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ftdi error codes Arnegard, North Dakota

API is provided via FTD2XX.dll. When a read timeout has been setup in a previous call to FT_W32_SetCommTimeouts, this function returns when the timer expires or dwBytesToRead have been read, whichever occurs first. The title is 'SC_ERR_LIB_ANY_LOCATE'. If the function is unsuccessful, the return value is zero. Remarks This function supports both non-overlapped and overlapped I/O, except under Windows CE and Linux where only non-overlapped IO is supported.

Invalid data read back This error varies greatly depending on the type of fault and therefore both CCS and the Test Connection can return different results. The utility will now report only the count of failed tests. if(!FT_W32_GetOverlappedResult(ftHandle,&osRead,&dwRead,FALSE)){ //error} else{ if(dwToRead==dwRead){ //FT_W32_ReadFileOK} else{ //FT_W32_ReadFiletimeout} } } } else{ //FT_W32_ReadFileOK } 12,537,079 members (66,492 online) Sign in Email Password Forgot your password? Error connecting to the target: (Error -1041 @ 0x0) The emulator reported an error.

Your cache administrator is webmaster. There are presumably loading or termination issues although my board only takes 280mA and I followed FTDI guidelines for layout etc. Cable break This error means the JTAG debugger is sending data to the device via the TDI pin but is not receiving anything back on the TDO pin. Code10 from an ftdi FTD2XX point of view is FAILED_TO_WRITE_DEVICE0 –JonRB Nov 5 '15 at 11:30 If I asked this question in a PC oriented group the chances of

Check for Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). To open named devices, use the function FT_OpenEx. Example This sample shows how to open a device. FT_HANDLEftHandle; FT_STATUSftStatus; ftStatus=FT_Open(0,&ftHandle); if(ftStatus==FT_OK){ //FT_OpenOK,useftHandletoaccessdevice } else{ //FT_Openfailed } FT_ListDevices Returns when at least one byte is available or when the latency timer has elapsed. Indexes are zero-based, and the error code FT_DEVICE_NOT_FOUND is returned for an invalid index. Please note that Windows CE and Linux do not support location IDs. The location IDs of all

FT_W32_ReadFile() / FT_Read() Reads data from virtual COM port FT_W32_CloseHandle() / FT_Close() Closes connection handle. I have read this, and also updated, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers. Generated Mon, 17 Oct 2016 00:56:39 GMT by s_ac15 (squid/3.5.20) ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection Test 3 Word 3: scanned out 0xFE03E0E2 and scanned in 0x80F838BF.

The JTAG debugger is not powered (some variants of XDS560 and XDS560v2). Error connecting to the target: (Error -1143 @ 0x0) Device core was hung. License cannot be acquired. Hardware Debuggers (JTAG) Any other device that needs to be USB-connected to PC, and has the RS232 port on the other side.

An application should call FT_W32_GetLastError to get the cause of the error. JTAG operations over SWD are not supported. The debugger has forced the device to a ready state and recovered debug control, but your application's state is now corrupt. This is a recoverable warning that indicates something is preventing the CPU from accessing memory.

Check if the target configuration file (.ccxml) is running at a clock speed compatible with the board and device. If FT_LIST_BY_INDEX and FT_OPEN_BY_SERIAL_NUMBER or FT_OPEN_BY_DESCRIPTION bits are set in dwFlags, the parameter pvArg1 is interpreted as the index of the device, and the parameter pvArg2 is interpreted as a pointer There’s a generic API set which can be used with all FTDI chips. Use a shorter cable.

Do you want to bring it out of this mode? Scan tests: 3, skipped: 0, failed: 1 Do a test using 0x01FC1F1D. Default 4096. Sign in using Search within: Articles Quick Answers Messages home articles Chapters and Sections> Search Latest Articles Latest Tips/Tricks Top Articles Beginner Articles Technical Blogs Posting/Update Guidelines Article Help Forum Article

Please check this post for additional details and this post for a way to recover the development board. FTDI chips are used in USB adapters to connect to RS232 and parallel FIFO hardware interfaces. The youtube quick tip Easily launch the debugger without a project. If the error code is ERROR_IO_PENDING, the overlapped operation is still in progress, and the application can perform other processing.

How to find out if the device is FTDI-based? Is it illegal for regular US citizens to possess or read documents leaked by Wikileaks? EEPROM programming is also discussed. Do a test using 0xFFFFFFFF.

Check if the target configuration file (.ccxml) accurately describes your JTAG debug probe (Connection) and target (Device or Board) and use the Test Connection button to determine whether your JTAG connection Use the xds100serial command-line utility in the 'common/uscif' folder to verify the XDS100 can be located. This is an unrecoverable error that prevents the JTAG debugger from halting the core. If error persists, confirm configuration, power-cycle the board, and/or try more reliable JTAG settings (e.g.

Differently than most other errors, this issue only manifests when attempting to connect to the target using CCS, but the Test connection returns successfully. If so, it tries to clear that condition and returns a warning (a ready-hang condition) and proceeds. Default 0x6001. $class->new(%params) Opens specified device and returns the corresponding object refference. In more unusual circumstances it may also be required to update the device support in CCS or the JTAG debugger device drivers.

Test 3 Word 5: scanned out 0xFE03E0E2 and scanned in 0xFC07C1C5. This is usually caused by a excessive number of interrupts or by a peripheral or bus contention - all these are caused by the running application. asked 11 months ago viewed 400 times active 11 months ago Get the weekly newsletter! The debugger attempted to recover debug control, but was unsuccessful.

Reset the device, and retry the operation. For multiple devices 1, 2 etc. ftHandle Pointer to a variable of type FT_HANDLE where the handle will be stored. There are functions that allow to set up the port: FT_SetBaudRate() Sets the baud rate for the connection FT_SetDataCharacteristics() Sets the number of bits in the byte, parity, etc FT_ClrDtr() Clears The short clips Launching a project target configuration manually or Launching a shared target configuration manually at the Quick Tips page.