “LOT” of trouble with respect to performance.

Right - as part of a I've-got-a-few-hours-spare-this-week-piece, I rewrote an overnight process. Basically that will take a Planning Date string (YYYYMMDD) and format it as a DD/MM/YYYY. Okay, so perhaps most importantly with these functions - they are designed to work directly on Planning input dates.