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ese error codes Baltimore, Ohio

JET_wrnExistingLogFileHasBadSignature 558 The existing log file has a bad signature. Error code name Description (alternate names) Numeric value (hex) IsamError Unspecified database failure. (ecJetError) 0x000003EA, %EA.03.00.00 UnknownUser Unable to identify a home Store object for this user. (ecUnknownUser) 0x000003EB, %xEB.03.00.00 Exiting JET_errReadVerifyFailure -1018 There is a checksum error on a database page. JET_errSessionInUse -1914 An attempt was made to terminate the session currently in use.

JET_wrnCopyLongValue 1520 A BLOB value has been moved from the record into a separate storage of large BLOBs. JET_errBadPageLink -327 The database is corrupt. JET_errStreamingDataNotLogged -549 There was an illegal attempt to replay a streaming file operation where the data was not logged. JET_errDataHasChanged -1611 The data has changed and the operation was aborted.

JET_errTooManyOpenTables -1311 No more tables can be opened, even after the internal cleanup task has run. In the details pane, right-click the user or users whose mailboxes you want to move, and then click Exchange Tasks. JET_errDerivedColumnCorruption -1529 There is an invalid column in derived table. JET_errKeyTruncated -346 An attempt to create a key for an index entry failed because the key would have been truncated and the index definition disallows key truncation.

JET_errSPAvailExtCorrupted -341 The AllAvailExt space tree is corrupt. JET_wrnColumnPresent 1535 The column values exist but were not returned by the request. JET_errRestoreInProgress -506 A restore is in progress. JET_wrnColumnMoreTags 1533 The existing column values were not requested for enumeration.

JET_wrnNoWriteLock 1067 There is a no write lock at transaction level 0. From experience, 90% of the time the motor control board is the part at fault. JET_wrnColumnSkipped 1531 The column values were not returned because the corresponding column ID or itagSequence member from the JET_ENUMCOLUMNVALUE structure that was requested for enumeration was null. Windows NT client only.

JET_errColumnNoChunk -1502 There is no such chunk in a long value. JET_errTableLocked -1302 The table is exclusively locked. Although there is some data loss, you now have a database that can be mounted. The content you requested has been removed.

This error is returned by the directory manager. JET_errOutOfThreads -103 The thread could not be started. In the result pane, click the mailbox or mailboxes that you want to move. JET_errTooManyOpenIndexes -1410 The database is out of index description blocks.

You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second. If the log files are not located in the quarantine folder, see Method 2. JET_errOutOfSequentialIndexValues -1078 A sequential index counter has reached the maximum value. JET_errLogSectorSizeMismatch -546 The log file sector size does not match the sector size of the current volume.

See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – ]]> TechNet Products Products Windows Windows Server System Center Browser JET_errSessionContextNotSetByThisThread -1913 An attempt was made to reset the session context, but the current thread was not the original one that set the session context. An offline defragmentation has to be performed to reclaim free or unused LongValueIDs. (JET_errOutOfLongValueIDs) 0xFFFFFBCD, %xCD.FB.FF.FF IsamErrorOutOfAutoincrementValues The automatic increment counter has reached the maximum value. Your cache administrator is webmaster.

This issue may occur in an Exchange log file that has a mismatching signature and an internal log generation number (LGeneration). JET_errDeleteBackupFileFail -524 A backup file could not be deleted. JET_errOutOfLongValueIDs -1075 The Long-value ID counter has reached the maximum value. JET_wrnDatabaseAttached 1007 The database is already attached.

JET_wrnDefragNotRunning 2001 An online defragmentation is not running on the specified database. JET_errFixedDDL -1323 DDL operations are prohibited on this table. JET_errNotInTransaction -1054 The operation must occur within a transaction. JET_errTableDuplicate -1303 The table already exists.

JET_errColumnNotFound -1507 There is no such column. JET_errMultiValuedColumnMustBeTagged -1509 An attempt was made to create a multi-valued column, but the column was not tagged. JET_errTooManyIndexes -1015 There are too many indexes. This error is returned by the directory manager.