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getmail operation error Zebulon, North Carolina

The default is false, which causes getmail to raise an exception if it is asked to run an external command as root. getmail is Copyright © 1998-2009 Charles Cazabon. The file must already exist and appear to be a valid mboxrd file before getmail will try to deliver to it — getmail will not create the file if it does It has the following optional parameters: path (string) — the path to the tmda-filter binary.

The default is false, which causes getmail to consider the delivery failed and leave the message on the server, proceeding to the next message. user (string) — if supplied, getmail will change the effective UID to that of the named user. Note that this typically requires root privileges. Copyright (c) Keera Studios Ltd - United Kingdom - European Union - Legal - Contact us This website uses cookies to manage blog comments and interaction with social networks.

delivered_to (boolean) — if set, getmail adds a Delivered-To: header field to the message. Password Linux - Newbie This Linux forum is for members that are new to Linux. Can be given multiple times. --quiet or -q — print only warnings or errors while running --delete or -d — delete messages after retrieving --dont-delete or -l — do not delete Some of the specific warnings it may find include the following.

In the > case of a Maildir mailbox I assume it must contain all the right > subdirectories as well. The default value, which should be appropriate for most users, is "0600". The destination can be a maildir, mboxrd file, or other destination. MultidropIMAPSSLRetriever The MultidropIMAPSSLRetriever class takes the common retriever parameters above, plus the following required parameter: envelope_recipient (string) — see MultidropPOP3Retriever for definition.

getmail warns you about this so that you can check your filter for proper operation. Messages will be delivered to each destination for which the envelope recipient matches the given regular expression. All content copyright © 1998-2009 Charles Cazabon. regards, dynamind Last edited: Oct 1, 2012 dynamind, Oct 1, 2012 #1 falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer Are there any errors in the mail log of the remote server (if

If tmda-filter returns 0, the message will be passed to the next filter (or destination). The only one that is not coming back with an IMAP or time-out error is one of my business accounts: " credential/login error (LOGIN failed)"; which their support people told me What is a "multidrop" mailbox? if no addresses have been found, it looks for addresses in any Resent-to: or Resent-cc: header fields (or Resent-bcc:, which shouldn't be present).

Do you know a better way to resume downloading with getmail? max_message_size (integer) — if set, getmail will not retrieve messages larger than this number of bytes. BrokenUIDLPOP3SSLRetriever — same as BrokenUIDLPOP3Retriever, but uses SSL encryption. They are explained below.

Warning: filter filter returned fewer headers (X) than supplied (Y) A message filter appeared to incorrectly remove header fields from the header of a message which it handled. string Specify a string parameter value with no special syntax: parameter = my value integer Specify an integer parameter value with no special syntax: parameter = 4150 boolean A boolean parameter Unfortunately, a lot of what is advertised and sold as multidrop service really isn't. Otherwise, you'll need to either ask the postmaster of the POP3 mail host to fix the POP3 software they're using.

message_log (string) — if set, getmail will record a log of its actions to the named file. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. You can disable the creation of the Delivered-To: header field if you wish. You can use this to deliver each message to several different destinations.

Default: 1. Inappropriate use of this option may cause message loops. The purpose of this feature is to allow deleting only large messages, to help keep a mailbox under quota. Configuration error: ... (path: maildir subdirectory "path" does not exist) The specified maildir path path does not appear to be a valid maildir, as it is missing one of the required

The getmail documentation contains descriptions of the syntax for each parameter type. I strongly recommend against running external processes as root. All rights reserved; reproduction in any form requires prior written permission of the author. if no addresses have been found, it looks for addresses in any Envelope-To: header fields.

Parameter types and formats Several different types of parameters are used in getmail rc files: string integer boolean tuple of quoted strings tuple of integers tuple of 2-tuples Each parameter type ca_certs (string) — see SSL Certificate Validation and Server Parameters for definition ssl_ciphers (string) — see SSL Certificate Validation and Server Parameters for definition ssl_version (string) — see SSL Certificate Validation If the subdirectories new, cur, and tmp don't exist, it isn't a maildir -- it's just another directory. Gmail has a number of curiosities in its implementation andoperation of both POP3 and IMAP; some of them are outright bugs.