fetcher internal error when pre-fetching image at Lehr North Dakota

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fetcher internal error when pre-fetching image at Lehr, North Dakota

Issue 664 Strip Connection and other hop-by-hop headers when saving input resource. Platform Default—The BIOS uses the value for this attribute contained in the BIOS defaults for the server type and vendor. Issues Resolved Issue 1048 Apache stuck indefinitely waiting for PSOL (84a9de) Issue 1152 boringssl build fails on suse tumbleweed/archlinux (4cbc93) Release This bug-fix release was made July 29, 2015. Issue 644 Improve lazyload behavior.

Issue 881 Changing JS files can make combining/minification produce reference errors. Issue 861 PSOL sample application has dcheck-failure in the demo program. UEFI-Only—The slot is available for UEFI only. Enabled—The processor uses the hardware prefetcher when cache issues are detected.

Issue 803 Metadata cache will reminder not-optimizable for 5 minutes after rate-limiting drops a fetch. Some implementations of these architectures recognize data prefetch instructions but treat them as nop instructions. Issue 463 collapse_whitespace missing whitespace removal in one location Issue 475 Add memcached support as an alternative to the file-based cache. cluster-on-die—This mode is available only for processors that have 10 or more cores.

Memory Mapped IO Above 4Gb Config Whether to enable or disable memory mapped I/O of 64-bit PCI devices to 4GB or greater address space. Optional Host: header in MapOriginDomain The MapOriginDomain directive can now include a Host: header to be used by PageSpeed when fetching resources. As a result of this classification, the processor disables code execution if a malicious worm attempts to insert code in the buffer. Issue 1203 File cache entries are read in 10k chunks.

For any value other than Custom, this option is overridden by the setting in the selected CPU performance profile. Issue 896 IPRO on reverse proxy can capture gzipped content and serve it to users without content-encoding:gzip. Now, with 1.11, when such a user comes to your site asking it to save data, mod_pagespeed will compress images to a lower quality level than it would typically, decreasing their Thus, it can sometimes help to block your algorithm even from a prefetching standpoint.

Standalone JS Minification A command-line JavaScript minifier is now installed when you install PageSpeed. ngx_pagespeed Pull 621 Don't call chown() unless necessary. This can be one of the following: Disabled—Disables the internal USB ports. The spatial locality hint implies that there is poor temporal locality and that the prefetch should not displace existing data in the cache.

In fact, some of the seminal work in this area came from a colleague of mine. Note    Power Technology must be set to Custom or the server ignores the setting for this parameter. Note Cisco UCS Manager pushes BIOS configuration changes through a BIOS policy or default BIOS settings to the Cisco Integrated Management Controller (CIMC) buffer. Better handling of CSS The CSS parser now treats sections it doesn't understand as unparseable sections, which are left unoptimized but no longer completely stop the parser.

resources. A prefetch for data to be written can usually be replaced with a prefetch for data to be read; this is what happens on implementations that define both kinds of instructions c linux caching x86-64 prefetch share|improve this question edited May 13 '15 at 8:15 Paul R 148k16223367 asked Apr 25 '12 at 20:40 pythonic 4,8621257104 6 If the memory access Release This release was made November 13th, 2013.

LibPNG has been updated to 1.2.56. Release This security update release was made October 27, 2014. ngx_pagespeed Issue 421 Rewrite non-HEAD non-GET requests. This option saves more power than C0, C1, or C3, but there may be performance issues until the server returns to full power.

enabled—The BIOS generates an NMI and logs an error when a SERR occurs. PassSlot 2013-10-07 19:59:37 UTC #10 sure, here you go:works: http://d.pslot.io/tCID/previewdoes not work: https://d.pslot.io/tCID/preview thanks for looking into this issue rchoi 2013-10-08 03:03:54 UTC #11 @PassSlot, When I look at that HTTPS What I was thinking was to keep prefetching the part of the block my program will touch in future, so that when I perform calculations on that portion, the data is force l0—Force all links to L0 standby (L0s) state.

Issues Resolved Issue 199 Multiple references to the same small images all get inlined. Release This bug-fix release was made July 25, 2013. Issue 1028 Malformed CSS file can cause a hang in CSS parser. Issues Resolved Nginx Issue 70 The pagespeed resources were missing etags.

If a DIMM fails, the contents of a failing DIMM are transferred to the spare DIMM. This can be one of the following: enterprise—For M3 servers, all prefetchers and data reuse are enabled. Step 5   On the Main page of the Create BIOS Policy wizard, enter a name for the BIOS policy in the Name field. Why was the word for king 'rei' changed to 'rey'?

Issue 758 Add configurability for DisableRewriteOnNoTransform and system test. PCIe Mezz OptionRom Whether all mezzanine PCIe ports are enabled or disabled. The exception to this is prefetch instructions with base update forms, for which the base address is updated even if the addressed memory cannot be prefetched. Issue 1092 Parsing complex CSS can fail, leaving cache in an inconsistent state.

There are no alignment restrictions on the address to prefetch; the instructions ignore the 5 least significant bits. DisableRewriteOnNoTransform Default on, but may be turned off to allow PageSpeed to rewrite resources even if they have a Cache-Control: no-transform header. FRB-2 Timer Whether the FRB-2 timer is used to recover the system if it hangs during POST. enabled— The serial port enabled for console redirection is visible to the legacy operating system.

Issue 570 Document RewriteDeadlineMs. Lists, trees, and graphs have complex traversals which can confuse the prefetcher. Copyright © 2016 ACM, Inc. Issue 466 Provide a way to optimize all resource attributes in a tag.

If a rank of DIMMs fails, the contents of the failing rank are transferred to the spare rank. This can be one of the following: disabled—The processor does not use virtualization technology. enabled—The software RAID controller is available.