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ford error code p412 Pillsbury, North Dakota

NGS tester, depress STOP button. Schwim! Ford DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)Data Link Connector (DLC)(Located Under hood)Analog Voltmeter Connection Ford 11 System PASS. 12 Cannot control rpm during KOER Sell-Test high rpm check. 13 Cannot control rpm during Defective TPS, open or short.

Copyright © 2016 - 1996 Rick Horwitz Photography All rights reserved Forums Search Forums Recent Posts Showcase Search Media New Media Resources Search Resources Most Active Authors Latest Reviews Classifieds Classifieds The fun part is tracking down the offending part. Some shops will scan your codes for free. He recently gave the car back to me.

We have a large number of resources to help you repair the problem. Ford Trouble Codes 88-95 1.3L EFI, 1.6L, 1.8L, 2.0L w/4EAT & 2.5L 93-95 probe 93-95 EEC Villager 96-97 1.3L EFI, 1.8L & 2.5L 96-01 OBD2/MIL EEC 1.3L FBC Engine exc. Use the Analog voltmeter or Test light method, not both. Husky44 Active Member Joined: Sep 27, 2006 Messages: 807 Likes Received: 69 Trophy Points: 29 Location: Vero Beach, FL Car's been running a little rough, especially when cold, doesn't hold idle

So please read our Disclaimer and when you're ready jump in! I assume the brown is ...P0412 Code in a non Calif vehicleI have a 1999 Ford Mustang with a 3.8L V6. All in all, it's rather odd that you're getting both low and high self-check failures. There is, I believe, two different procedures depending on whether or not you have an automatic or stickshift.

Output # 3 open circuit (high side) S3 31 S 51 4 Aux. After inspecting the firewall forward for broken vacuum, wires, etc., I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. Password: Confirm Password: Email Address Please enter a valid email address for yourself. Short circuit in the ground 15 P 110 4 circuit temperature antifreeze.

Grounding the circuit at the PCM connector with KOEO should activate the AIR pump relay, which in turn should activate the AIR pump & solenoid. Either way it sounds like a bad IAC valve or wired backwards. Sometimes they crap out after being cleaned. Message center, remove jumper wire from self test input connector and signal return pin of self test connector.

sensor vacuum hose damaged/disconnected A vacuum leak will reduce intake vacuum and cause the MAP sensor to indicate a higher than normal load on the engine. Output # 6 short to battery X3 62 S 54 4 Aux. They're a step-by-step instructional on how to test the tps. IIRC, that write-up doesn't mention a lack-of-idling-when-cold as an IAC issue, but it is.

User Name: Password Please enter a password for your user account. Intake Manifold Runner Control fault P1530 Open or Short to A/C Compressor Clutch circuit P1537 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open P1538 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Open P1539 Power to If it doesn't activate, open the wiring harness and find the open or short in the voltage feed to the AIR pump solenoid and fix it. If the PCM sees a voltage that isn't what is expected, P0412 will set.

Output # 2 mech. Check engine lamp, remove jumper wire from self test input connector and signal return pin of self test connector. system fail Y3 62 S 56 3 Aux. THANKS to ALL WHO SERVE!

Bob __________________ 94' F-150 300 I6 EFI 4X4 Truckin Bob View Public Profile View Gallery Find all posts by Truckin Bob #6 09-21-2012, 05:53 PM danr1 Post Fiend Conduct self test to ensure DTCs have been erased. If you have any doubt as to repairs on your vehicle, please contact a qualified technician. First off, good job on pulling your computer out of the truck and giving it a visual check.

Besides if the Computer cannot raise the RPM during the EOER test it would have nothing to do with the throttle stop screw. We certainly understand how frustrating it can be to look for a code definition and have it not online when you need it. Still no change in the low idle. system fail F3 62 S 40 3 Aux.

I can't replace pics on SMN, so I'd have to go back & edit every post that contains the old image to show the new one, and it's not worth the Turn ignition "OFF". Is that what you were referring me too? Electronic Vacuum Regulator Control circuit fault P1410 EGR Barometric Pressure Sensor VREF Voltage P1411 Secondary Air is not being diverted P1413 Secondary Air Injection System Monitor circuit Low Voltage P1414 Secondary

Will the TPS or MAP code (122, 128) result in the 998? Probst's Ford Fuel Injection and Electronic Engine Control: How to Understand, Service and Modify, 1988-1993, Chapter 10) at and there it goes. 96 XL 5.0 E4OD, Man Xfer/Hubs USN/DoD Planner The 411, 412, and 538 are all rpm related, it's obvious to notice as it idles @2700 rpm. But either way, if 998 comes back immediately, you have a fault in the EEC.

Short circuit in the ground 25 no codes 26 s 25 November Aux. Thought the BWD was bad because it was out of ohm range (7-13 ohms). EEC-IV Continuous Memory 1. The lamp stays off when OSC is toggled once to indicate vehicle can attain overdrive gear position.