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essbase error 1012704 Berlin Center, Ohio

Correct the syntax errors. Possible Solutions Make sure that the main database is linked to the currency database. Possible Solutions Make sure that you are not using a FIX command in the DATACOPY command if you are copying a currency partition. Possible Solutions Make sure that you are declaring the variable correctly before you use it. 1012035 Variable variableName must be of VAR type Possible Problems The variable listed must be of

Contact Hyperion Technical Support. 1012736 The Dyn.Calc.Cache for database databaseName can hold a maximum of number blocks. Please report to Hyperion. The smaller the Data Cache setting, the fewer the blocks Essbase can store in memory and the number of maximum number of Lock Blocks decrease. 2. I am getting error message - Essbase(1012700): Dynamic calc processor cannot allocate more than [189] blocks from the heap.

Does the dimension still exist in the outline? The listed variable can accept only numeric values. Possible Solutions Make sure that you are not using the DATACOPY command to copy data into an attribute dimension. Possible Solutions Make sure that the formula or calculation script is not requesting extremely large values, such as 2 raised to the 1 millionth power. 1012677 Calculating in serial Possible Problems

Substitution variables created at the application level are available to all calculation scripts within that application. Que dirais-tu d'un truc comme ça ? They cannot be used in a calculation script. 1012062 Substitution variable name variable name exceeds the maximum length number of characters Possible Problems Your substitution variable name contains more characters than To change the number of blocks in the Dynamic Calc cache: If you do not have an $ARBORPATH/bin/ essbase.cfg file on the server computer, create one using a text editor.

All calculation scripts must have a file extension of .csc. Possible Solutions Make sure that the time period you want to use to calculate the period-to-date value is a level 0 member of the dimension tagged as time. 1012710 Analytic Services All rights reserved. The discussions of error messages include possible causes and possible solutions for each problem, with links to the Analytic Services Database Administrator's Guide and the Analytic Services Technical Reference for more

There is nothing wrong. 1012669 Calculating memberNames This information message states which members Analytic Services is calculating. If DYNCALCCACHEONLY is FALSE, Analytic Services stores and calculates data blocks for the current query in memory outside of the dynamic calculator cache. You can use this to estimate the retrieval performance for members of sparse dimensions that are tagged as Dynamic Calc. More Business Intelligence Groups Your account is ready.

How Analytic Services handled the cancellation depends on the Analytic Services kernel isolation level settings. They are calculated at query time if a query requests the value of the member. The max size can be is half the number of blocks that fit into the data cache. Make sure that the main database can connect to the currency database.

Variable names must be no more than 32 bytes. Possible Solutions Make sure that the dimension is correctly positioned in the FIX statement. They cannot be calculated through calculation scripts. Parce que tu parles du niveau -4, mais dans ton script tu ne calcules que le niveau -2, donc il y a un truc qui m'échappe...

Esm Block not found. This information message states that Analytic Services will perform the following action when the specified waiting period is over: If DYNCALCCACHEBLKRELEASE in the $ARBORPATH/bin/essbase.cfg file is TRUE, Analytic Services makes Possible Solutions To use currency conversion functionality, you must purchase the Currency Conversion option for Analytic Services. 1012668 Calculating memberNames with fixed members memberNames This information message states which members Analytic Make sure that you are declaring the variable correctly before you use it. 1012012 The array variable range specifier dimensionName is not a dimension Possible Problems The dimension in the calculation

Possible Solutions Make sure that you are declaring the variable correctly. 1012039 The constant constantName assigned to array variable arrayVariableName is not a number Possible Problems Analytic Services tried to assign Is everything enclosed in quotation marks that needs to be? Try decreasing the Block Size or increasing the Data Cache until Essbase can lock the default of 100 blocks. please Is it Possible to change FORMS_MDI_ICON and square brackets for window name?

Répondre avec citation 0 0 06/03/2009,23h13 #8 Antoun Rédacteur/Modérateur Architecte décisionnelInscrit enoctobre 2006Messages6139Détails du profilInformations personnelles :Sexe : Âge : 46Localisation : France, Paris (Île de France)Informations professionnelles :Activité : Analytic Services either reverted all values to their previous state or retained any values calculated before the error. Augmentez la valeur du paramètre CalcLockBlock et essayez à nouveau (Une mémoire tampon des données trop peu importante peut également générer ce problème. Are all variables in the calculation command spelled correctly?

NEW to Oracle 6 current time + add time how to calculate hours, urgent please how to create this report Please help me. Possible Solutions Check the calculation script and remove the extra variable declarations. For virtual time series, the latest time period setting is not a level 0 member . Account Essbase Error Message ReferenceEssbase Error Message Reference, 11.1.1 Copyright © 1996, 2008, Oracle and/or its affiliates.

J'ai d'abord pensé résoudre le problème en ajoutant cette option dans essbase.cfg : Code : Sélectionner tout - Visualiser dans une fenêtre à part CALCLOCKBLOCKDEFAULT 5000 Mais ça marchait toujours pas. If DYNCALCCACHEWAITFORBLK in the $ARBORPATH/bin/essbase.cfg file is FALSE, Analytic Services checks DYNCALCCACHEONLY. Possible Solutions Make sure that the dimension name is valid. Essbase Error 1012704 Dynamic Calc processor cannot lock more than ESM blocks during the calculation, please increase CalcLockBlock setting and then retry(a small data cache setting could also cause this problem,

Finalement le pb a été résolu en créant des indicateurs pour réaliser le calcul intermédiaire (un indic pour la somme, un pour le nombre de) ce qui permet ensuite de réaliser Contact Hyperion Technical Support. 1012702 The block in the dynamic calc processor block array is not marked correctly. If DYNCALCCACHEONLY is TRUE, Analytic Services generates an error message. Stop and restart Analytic Server. 1012737 The Dyn.Calc.Cache for database databaseName, when full, will result in action.

Possible Solutions Check the calculation script and remove the extra dimension name declarations. 1012019 Calc Script block delimiter delimiterName not balanced delimiterName Possible Problems The calculation script did not have the Ou sinon, avez-vous une autre idée de comment je peux calculer ma moyenne?? Analytic Server determines whether to turn the bitmap cache on or off; you cannot change this setting.